How to Select the Best Solar Power Generator


Many people are choosing solar power generators as an alternative to gas models. These generators are designed to be easy and convenient to use, and can be more affordable in the long run. Solar power generators are also designed to have less of an impact on the environment, and your neighbors will appreciate its quiet motor. While there are several advantage associated with a solar power generator, you do want to choose the right one. In this buying guide you will find informative tips to help you find the best solar power generator in 2018.

Best Solar power generator (poti sa o alegi pe asta daca ti se pare mai ok)

Battery Capacity

As stated in the best solar power generator reviews one of the most important aspects is the battery capacity. While the generator is designed to run off of solar energy, this is not always possible and a powerful battery ensures that you can still have plenty of power on cloudy days and at night. Models with lithium batteries are generally lighter in weight and you do have the advantage of being able to use all but 10 percent of the available power, but the higher price may not suit all budgets. Traditional batteries might be slightly heavier, but the affordable price often makes these the best choice for most solar power generators.


Solar Panels

The best solar power generator reviews recommend carefully considering the included panels. The solar panels will provide the main source of energy for the generator, and you want to ensure that you have plenty of running power for day and night usage with a fast and efficient recharging time. Generators with separate solar panels have the advantage of being able to follow the sun’s rays, and can ensure the unit is fully recharge even while you are using it. Solar power generators that are able to fully recharge in six hours or less are generally preferred over other models.



There are some features to consider when you are choosing a solar power generator that can include its construction and durability. Included manufacturer’s warranties are always appreciated, along with a durable metal construction that can withstand being left outside in the hot sun. Rear wheels and a lightweight design make the generator easy to move, and you also want to make sure that the generator is well balanced to prevent dangerous tipping.


Top Rated Solar Power Generators in 2018


While we can’t choose the right unit for you, we can show you some of the top rated solar power generators of 2018. Designed to be easy to use and capable of a fast and efficient recharging time, maybe one of these units is exactly what you need.


Goal Zero 31901


1.Goal Zero 31901One of the advantages of a solar power generator is its ability to be used safely indoors. This 1,250 watt unit does not emit any exhaust fumes, and it is extremely quiet when it is running. It also features a lightweight and durable construction, and the included cart makes it easy to move the generator anywhere you need an emergency power source.

You will appreciate not having to run any cords outside, which makes it easy and convenient to use. It can also be powered by the sun, plugged into a wall outlet or attached to a car battery so you never have to worry about being able to recharge. It is powerful enough to provide continuous power to a TV for 35 hours or keep your refrigerator running for 12 hours or more.

Its clean and quiet design is ideal for use in hospitals and inside homes, and the durable construction can also withstand frequent use outdoors. You also have the advantage of being able to charge your devices and appliances via the three USB ports, and it also includes 3 AC outlets along with a convenient plug for a 12 volt adapter.

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Wagan EL2546


2. Wagan EL2546There is very little not to like about this solar power generator, including its lightweight and convenient design. It’s designed to provide you with plenty of power when electricity is not readily available, and you will appreciate how easy it is to use. The cube shaped generator requires no additional assembly, and you can also increase the power if you need to connect several devices or small appliances.

This generator includes 5 solar panels that are each capable of producing 16 watts of power. You can also add more panels when needed so you can run larger appliances without immediately draining the battery. It also includes two rear wheels for easy portability, and you will appreciate being able to slide the solar panels conveniently out of the way for easy storage.

You can power small appliances with the 2 AC outlets, and there are also USB ports for your tablet, laptop, and other devices. The 2 12volt plugs are an added bonus, and you will appreciate the included AC/DC adaptors that make recharging the battery quick and easy even on sunny days.

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Be Prepared Solar 5000SG2


3. Be Prepared Solar 200AHWith a maximum 5,000 watts you are ready for almost any electric power failure, and its lightweight and portable design makes this generator perfect for extended camping trips. It includes a durable case that tightly locks to protect the battery, and the two sturdy wheels make it easy to take with you almost anywhere.

The generator includes two solar panels, along with a 200 amp battery for an extended running time. The 100 watt solar panels also include a 25 year warranty, which is always appreciated especially if you plan on traveling with this generator. The solar generator also includes a 30 foot that makes it easy and convenient to connect the panels to the battery.

You will love how quickly the battery recharges, and the included USB port is compatible with most Android devices. There are also four 110v outlets that are ideal for small freezers and refrigerators, along with laptops and TVs. Capable of up to 5,000 watts of surge power and 2,500 watts of continuous running time it’s easy to see why this solar power generator is a popular choice with consumers.

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