If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best soy milk maker money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We’ve gathered a lot of information about the best soy milk makers by looking at the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, as well as the sales figures of hundreds of units. Out of all the products we have analyzed, The SoyaJoy G4 is the best as it has been constructed out of durable materials and is a significant upgrade compared to the G3 model that was previously sold by the same manufacturing brand. In addition, the device can be utilized for preparing oatmeal, soups, and hot chocolate, as well as other specialties. What’s more, operating the SoyaJoy is easy as it doesn’t need a filter. The maximum capacity of this unit is 1.7 liters, which means that you’ll be able to prepare enough soy milk to last you for a couple of days or more. If the SoyaJoy G4 is unavailable, you can also consider the second best choice, the Tribest Soyabella SB-130.



Comparison Table


Product Capacity Price Bonus Pack Automatic – Manual Our Rating Where to buy

Joyoung CTS1048

1.6 L $$$$ NON-GMO Soybean samples of 0.3LB gift bag +special discount voucher Automatic A+ AMAZON

Joyoung CTS-1098

1.3 L $$$ NON-GMO Soybean samples of 0.3LB gift bag +special discount voucher Automatic A AMAZON

Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk Maker

1.7 L $$$ No Automatic B+ AMAZON

Tribest Soyabella SB-130

1.5 L $$$ No Automatic B+ AMAZON

Soyajoy G3 Soy Milk Maker

1.6 L $$$ No Automatic B AMAZON


Buying Guide


In an effort to be healthier, you may want to forego dairy products and start purchasing soy milk, but over time, the cost of the soy milk can be much more expensive than regular dairy. Did you know that you can get soy milk far cheaper if you make it yourself? We only recently discovered how easy it was to create your own soy milk and we felt we had to share this amazing find.

All you need is one of the most popular soy milk makers and you can be on your way to living a healthier life style—one glass of milk at a time. But… There are several different brands on the market, so it can be difficult to choose who makes the best maker. We have picked out a few key features that you should look for when choosing the right maker.

Clean Up Process

When it comes to choosing one of the top ten soy milk makers, you will notice they all have one thing in common—how simple it is to clean the device. You will want a device that either uses a filter to strain the soybean paste from the milk, or a device that grinds the beans so finely it becomes part of the milk. If you decide to purchase a maker with a filter, be certain you clean it as soon as you are done making the milk, as the paste will harden and will be difficult to clean later on.


How Much it Can Make

The amount of soy milk that your maker can produce may be a deciding factor for you. Most makers can only produce a quart of milk at a time, but others can make up to a half gallon. If your family goes through a lot of soy milk, you will want to choose a device that can produce enough milk to meet your family’s needs.


Quality of the Milk

You may think that all soy milk makers will produce milk that all tastes the same. This is an incorrect assumption. In fact, some say that cheap soy milk makers produce a poor tasting milk when compared to the highest rated machines. While this is a personal preference and what may taste good to one may taste horrible to another—having some kind of idea of what the flavor may be like is better than going into it blindly.


While we cannot tell you what is the best soy milk maker on the market, we do hope this information will help you make the most informed decision.



Products for Specifi Needs


Best Soy Milk Maker for Restaurants


Soyajoy G4


This next generation Soyajoy Soy Milk maker improves on the G3 model. The G4 features a stainless construction in the cooking and grinding chamber. It also increased in size, which makes it the best soy milk maker for restaurants because it can hold more product, does not require a filter and the microprocessor and sensors continuously monitor and control every step of the soy milk making process. The device also is perfect for creating hot milks, soups and porridges. All you have to do is add water and beans (or seeds and grains) into the pitcher. Then simply fill the device to the desired water marks.



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Best Soy Milk Maker with Filter


Joyoung CTS-1098


This fully automatic kitchen appliance uses a heating system that does not use a heating tube. Instead, it applies heat to the entire body of the appliance for evenly heated milk. You can use several different kinds of grains to create milk because this is one of the best soy milk makers with a filter. You can create rice paste, corn juice and grain paste with this maker. The appliance is controlled by a computer and it will automatically pre-heat, grind, and cook the grains all with a simple press of a button.



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Best Soy Milk Maker from Philips


Philips HD2079 Avance Collection


With this particular device, you will be able to enjoy fresh made soy milk without having to filter the product before consumption. The Avance Soy Milk Maker is considered the best soy milk maker from Philips because it uses PowerGrind and Super Steam heating technology that allows you to get the most out of every bean without sacrificing flavor and dealing with a messy clean up. The PowerGrind technology cuts the beans finely while the Super steam technology improves the flavor of the milk. The rotating design of the lid makes the unit more convenient and safer to lift while cleaning. The double stainless housing keeps the milk warm without scalding.



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Top rated soy milk makers in 2022


Soymilk can be used instead of milk. It is delicious drink to make at home. Soymilk that is made at home is healthier and fresh than the one present in the market. Soymilk price that is present in the market are higher than the soymilk that can be prepared at home. To make this task easy, many soymilk makers are available in the market. To select the best maker it is better to go through best soy milk maker reviews first.


Soyajoy G4


6With the largest capacity in its class, the Soyajoy G4 is considered to be one of the best sow milk makers in 2022. This models is an upgrade from the previous G3, with an added 1,7 liter capacity and bottom heating technology. It has five pre set programs helping you make raw vegan milk, soups or fully cooked milk. The Perfect Grind Technology will make sure the machine will squeeze every last drop of milk from soy plants. There are numerous sensors fitted to the maker, so whenever something is wrong you will know immediately.



The largest capacity you will find fitted to a soy milk maker – 1.7 liters

The five preset programs make it very versatile, except milk being able to make soups as well

A filter-less design which will make cleaning the maker an easy task

Stainless steel parts which enhance its durability

Free accessories: a measuring cup, cleaning pad, pitcher & sieve



Annoying loud beeps when you program it (they are only heard when you program the G4)

The device should be washed right after it has been used (if you’re in a lazy mood this can be a problem because you’ll put more effort into it later on)

“I love the soy milk I get out of this machine which even had an affordable price because I got it on Black Friday. I has proven to be a great investment for my health which I recommend to others as well!” –  Molly C. Long


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Tribest Soyabella SB-130


Tribest Soyabella soymilk maker makes soy milk, rice paste, porridge, nut milk and other related foods easily. Within the short time of 30 seconds, it can also grind cashews, almond etc. It is a multi tasking soymilk maker that helps me a lot in the kitchen. It is very advance and professional machine. It turns into a strong coffee grinder with accessories provided with it. It is easy to use and clean. It has temperature-controlled cycle that every time gives the best result.



Helps in making nutrient-packed soymilk, vegan milk and even hot soups right at home, with a quick 15 minutes of milk-producing cycle so the whole family can enjoy dairy-free drinking of milk without the annoying lactose element

Raw nut milks can be prepared in just seconds for serious vegans who prefer everything raw and organic, leaving all the unhealthy elements and chemicals out while giving life nourishing nutrients in every serving

Convenient milling accessories come in the package to enable grinding of coffee beans, with easily controllable temperature and program settings

Boiling chamber is constructed of strong stainless steel for years of use, plus legendary Soyabella technology that prevents accidental overheating, dry heating and overflowing



110-volt model does not allow use with other AC ratings without the proper transformer equipment

May be a bit difficult to clean


I don’t have to waste so much time in making soy milk. In just 15 minutes or less, I can serve my children with palatable soy milk quickly and without hassle, thanks to this top ten machine. Now I know which soy milk maker is the best in 2022, the Tribest Soyabella SB-130. ”  Travis King


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Joyoung CTS1048


Joyoung CTS1048  is a totally automatic machine with Micro-computer Control. This makes the machine to be operated easily. I like it because of its easy functioning and efficient work. Its components are made up of stainless steel like filter, jug, blade etc. Stainless steel makes the machine components durable; they don’t corrode and have long life. This milk maker has capacity of making 1.5 liter milk of soybean, almonds, rice and seeds. It also has “Water diversion technology”.



Revolutionary product may not be mentioned in many best Soyajoy soy milk maker reviews but still boasts of exclusive “Water Diversion Technology” with unique and extraordinary Raphael meshwork that enables effective straining of the soya milk for better consistency

Safe operation assured by six intelligent protection settings to eliminate events of overheating and kitchen accidents, all totally automatic and on micro-computer control

Stainless steel jug is easy to clean after use, as well as the heating element, blade and filter, with components easily washable by hand

Unit can produce up to 1.6 liters of fresh milk from almonds, mung beans, rice or soybeans



Unit intended for 110-volt AC rating operations, needs a transformer for use in places without this AC rating

Supplied instructions are a little vague and difficult to follow


The Joyoung CTS1048 is easy to use and to handle. It has a better quality compared to other soya milk maker in the market. The product is really reliable in making soy milks. It can also be cleaned easily without any difficulties encountered.”  Samantha Sikes


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Joyoung CTS-1098


Joyoung provides quality and efficient product with elegant design. Joyoung CTS-1098 is equipped with new Grind Right Technology of Joyoung.  It makes bean, rice, seed and soy milk easily. It can easily be used and clean with the help filter-less design. I find it best because it can be handle with no trouble. It is an easy machine to use. It is great addition to my kitchen. It is a durable and reliable milk maker.



Offers special and exclusive cooking modes to enable users to use grains paste and other recipes for making soya milk, giving more options and greater versatility in taste and texture

Uses no accident-causing heating tube and no messy internal filter to be cleaned

Stainless steel interior is made durable and easy to clean as well, so user can make soya milk for the entire family without having to do strenuous cleaning work afterwards

Produces up to 1.3 liters of delicious soya milk from different sources including almonds, corn, mung beans, rice and soy beans



Prepared soy milk should not be allowed to stand in the holder for long, as it can thicken and make cleaning difficult

Top of the long shaft of blades is heavy


The Joyoung CTS1098 Automatic hot soy milk maker was delivered to our home instantly after I ordered it in Amazon. I never saw a soy milk maker like this before. This one is very reliable and efficient in producing soya milk. The product is one of a kind and exceptional. ”  Mark Andrews


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Presto Pure IAE15


1.Presto Pure IAE15

The Presto Pure option is one of the most affordable products available for sale these days in spite of the fact that it doesn’t seem so, at a first glance. If we take into account the fact that this device is capable of preparing up to 1.9 liters of soy milk per session, it goes without saying that it’s well-worth every penny as it can even be used for vegan bistros and vegetarian restaurants. The Presto Pure can be used with a plethora of nuts, seeds, and grains.



It has the largest capacity available these days.

It’s compatible with a myriad of ingredients, which may range from cashews and pecan to quinoa, pumpkin, and coconut.

The model features a sturdy construction, having been equipped with a dual layer stainless steel body.

The bottom of this soy milk maker has been designed in such a way so that it heats up evenly and makes it possible for the drinks and soups to come out cooked perfectly.

It comes with all the accessories you might need to start making your own soy milk.



Learning how to use the device might take a little time getting used to.


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SoyaJoy G3


Best soy milk maker reviewsSoyaJoy G3 is one of the best soy milk makers that are present in the market. It can produce fully cooked soy milk as well as raw milk. It can make milk of many beans, soy, nuts and grains. I find it really good because it can make about 1.6 liter milk in single time. It has 3rd Generation filter-less design that makes it easy to use. It also can easily be clean because it is made up of dish washer safe materials.



Has always been cited as the best Soyajoy soy milk maker 2022 due to its ability to make fully cooked and raw milk from various sources that include grains, hemp, almond and beans, for that all-natural, all-healthy and lactose-free milk drinking experience

Vegan milk from fresh ingredients can be produced using a variety of terrific ingredients such as seeds, nuts, beans and grains, so families can always enjoy healthful eating and drinking without harmful chemicals and additives

Filter-less design of third generation enables ease of use and convenient cleaning, with a dishwasher-safe cooking pot made of stainless steel for durable use through the years

One-button operation is fully automatic while longer cooking cycle ensures complete cooking of milk and maximum extraction of flavor and nutrients



Unit can get very hot on the outside

Milk produced tastes better when filtered water is used


Making soy milk in the SoyaJoy G3 Soy Milk maker is quite impressive. This maker can produce milk that is better than those which are sold in the market. Compared to the market price, I have found that this maker can save you money. It was an excellent present from my sister and I’m thankful for it. I doesn’t cost much either, being priced under $130.”  Concepcion Gomez


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SoyaJoy SoyaPower – Not Available


SoyaJoy SoyaPower  can make delicious soup, rice milk, soy milk and nut milk. It is a handy machine that helps me a lot in the kitchen. It can grind nuts, soy, grains etc easily. It comes with filter-less design that makes it cleansing easy. It has the capacity of 1.5 liters that makes enough milk for one time. It works simply and in quieter way. Due to all these features, it has many positive feedbacks and is found in best soy milk maker reviews.

My family loved this SoyaJoy Soyapower Plus soy milk maker because of its ability to make various milk products in the comfort of my own home. I can say that I can make much palatable and nutritious milk which is loved by my children. It was the best deal I could have got for the money I was prepared to spend.”  Annie Blodgett



Soy Milk Makers – What to Look For:


Thousands of Americans are lactose intolerant or vegetarian which absolutely adore drinking soy milk as a delicious alternative to standard milk. In order to have at your disposal a constant source of soy milk you need to invest in a high quality maker. Fortunately the market is more than generous when it comes to such devices, offering people the possibility to prepare fast and with no fuss delicious soy milk. In order to find the most efficient product you should consult with attention the best soy milk makers reviews, drafted with attention by specialists and technicians in the field. Before buying a special soy milk maker you need to take into account a couple of things. It is important to be informed and safely invest in a powerful device that won’t let you down.

The things that you need to take into account revolve around beans, filter, canister, control and cycle. Once you know more things about these things, you will be able to identify just the right product for your kitchen. The first thing that you need to take into account revolves around types of beans used to prepare milk. There are some models that use pre-soaked beans and others dry beans. You should know that a soy milk maker that uses dry beans offers a complete cooking experience, preparing delicious milk within a short amount of time. As the current best soy milk makers reviews underlined, a good product needs to come equipped with an advanced filter. You need a product with a stainless steel filter basket, responsible with keeping fibers from getting into the liquid. Such devices relieve you from the task of straining liquid yourself. They are quite popular among American cooks that love to prepare soy milk.

Going through the best soy milk makers in 2022 represents a firm step in discovering a productive device. As thousands of people pointed out on several occasions, one of the most important things that you need to take into account is canister type. You need a milk maker with a steel canister, completed by a pouring spout. This particularity ensures swift and uneventful serving. You can use it in order to pour milk without worrying about creating messes in any way. Consider a soy milk maker with a special one-piece canister which prevents milk from dripping out. With complete control over the milk creation, you will enjoy delicious milk, ready to serve to friends and family members.

In a home where people love to drink soy milk, a maker will do all the difference in the world. You need a milk maker that comes equipped with special control settings in order to make things easier. Every process needs to be smooth and under your strict control, from temperature to milk texture and taste. Picking out a model from the best soy milk makers in 2022 ensures that you will be able have access to a professional device whenever you want to drink delicious soy milk.