If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best soldering stations money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best soldering stations on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Weller WESD51 is the best model for sale because of its ability to maintain a constant temperature when you are soldering so you can work more efficiently. The LED screen will clearly display the selected setting and actual temperature so you can make adjustments as needed, and you can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. It will also shut itself automatically after not being used for 99 minutes to help conserve power, along with the life of the tip. If the Weller WESD51 is not available in your area, you could consider the Aoyue 968A+ as your second option.



How to buy a professional soldering station



Electricians and curious individuals understand the importance of owning a professional soldering station. Great for beginners and even handymen this device is an important tool which supplies heat in order to melt the solder, component responsible with connecting 2 parts of any electronic system. The station creates heat from the electrical current which passes through a unique and highly resistive heating element. As you probably know, soldering stations are used by electronics in order to repair video game consoles, radios, televisions and many other electronic devices. In the present it seems that soldering stations are common tools in daily toolkits. Furthermore the devices can be used in order to perform a wide range of applications such as repairs, installations and even on assembly lines.

The current offer on soldering stations is pretty amazing. Still, it is challenging to identify the right model for your daily needs. In order to assist people find the ideal product, we took the liberty of testing 25 of the most used stations by electricians. After the test results came through we used the data in order to safely draft the best soldering station reviews. You might want to consult the professional reviews in order to discover a productive instrument. The first thing that you have to do is stay away from second hand soldering stations because they won’t work more than 2 or 3 weeks. It is important to take into consideration a couple of factors before you opt for one single product. Since this tool is used by thousands of electricians, it comes as no surprise to see top manufacturers release great models.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Iron Power Price Temperature Range Power Source Our Rating Where to buy

Aoyue 968A+

70W $$$$ 392F-896F AC A+ AMAZON

Waller WESD51

50W $$$$ 350F-850F Corded Electric A+ AMAZON

X-Tronic XT-4010-SS

60W $$$ 392F-897F AC A AMAZON

Aoyue 9378

60W $$$ 392F-897F AC B+ AMAZON

Aoyue 937+

45W $$ 392F-897F AC B+ AMAZON


With the best soldering station in 2018 you will be able to reach your full potential as an electrician. There are many tomes of soldering stations available on the market, each designed for different types of jobs. Some models emit heat in order to quickly melt points while others solder through material to make small openings. Still, irrespective of their working pattern, soldering stations represent the bread and butter of any electrician or skilled technicians. A good model is mainly made of an electrical power supply, soldering head with special temperature sensor, display and temperature control. These features ensure fast and accurate results of any type of electric board. Soldering stations include a solid stand which is mainly used for storing irons when not in use.

The best soldering station in 2018 will also be accompanied by a wide range of accessories for more delicate actions. For example your future soldering station must include some of the following: hot air gun, vacuum pump and vacuum pickup tool. These are helpful accessories which can make your job a whole lot easier during every project. It is also very important for you to opt for a soldering station that comes with an exclusive warranty. Furthermore make sure that the station is flexible enough to cover your daily soldering needs. This particularity ensures that whenever you work you will get the job done faster and with minimal effort.



Top rated soldering stations in 2018


Around your house as a man you sometimes are required to do some small repairs or to install different things. And one of the tools you need to have for one of these little things is a soldering station which can prove very helpful in more than one situation. Getting the right soldering station is another thing altogether and so you don’t make wrong choices you should take a look at the best soldering stations reviews. They will point your in the right direction surely.




Aoyue 968A+ Hot Air


When it comes to reparing no station is better than the Aoyue 968A+ with its excellent capabilities and very useful accessories. The tip temperature is always kept constant so you don’t ruin the work at hand. The display can dispaly very accurately the tip`s temperature so you always know what you are doing. Overheating is avoided thanks to the air flow gauge and also a knob which controls the air flow that goes throught he gauge.



The new soldering station models include the updated version of the 968A+ digital hot air rework station from Aoyue, a powerful device especially designed for electricians and IT specialists

The station comes equipped with a powerful 70 watt soldering iron and smoke absorber which improve people’s capacity to meld together various metal elements

Features a professional digital display, 10 soldering iron tips, soldering iron holder and a special digital calibration timer for better response during work

Comes with a built-in smoke extractor which significantly absorbs any fumes emitted during soldering operation



The air pump can be a bit noisy but in reasonable notes

Does not include a carrying case (sold separately)


Buy from Amazon.com for ($175)




Waller WESD51


Best Soldering Stations reviewsThere are very few soldering stations which can come close to the features that the Waller WESD51 has. The whole device is controlled by a powerful microprocessor which lets your control its heat according to what your work requires. The power unit also has a LED display which shows the tip`s temperature precisely. Safety is another important thing which this station has, having a non-burnable silicon rubber cord for its iron. The best soldering stations reviews think highly of the Waller WESD51.



For those electricians searching for a trustworthy answer to the question which product is the best, we recommend the WESD51 digital soldering station from Weller, a model that can match a wide range of applications like industrial manufacturing, repairs and rework

Features a comfortable foam-grip pencil and a user-friendly LCD digital temperature control which permits electricians to perform a wide range of soldering tasks

Due to the temperature that ranges from 350 to 850 degrees Fahrenheit, this soldering station is a must in electrician workshops

Incorporates an advanced built-in heater and special sensor setting that provides fast recovery times after each use



The soldering station benefits from only 1 year of warranty

The basic package contains a sponge and not a brass scrubie


Buy from Amazon.com for ($129)






If you are looking for the best soldering station money can buy than look no further than the X-TRONIC XT-4010-SS. The key for its smooth and powerful operation is the state-of-the-art incorporated Samsung microprocessor which controls its every feature. Also you will get a lot of very useful gadgets with it so you are prepared for any kind of job. There is no surprise that specialists even think of it as a must have in their tool collection, being ideal for all kinds of repairs.



The current soldering station ratings best to worst offered high marks of efficiency to the 4010-XTS model from X-TRONIC is fitted with a wide array of options that permits electricians to perform high-end soldering applications

Features a solid brushed aluminum front with a user friendly blue LED tube display which allows users to select fast the right settings for a successful soldering operation

The soldering station incorporates the exclusive Magic Temperature compensation technology that safely performs changes in temperature for positive results

Comes equipped with a professional 60 watt soldering iron with temperatures that can range from 392 to 896 Fahrenheit



Not available for shipping internationally

Does not include a protective carrying case (sold separately)


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Aoyue 9378


The Aoyue 9378 digital soldering station is exactly what you need for installing new things to your home or doing a bit of maintenance work. Its excellent set of features makes it extremely reliable and very easy to use at the same time. You have the option to program it to sleep so by doing it you prolong your iron tip`s life. With it you will also get 10 different tips, plus one already installed and you can even expand this collection to 50 pieces, because that is the number which this soldering station can support. The top soldering stations reviews are pleased with the Aoyue 9378`s set of features.



This year’s Black Friday deals on top products include the 9378 programmable digital soldering station from Aoyue, a model which uses ceramic heat technology for different soldering applications

The soldering station has a removable tip design which is easy to manoeuvre during soldering operation

This powerful station comes equipped with Auto Sleep, vibration sensor and wake functions which safely detects the needs of the soldering action

Backed by an exclusive 1 year warranty this soldering station incorporates a digital thermostat control with user-friendly switches from Celsius to Fahrenheit readouts



The sleep function is not as advanced as some might infer

The vibration sensor might cause some discomfort during work but in the end it provides useful data


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Aoyue 937+


Getting the Aoyue 937+ soldering station will allow you to do all kinds of small repairs or installations which you would add to your home. The quality to price ratio on this soldering station is one of the reasons why it is so popular and why it is considered one of the best soldering stations in 2018. The 45 watt station features a thermostat control so you have absolute control over the temperature of the iron tip. It also comes with a spare iron heating element, which you can put to good use.



What are the best products? According to our data we recommend the 937+ digital soldering station from Aoyue, a powerful 45 watt digital soldering station with a user-friendly 1 degree C control

Comes equipped with a ESD safe ceramic heat element which is easy to manoeuvre during simple and complex soldering applications

As great soldering station for Christmas the model incorporates a powerful digital thermostat control that allows people to manage temperatures from 200 to 480 degree Celsius

Very easy to use this soldering station uses 24 volt output which significantly prevents circuit damage



Does not include a well-detailed instruction manual


Buy from Amazon.com for ($59.99)