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The full cinema experience is not available in the comfort of your house. If you are into movie soundtracks or just enjoy listening to music, the best soundbar 2018 needs to offer good quality sound, deep bass, easy to adapt to other devices and elegant design for the ultimate indoor glamorous experience. Going through more than 60 reviews and recommendations, buyers have declared themselves pleased to have all features at the most affordable price possible without compromising quality and high standard performance.


How to select a high quality soundbar – buying advice


Today a growing number of Americans are searching for elegant ways to stream music whenever they want. Recent statistics have showed that sound bars have grown in popularity. In the last couple of years sound bars evolved quite a lot. Manufacturers have released powerful models, designed to be used right alongside TVs, tablets or even smartphones. New soundbar models impress with their slim profiles and innovative audio features. Most consumers don’t want in their living rooms bulky models which affect their TVs slim appearance. As a result, you will find on the market small speakers with curvy lines that pack a lot of sound force. Given that a good soundbar can improve your daily audio experiences, it is important to invest in a reliable model. There are many features, styles and brands to consider during the selection process.

In the world of audiophiles, sound bars represent the stylish touch of music streaming. The wide range of products available for purchase makes it pretty exciting for anyone to locate a good soundbar. In order to help people discover the right model for their home, we went through professional reviews on the top ten soundbar models in the U.S. A good sound bar should deliver rich and immersive sounds during each song played. If you want a simple model that goes well with your TV, the market has some models for you. There are also models that safely work with AV receivers and surround speakers as a valuable part of a thriving audio home system. Some models from Yamaha incorporate special surround effects that reproduce clear and vibrant sounds. Identifying the best rated product might take some time given the multitude of products out there. This is why connectivity and audio clarity need to be your first concerns.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Subwoofer Price Frequency Response Wattage Our Rating Where to buy

Yamaha YAS-103

Built-in $$$ 50 Hz – 22 kHz 120 W A+ AMAZON

Vizio S4251w-B4

Wireless $$$ 90 Hz – 20 KHz 60 W B+ AMAZON

Sony HTCT260H

Wireless $$$$ 180 Hz – 20 kHz 130 W B+ AMAZON

Samsung HW-F450

Wireless $$$ 20 Hz – 25 kHz 80 W B+ AMAZON


No $$ 20 kHz 25 W B AMAZON


Most of the current sound bars come equipped with at least digital optical port and an analog one. With this port, you will be able to hook up the device to a TV or notebook. Still, you should look for a model equipped with 3 or 4 ports in order to connect more than one device. Fortunately manufacturers have released products with connectivity in mind. Irrespective of your intensions with the product, soundbar for Christmas, thanksgiving or birthdays, you have to make sure that you purchase a good one. Make sure that the soundbar supports HDMI inputs for faster connections to Blu-ray players or gaming consoles. Before you start asking who makes the best product, take a second to see whether or not the product will match your home system.

As it goes with most electronic devices, people have specific budgets to respect. If you want to purchase a good soundbar and still save money wait for the right opportunity. On Black Friday deals on best products in the category are pretty captivating. High end soundbar models benefit from promotions which can’t be overlooked.


Things to consider:

–         Tone controls, so you control every aspect of the sound quality

–         Surround sound which ensures a smooth and clear audio experience

–         Analog, HDMI and digital ports that permit you to safely connect other media devices

–         Exclusive manufacturer warranty which comes in handy in the event of technical malfunctions



Yamaha YAS-103 Soundbar


Best Soundbar 2018The delicate sound of Yamaha comes into an elegant box that enriches the look of any living room. Highly reliably for compatibility with any cables or wireless device, the best soundbar 2018 delivers just as much as it promises. Save your money, because it comes with incorporated subwoofer that will thrill your ears with in depth bass. Surround system will transcend your thoughts and mind directly into the plot of a movie or an audio book and the clarity of music sound will enlighten your parties or set the mood for an intimate evening.



Two front-firing full range woofers each measuring 2.5 inches placed on either side of the sound bar’s front face, providing a great distance between that allows a large sweet spot and the best possible stereo sound delivery

With two down-firing 3″ drivers and side-firing flared ports for additional bass, giving a fully enriched sound that’s impossible to ignore

Comes with removable feet for tabletop placement, and more options for simplified wall mounting via supplied wall brackets

Back fitted with several inputs including stereo RCA, a single coaxial digital audio output and dual optical digital audio, so there is always more to enjoy using the soundbar



Trades in a dedicated subwoofer output in favor of the RCA analog input, since more people need an extra input


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Vizio S4251w-B4 5.1 Soundbar


Keeps high wireless connectivity and amplifies music into crystal clear sound bites while still keeping in touch with a wireless subwoofer for in-depth bass, is what best soundbar reviews 2016 have recommended about this model. The fancy look completes the harmonic balance of perfect sound and will bring you to a new level of in-door entertainment. Your home parties or film watching evenings are going to be of a totally different level once you got this soundbar for your living room.



Comes with three-channel sound bar, rear satellite speakers that put one at the center of all the audio action, plus a wireless subwoofer to deliver awesomely thunderous bass, making this the best 5.1 channel sound bar

Range of analog and digital inputs, with all cables supplied in the box for easy set-up with most any high-def TV fresh out of package

Plug-and-play set-up of the wireless subwoofer to deliver deep, ear-shattering bass without tangled wires, plus wall mounting brackets to enable easy installation on the wall, which can saturate the room with immersive sound minus the clutter

With Built-in Bluetooth technology to enable streaming of music from a smart phone, music player, tablet, or computer without requiring the TV



Turning TV volume up also turns surround sound volume up

No HDMI connection


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Sony HTCT260H Sound Bar


Just one cable away from giving your HDTV the perfect sound to match its perfect image, this Bluetooth connected soundbar can easily separate from its subwoofer. Found among the best soundbar reviews 2018the model gained popularity for its portable shape that will allow you to place it almost anywhere and still have a great design upgrade in your living room. This easy to manage soundbar will give just as much as any other models but will keep you some money left to invest in your cinema room.



Delivers ear-busting audio and heart-pounding bass to any living space or home theater system, with a wireless subwoofer that makes setup a breeze and built-in Bluetooth that delivers easy access to music

Connects easily to a high-definition TV via separately purchased HDMI cable and digital optical cable inserted through HDMI input and output, making this one of the best sound bars with HDMI

Special hexagon design allows for easy and convenient placement of the sound bar for more enhanced listening experience

Delivers rich natural sound with amazing clarity and incredible definition, all in one compact package that’s unbeatable as well as extraordinary



Treble response not engineered to be perfect


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Samsung HW-F450 Soundbar


High definition sound has never been more accurate than this soundbar model that will easily adapt to smart options for powering or increasing volume. Streaming music will become your favorite way to pass the time and you will get more and more friends dropping by for movie nights at your place. Place it on a table, place it on a wall, it will fit almost anywhere around the house. Besides, fast and easy connectivity will make you switch it off from your TV to your smartphone in a matter of seconds.



Rich dynamic sound makes TV viewing experience truly incredible, which makes this product the perfect answer to what is the best sound bar system for TV

High-performance wireless subwoofer supplemented by a great HDTV allows effortless streaming of music from other devices

Complements the images displayed onscreen with the full sound of 3D Sound Plus, with an open-speaker design that adds a stylish elegance to the room

With Smart Volume that allows easy control of the volume of an HDTV and the sound bar using the TV remote when Bluetooth or HDMI connection is used



Sound delivery is to be judged for its merits and not purely on the owner’s expectations


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RCA RTS735E Home Theater Sound Bar


The affordable solution is usually the winning ticket for those who take their chances and overcome branding prejudices. Why not go for a standard soundbar that has all the same features but saves you some pennies for rainy days. Enjoy elegant look and relax in the perfect tunes of your surround system. Replace your built in speakers and enjoy good films on high definition sound bites or just enjoy your books on good background music that will set the mood for the whole family.



One of the glossiest sound bars in the market, with a unit that is thin and long just like all other sound bars to enable easy placement by the TV

Shiny audio bar looks rather futuristic, easily fitting in with the rest of the living room décor without requiring major alterations or reorientations

Weighs a little less than 5 pounds, enabling easy wall mounting without the risks of the unit falling off or getting easily dislodged from its brackets

With a few helpful connectivity possibilities, including a line-in jack that works well for Apple products, such as iPhone or iPod, while also being compatible with other audio gadgets



Makes an excellent addition for medium environments due to its mid-range 25-watt power

No wireless connectivity


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