Top rated soldering irons in 2019


Electricians and IT technicians understand the importance of finding a professional soldering iron, designed to complete various electronic tasks. The current soldering iron models available on the market are designed to handle even the most challenging of tasks. Fortunately the market’s current offer is more than generous. So, we took into account this aspect and invested time in researching the best soldering iron reviews. Furthermore we also consulted user testimonials and specialized reports in order to discover the right product for soldering work. In our research we came across 5 high quality soldering irons which can be used with confidence to accomplish different tasks.


Apex Tool Group Weller WP35 Professional Soldering Iron


Best soldering iron reviewsWhen it comes to electronic and electrical work, specialists need to use professional soldering irons capable of melding together wires and different components. For more demanding electronic tasks we recommend the WP35 Weller soldering iron from Apex Tool Group. This 35-watt machine delivers up to 850 degrees F of high heat, more than enough to meld wires together. Equipped with a special quick-change knurled collar and stainless steel barrel this powerful soldering iron has an impressive 6 foot cord for flexible work. Furthermore the machine’s light blue cushion grip handle allows people to use it without restrictions on any electronic surface.

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Weller SP40NKUS LED Soldering Iron Kit


Going through the best soldering iron reviews gave us the opportunity to learn about the SP40NKUS device from Weller. This kit contains all that a skilled electrician might need during various electronic projects. It comes equipped with a durable handle and 3 LEDs that offer proper visibility while working. Due to the 40 watts system that can reach up to 900 degrees F this soldering iron can be safely used on audio equipment and electronic components. It features a durable soft grip handle which permits people to wield the iron at will, with no restraints. Backed by an exclusive 7-year warranty the soldering iron has a solid stainless steel construction which resists well during long hours of work.

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J & L Sl60 Soldering Iron


Finding the best soldering iron in 2019 is very important for thousands of electricians and technicians that want to perform in their line of work. For smooth soldering performance we recommend the 60 watts soldering iron from J & L, a product that won’t disappoint. This powerful soldering iron comes equipped with a replaceable tip which easily targets different parts of the electronic board. The machine features an ergonomic rubber handle which is very easy to manoeuvre during various electronic tasks. This powerful soldering iron is fitted with a durable nickel-iron housing that offers people the chance to use it for long periods of time.

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Dr. Meter High-performance soldering iron


Out of the best soldering irons in 2019 we picked out a powerful device from Dr. Meter: the 60 watts high-performance iron. Since technicians need professional tools in their hands to wield this recommendation didn’t come lightly. This powerful soldering iron features 60 watt electric force, more than enough to tackle complex electronic tasks. Due to the ergonomic design and very cool rubber handle the device is fairly easy to manoeuvre. This professional tool incorporates a solid operating tip which reaches temperatures up to 860 degrees F. Electricians will also love the rapid heating time which comes in handy for unexpected jobs.

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Neiko 40420L Tooluxe Cordless Soldering Iron


How to choose the best soldering iron in 2019 seems like a pretty tough question to handle. Our research points to the 40420L Tooluxe cordless soldering iron from Neiko, a product highly appreciated by technicians. This powerful tool offers precise soldering functions, capable of melding wires together. The soldering iron incorporates a special tip which reaches temperatures up to 365 degrees F. It requires only 4 “AA” batteries in order to fully operate. So, this is why so many electricians gave the 40420L soldering iron high marks of efficiency. Furthermore it also includes a white LED light which people can use to light up the working surface.

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