Top rated sound bar brackets in 2019


Having a quality HDTV for your home means you are half way there because you only have a high visual experience and that needs to be enhanced with the help of quality sound from some top notch speakers. But when you have the speakers another problem arises where should you put them to get the best out of them and a lot of times your walls provide the perfect solution. For this you need brackets and to know which ones are the most reliable you need to check out the best sound bar brackets reviews.


Buying advice on popular soundbar brackets


Thousands of people use sound bars for daily musical delight. Since space is always an issue in people’s homes. We can’t find it surprising to see a growing demand for sound bar brackets. Unfortunately not all of us know how to connect correctly brackets to sound bars. How to install a soundbar bracket? This is an important question which needs to be tackled with attention. The first thing that you have to do is consult a professional instruction manual, drafted by specialists. Now there are a few simple steps that you need to follow. Going from A to B ensures that you will be able to install safely the soundbar wherever you want.

With one of the best soundbar brackets in 2019 you will be able to get things started with ease. Now, in each package you will find some of the following parts: instruction sheet, 1 bolt bag ‘A’, 2 large bolts, 2 large washers, 2 medium bolts, 2 medium washers, 2 soundbar brackets, 1 bolt bag ‘B’, 2 small bolts, 4 small washers and 4 small nuts. The first thing that you have to do is remove all parts from the respective box. The second step is use 2 bolts and washer from bag A that safely fit the TV. Attach with attention the brackets to the back of the TV, in direct accordance with the specific layout of the soundbar and TV mounting holes. Respect the configuration in order to set the proper work functionality of the equipment. You will probably have diagrams that show exactly what to do next.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product TV compatible Price Above/Below Dimensions Customer Rating Where to buy

SONOS Low-Profile Wall Mount

No $$ Above or Below 31.5 x 3.2 x 0.5 inches A+ AMAZON

Soundbar Brackets Universal

YES $$$ Above or Below 0.1 x 7 x 18 inches B+ AMAZON

Atlantic 63607104

YES $$ Above 28.2 x 21.8 x 1.8 inch B AMAZON

Bentley Mounts Universal

YES $ Above or Below 19 x 7 x 19 inches B+ AMAZON

Sewell Direct SW-29908

YES $ Above or Below 1 x 18 x 7 inches B+ AMAZON


In order to learn properly how to install a soundbar bracket you have to respect the respective directions. The next thing that you need to do is prepare the sound bar brackets for proper mounting. Depending on the type of brackets you own, there are two simple ways to mount it.

In the first step, if your soundbar includes “teardrop” holes then follow the following instructions: use parts from bolt bag B and attach them to the bracket; hang the soundbar over the bolts (make sure that the bolt heads fit just right in the holes) and make the necessary alignment adjustments.

In the second step, if your soundbar includes a wall mounting bracket then you have to perform the following actions: use the parts from bag B and attach bolts to the respective wall mount bracket; hang the device on the wall mount bracket until it fits just right; tighten all the bolts and ultimately make sure that it stays firm. This is all that you have to do in order to install a soundbar bracket!

Simply choose one model from the best soundbar brackets in 2019 and place it tightly in the correct position. It will remain securely firm and you will listen to quality music whenever you want. Every soundbar needs to be properly aligned if users want to enjoy quality sounds for a long, long time. This is why you’d do best to install with attention the soundbar brackets, without stepping over steps.


SONOS Low Profile Wall Mount for PLAYBAR Soundbar


For a PLAYBAR sound bar there isn’t a better bracket with which to mount it on a wall or maybe even directly under or over your HDTV. It will actually take you longer to think where to put the sound bar than to actually install it, because this bracket is so simple to set up. Everyone can do without complicated installation steps and this bracket makes your life a whole lot easier. One more useful things about it is that it comes at a very fair price, one which is praised by the best sound bar brackets reviews.



These are currently considered the best Sonos soundbar brackets 2019 which says a lot about a product manufactured by one of the most reliable and popular companies in the world.

It is perfectly designed to provide an effortless installation process for your Playbar.

It is secure and it will not allow the soundbar to wobble or vibrate regardless of how loud things get.

The best Sonos soundbar brackets reviews recommend you use this horizontal bracket above or below your TV.

This bracket is not only affordable but also very durable which is exactly what you need from such a product.



The only downside to this bracket is its inability to fit all types of soundbars.


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Soundbar Brackets Universal Soundbar-Speaker Mounting Brackets


Best Sound bar brackets reviewsOne of the most often used speaker mounting brackets is this model from Soundbar. The design is so well made, making it compatible with almost any TV and any speakers. You will be able to mount your speakers in the right area so you will be able to receive the best sound performance that can come out of them. Be aware that the bolts are not included and you have to buy them yourself. The top sound bar brackets reviews recommend using them.



Destined to fit all soundbars and also destined to accommodate TV speakers or any other type of speakers available on the market.

Designed for corner applications thus allowing you to place the soundbar in a corner which is not that common but it is very ingenious and practical.

The brackets can be fitted on your TV without having to remove the stand. They come with the necessary bolts included in the box.

These brackets are durable and very stable so you will not have to worry about your soundbar.



They can be considered a bit too expensive.

They are not suited for all types of TV as with some these brackets can be considered too short.


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Generic Atlantic 63607104 Universal Adjustable Sound Bar Bracket


If you have just purchased a new sound bar and are looking to place it over your Smart TV, a good suggestion for a reliable bracket is the Generic Atlantic 63607104. This bracket’s flex joints are one of its most important advantages because they can allow you to adjust the sounds bar’s position even after it has been put in place. While the bracket doesn’t necessarily impress through size is certainly impresses through the weight it can bear, a bit more than 15 pounds. All the mounting hardware come in the package and you will also receive an instruction manual, so the whole setting up process is a breeze.



Quite the affordable universal brackets which are destined to last you for a lifetime.

This bracket comes with flex joints that allow you to adjust the soundbar as you think best.

It has a massive weight capacity of up to 15lbs. which is more than enough for any additional gadgets you decide they are worth mounting to your TV.

The package includes mounting hardware and all the necessary instructions to do this on your own.

It works with TVs up to 70 inches wide.



The cross bar mounted on the speaker brackets is a bit shorter than you would want.

There is no included hardware to mount this bracket onto another bracket used to hold the TV.


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Bentley Mounts Universal Soundbar Bracket


Quality and durability are well present in the Bentrly Mounts Universal soundbar bracket. Every type of sound bars or speakers can be supported by this type of bracket and you can rest assured than nothing will happen to them. You have two options for attaching this bracket either directly to your TV or on the walls where you think the sound quality will be the best. The price you will have to pay for this bracket is affordable for virtually anyone, so it doesn’t become a deterrent.



Made out of durable steel, these brackets will be able to hold up a lot of weight and also maintain the same shape for a really long time.

They can be attached to the wall or directly onto the TV.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 33 pounds and it is designed to fit any soundbar or sound system you have in mind.

The bracket can be installed while your TV is still on its stand.

It can be used for corner applications.



The brackets could have been a bit thicker in order to offer better support.

The price could have been a bit lower considering they are basically two pieces of steel and nothing more.


“I got these brackets for a very cheap price from Amazon, right around Xmas. Even though they are quite simple, they feel pretty solid and with their help I’ve managed to mount my Vizio sound bar on a wall in my living. I don’t know who makes the best sound bar brackets, but this model is certainly reliable.” – Mark T. Elliott

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Sewell Direct SW-29908 Universal Soundbar Bracket


This soundbar bracket coming from Sewell is light but because it is so well made it can hold speakers up to an impressive 33 pounds in weight. Also they are very durable lasting for years and years. With them you will be able to place any sound bar or speakers in whatever places in your home you see fit. Above, below the TV it really doesn’t matter as long as you get the best sound quality. They are truly one of the best sound bar brackets in 2019.



The great thing about this universal sound bracket is that it can fit any soundbar or TV speaker on the market. Unlike other more expensive bracket sets, this one is quite efficient.

It mounts both on top and on the bottom of the TV.

You will be able to mount 33lbs. worth of gadgets onto these brackets which are quite generous when it comes to length.

All the screws necessary for setting up these brackets are included in the box.



When used with VIZIO HDTVs they tend to ruin the TVs design because they stand out.

The brackets are not 100% fixed to the TV which means they will move if you push them.


“The highest rated sound bar brackets review gave this model good ratings and said it was perfect for Vizio speakers. I followed their advice and so far I’m quite pleased with what I’ve got. They were very easy to install and provide excellent support, making the one of the top ten sound bar brackets in 2019.” – Jack L. Patricks

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VIZIO XMT1200MS Tilt Mount with Soundbar Brackets – Not Available


Getting a VIZIO HDTV means you will probably have to buy this tilt mount support as well so you place it wherever you desire in your home. But except your HDTV it can also support a sound bar as well for an excellent audio experience for you, so your movies or other programs get a great enhancement when you are watching them. There are no complicated steps in its installation and you will have the HDTV and sound bar up and running in no time whatsoever.


“These are some of the most popular sound bar brackets in the market and this is why I chose to buy them. They were discounted on Black Friday and I didn’t see no reason why not to buy them. Installing them was a breeze too.” – Oliver Matthews