Top rated sound cards in 2019


In order to make the most out of your computer you should never forget about investing in a great sound card. People tend to overlook this piece of hardware which can really take gaming experiences or simple music listening sessions to a whole different level. There are a lot of options on the market which tends to complicate things. Our experts have taken the time to go through most of the best sound card reviews currently available in order to come up with a list of five products destined to satisfy a wide range of needs including the customer’s financial ones.


ASUS Xonar Essence ST Audio Card


Best sound card reviewsASUS’s Xonar Essence ST is currently considered as being the best sound card in 2019. Even though pretty expensive, it is worth every penny. It is used in the music industry and it will provide some really impressive results with both headphones and normal speakers. Built completely in the US, this audio card incorporates innovative technology which is currently unique with ASUS products. This is the first sound card which is particularly designed to minimize audio jitter through its precise clock tuning. It incorporates the absolute best in materials which helps it produce a 124dB SNR rating.

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Creative Sound Blaster ZX SBX PCIE Gaming Sound Card


This is one special piece of hardware. You will immediately notice the design which is out of this world. This is currently characterized by the best sound card reviews as the most innovative sound cards on the market especially when it comes to design. It is delivered with an external Audio Control Module which allows you to adjust volume levels on your headphones. It also incorporates a microphone and several mic/headphone jacks. The actual sound card has an audio processor integrated in its design for impeccable audio and voice clarity. It is especially designed for gaming offering features like the scout mode which allows you to hear enemies before they hear you.

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Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D THX PCIE Fatal1ty Champion Sound Card SB1354


The Recon3D THX PCIE Fatal1ty Champion is one of the most sought after products currently available on the market. Most users say that this is the best sound card in 2019. It is destined to process audio like no other and it is designed to produce impeccable voice renditions. It comes with special technology like the THX TruStudio Pro Sound which will increase the realism factor of your audio experiences. It also uses Dolby Digital Live which will allow users to connect it directly to their home theatre. It is effortless to install and it has one of the longest lifespans in the business.

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Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1 Sound Card SB1550


If you are looking for a budget sound card capable of supporting 7.1 surround sound devices, this is the product for you. It comes with a great price tag while still managing to be one of the most advanced pieces of hardware on the market. Its success comes from using the EAX reverb engine which will allow you to experience amazingly clear sounds and voices. It is perfect for music enthusiasts but it is also great for those who want a home cinema configuration. It is recommended for gamers as it can deliver enhanced audio when headphones are connected.

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ASUS XONAR DG Headphone Amp Audio Card


The XONAR DG is one of the top rated sound cards in 2019. It is perfect for the average computer user which loves listening to music on a daily basis. It comes with an integrated HD audio processor and can produce 105dB. It works especially well with headphones making it the perfect budget choice for gamers who after spending big bucks on video cards, need to invest what is left in the smartest way possible. The surround sound provided by this sound card is also great despite the incredibly low price tag. It is unexpectedly reliable and very easy to install.

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