Best Sony digital voice recorders reviews


Top rated digital voice recorders from Sony


In this day and age where everything is easily accessible, why should voice clips be far behind? Whether it is recording your first ever interview, an important lecture or simply recording your thoughts before you forget to jot them down, a voice recorder is one of the handiest devices of recent times. Here is a list of the best digital voice recorder reviews for your business or personal use.


Sony ICD-PX312 voice recorder


Best Sony digital voice recorders reviews

This compact voice recorder comes with a built in 2 GB flash memory and has an expandable memory slot so that you can record as much as you need with having to worry about storage. The USB port allows you to easily transfer the recordings to a computer or laptop for hassle- free file sharing and managing. Its interface is simple and easy-to-use making it ideal for students and working people. With its Intelligent Noise Cut technology you are certain to have recordings that are of a clear quality.

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“ Any recordings is made possible with the help of the Sony ICD-PX312 Voice recorder. It has a memory space that can handle and store recorded files for good. It has also another memory slot where I can place memory storage for greater ease.”  Michele Billy Leach


Sony ICD-BX112 voice recorder


If you are on the lookout for a voice recorder that is affordable as well as allows you long hours of voice recording, your search ends here. This lightweight voice recorder has a maximum recording time of more than 500 hours. The recordings are stored in mp3 format so that you need not waste time in converting them. With a two GB built-in flash memory, this is one of the most cost- effective voice recorders on our list of the best Sony digital voice recorders reviews.

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“ I will never look for another voice recorder because of the Sony ICD-BX112 Voice recorder. This recorder can record any voice clips with clarity and vibrancy. It has a lightweight and durable structure so there will be an ease bringing it anywhere for the sake of my need.”  Elise Green Bullock


Sony ICD-UX523BLK voice recorder


This voice recorder is a powerhouse of highly functional features. The Intelligent Noise Cut Technology ensures that the sound quality of the recordings is always crisp and clear. With four GB of internal memory and an expandable memory slot, this voice recorder gives you a whopping 1108 hours recording time. Its USB port enables not only easy file transfer from the recorder to a PC but also battery recharging for this device. And just in case you’re looking for a break from voice recording, the in – built music player makes certain that you don’t have to look too far.

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“ The USB port of the Sony ICD-UX523BLK Voice recorder helps in transferring the video files from the recorder to the computer or laptop. This product is quality wise as it was already proven and tested by many people who use this product as their recording partner.”  Mel Katharine Wallace


Sony ICD-SX712 voice recorder


With two GB internal memory, this voice recorder can give up to a monstrous 4000+ hours of voice recording when the memory is expanded to sixteen GB using a micro SD card. It has a 3.5 mm audio output through headphones and a USB port that can be used for transferring files as well as for recharging the device. The 3.5 mm mic input is an additional feature that you can use for clear voice recording.  A speaker lets you listen to your recordings even without headphones. With multiple options for recording, playback and easy-to-use interface, this is one sure deserves mention in our list of the best Sony digital voice recorders reviews.

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“ I never had any trouble using the Sony ICD-SX712 Voice recorder because the controls are easy to understand and manageable. The product is durable and has a structure that really admired by many. It has the ability to record clear and crisp sound.”  Ebony Robertson


Sony ICD-AX412 voice recorder


Easy to use with a battery life of around 72 hours, this digital voice recorder has an expandable memory slot in addition to its inbuilt 2 GB flash memory. Together, this information would translate to this device allowing you to make voice recordings well over the 500 hour mark. The sound quality is superior and the interface is very user- friendly. All your recordings can be managed efficiently on this voice recorder and with the mp3 storage format; your voice recordings are compatible with almost any audio player right from the start.

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“ The user- friendly interface of the Sony ICD-AX412 Voice recorder is very effective so that I can manage it with greater ease and accuracy. The memory space is large enough so that I can store recorded files in it with greater assurance and comfort.”  Rae Mccarthy