Top rated Soda Makers in 2019


If you want to amaze your friends by turning ordinary water into sparkling water or soda, you have probably gone through the best soda maker reviews to get the best soda-producing product out there. Buying canned and bottled beverages can be costly and a hassle so the best thing to do if you like entertaining a lot is to get yourself a soda maker. Such a product carbonates water so it becomes soda. The process not only helps you preserve the environment but also saves you more money. I have gone over a lot of literature on soda makers myself, which has helped me select the best five soda makers on the market.


SodaStream Genesis Starter Kit


Best Soda Maker ReviewsThe inventor of the first soda maker in history most likely had this top rated Soda Maker in 2019 in mind. It has a contemporary slim profile that would easily blend in with the rest of the modern kitchen fixtures. Soda lovers will surely love to score this item as it gives you great flexibility on the flavoring choices so that you don’t have to go to the store to buy cases of soda in cans or bottles. Use this with the exclusive COcarbonator tank and turn freshly filtered water into real sparkling or tonic water in seconds. It doesn’t require batteries or electricity to run. The carbonating bottles are free of BPA and can resist high pressure.

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SodaStream Dynamo LX Home Soda Maker


You may not have a brick-and-mortar soda company but you can still make your own sparkling soda with this product from the best Soda maker reviews. You can enjoy flavorful seltzer/sparkling water instantly, in 30 seconds or less. And it’s all in the no fuss, no mess way. This product comes with two pieces of super sturdy carbonating bottles that do not contain cancer-causing BPA. In addition, the fizz-locking cap keeps your sparkling beverage longer and fresher than any plastic bottle ever could. You are also doing your share of protecting the environment by not having to throw plastic bottles into landfills.

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Sodastream Jet Starter Kit Soda Maker


You can magically change tap water into freshly-made and flavorful carbonated drinks, all in a span of 30 seconds. It carries a lovely design that won’t clash with what you already have on your kitchen counter. This product lets you enjoy the freedom of customizing your soda beverages with the flavor and aroma that you choose to enjoy at any given time. Every bottle of soda mix that you use can give you up to 12 liters of refreshing soda. Make the planet a better place to live in by using this product instead of rushing to the store to buy carbonated drinks in cans or bottles.

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Sodastream Source Home Soda Maker Kit


This could very well be the best soda maker in 2019. It lets you choose from over 60 all-natural soda mix variants and regular diet varieties that use no aspartame and no high-fructose corn syrup sweeteners. You can get up to 12 liters of seltzer, soda, fruit-flavored water or cola with just a single bottle of soda mix. You don’t even have to plug into a socket or purchase batteries separately. The unit operates on a simple principle of carbonation with CO2gas so you can enjoy different levels of carbonation that you prefer.

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Mastrad A01900 Purefizz Soda Maker


This best Soda maker in 2019 allows you to turbocharge your water, wine, juice and other favorite beverage with extra carbonated fizz. Harnessing the power of carbon dioxide, this product can carbonate liquids instantly. You can fill the bottle with your base liquid, close the bottle with the charger/stopper, put in a CO2 cartridge and shake vigorously. In a few seconds, you can just lie back and enjoy a naturally flavored drink infused with aroma, by adding herbs, spices or fruit. You can have this in your wet bar and enjoy mocktail parties all year round. The components are dishwasher safe.