If you’re here just  to find the best snowboard bindings and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best snowboard bindings on the market by making a thorough research and looking at all expert review sites, sales figures, overall brand quality and value for money. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Avalanche Summit are by far the best one. Loved by all their users, these excellent snowboard bindings scored higher than all others on quality, value and consumer satisfaction. Perfect for any type of snowboard or ski boots, these binders offer the best possible versatility and adaptability, making them ideal for a wide range of boots and snowboards.While other binders choose to specialize, the Avalanche Summit are perfect for women and men alike. Flexible and secure, these binders excel when it comes to durability and safety. If the Avalanche Summit are out of stock, you could also consider the Flux RK30 as the second best option.



How to Choose New Snowboard Bindings


Getting the best possible snowboard bindings is not an easy job. Today the market is full of various models that vary greatly in quality and price. The following buying guide will help you decide what model is the best for you and your snowboard style. Read ahead and you will find out the most important aspects to look whenever you want to buy a new snowboard binding.

1.Avalanche Summit

Binding type

Getting the best possible binding to match your personal style must start with a proper look at all the snowboard binding types available on the market right now. We start with the most used and popular variant, the strap binding. Using hardened sole plate that is placed under the boot and adjustable super resistant straps, these models are by far the most comfortable and versatile bindings you will ever find.These bindings are perfect for a huge range of boots and feet sizes making them the ideal choice for a wide range of snowboarders. As the most mature and safe technology available, the strap binding is also widely regarded as the best binding of the moment for beginners and expert snowboarders alike.

Step-in bindings are among the most common rental bindings available. Easy to put on and off, these bindings are quite popular in winter resorts. Unfortunately, step-in bindings lack any type of straps and offer less protection and flexibility than strap bindings.

A newer binding type, the flow-in aims to offer a mix of flexibility, safety and simplicity. While still new, this new binding type will surely improve in the future, offering a real alternative to the other two classic options.


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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Colors Target Gender Our Rating Where to buy

Flow Flite 2W

M or L $$$ Black Women A+ AMAZON

Flux RK30

M or L $$$$ Black, orange and more Unisex A AMAZON

Flow The Five SE

M $$$ Black Ops Men B AMAZON

Flow Quattro

M $$$ Black Men C+ AMAZON

Silence SLNC III

M $$ Graphite Light blue B+ AMAZON



Snowboard size and compatibility

Not all snowboards are the same, and that is equally true about boot and feet sizes. In order to find the best possible snowboard bindings, you must take a closer look at your own snowboard size and mounting options. Thankfully, most snowboard and binding manufacturers use just a couple of different hole sizes and patterns, making it fairly easy to find the perfect match.

When it comes to the shoe and fit sizes, it is best to check before purchase what type of sizes a particular binding model can handle. Some bindings can match just a narrow range of shoe sizes, and getting the proper one may require a bit of research. As a rule, never buy a new snowboard binding without properly checking the size of shoes it can fit to. Also take additional precautions when shopping for big feet models, as larger bindings usually are harder to find. Never go on the track with loose bindings that are not properly suited to your own shoe size. This is particularly unsafe for alpine snowboarding, where matching the perfect size binding with the shoe is extremely important for your own safety.



Now that we took care of type and size, we can focus on the pricing. Each snowboard binding type has a different price according to its quality, durability and brand. While some brands tend to be quite expensive, their price is just a reflection of their reputation and popularity among snowboarders. When shopping for a new snowboard binding, it is best to start by narrowing down the selection to the models that you can afford within your current budget.

Beginners and even advanced snowboarders are particularly prone of spending too much or too little on a proper snowboard binding. While cheap products are often a favorite among first time shoppers, the quality of a more expensive binder may save you a lot of money on the long run. Also keep in mind to avoid any knock-off models that will break on the track leaving you on foot for the rest of the day and ruining your snowboard experience, or worst, endangering your health and even your life.

As with any other products, it is best to keep an eye out for any discounts. Search for any high quality snowboard bindings that are on sale and take advantage of available offers if possible.

2.Flux RK30

Additional features and options

Depending on your own snowboard style and board size you may want to check other features that you will use on your ride. From highback size to baseplate materials, each detail may help you find the perfect snowboard binding for you. Beginners may want to read a setup guide for each snowboarding style before choosing a particular model, while experts will know ahead what type of bindings works best for them. As always make sure that the size fits and the bindings offer a safe and durable ride.

The best snowboard bindings are listed below.


Avalanche Summit


2.Avalanche Summit

Known and praised for their adaptability and comfort, these classic strap bindings are perfect for all snowboarders who want a high quality product at a reasonable price. Used with great success on any kind of track of freestyle ride, the Avalanche Summit deliver incredible flexibility and versatility, making them ideal for men, women and children alike. Perfect for a short or long ride, these snowboards bindings offer maximum safety and protection while letting the snowboarder feel as free as possible. With their excellent flexibility, these bindings are great for freestylers. Simple to adjust, the Avalanche Summit are a great choice for all those who want a classic and durable model.


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Flow Flite 2W Snowboard Binding


Being made by the same manufacturer as the products that will be mentioned below, you can be confident that this will be an exceptional choice. As one of the best snowboard bindings in 2021, this product takes pride in having an innovative design that can make sure of your highest level of comfort. The durability of the product is also one thing that makes it a common recommendation. It is designed to be as effortless to use as possible, providing you with less hassle. For sure, this is going to provide you with an enjoyable snowboarding experience.


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Flux RK30 Snowboard Binding


In the evaluation of the best snowboard bindings in 2021 that are available, this is one option that should not be overlooked. As it has been emphasized by the people who have used such in the past, this can prove to be a good choice basically because of the UU Fit technology. The latter is an innovative feature that has been exclusively developed by the manufacturer in order to ensure the highest level of security that it can provide. In addition, you will also surely find delight with the fact that the adjustments can be made in a snap, in the absence of requiring the use of any tools.


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Flux Bindings


1.Flux Bindings

When it comes to park and mountain snowboarding there are little models that can stand a chance to beat the Flux Bindings. With their superb durability, extremely light honeycomb straps and superb flexibility, these snowboard bindings offer excellent flexibility without sacrificing comfort and safety. Perfect for any shoe type and size, the Flux Bindings offer maximum comfort for all.Using a new design that offers the perfect balance between flexibility and durability, these binders will deliver a perfect ride each time. Suited for both newcomers and experts, these high quality snowboard bindings are by far among the most praised and loved models available for purchase right now.


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Flow Five Fusion


3.Flow Five

With their flow-in design, these excellent high quality bindings deliver the safety and comfort of a strap model while allowing users to put them on with a simple lever pull. Using a modular construction that comes with plenty of adjustment options, the Flow Five Fusion will perfectly fit a wide range of boot and feet sizes. Comfortable, safe and easy to mount, these snowboard bindings are the best choice for all those who want to spend less time adjusting straps and more time on the track. Loved by children and beginners, these bindings are also praised by advanced snowboarders who appreciate their high quality, durability and comfort.


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Siren Mystic Women’s


4.Siren Mystic

Specially designed for women, these superb high quality snowboard bindings offer one of the most comfortable and safe rides possible. Made using a special design with durable fiberglass inserts and comfortable soft foam padding, the Siren Mystic take the ride comfort to another level. With plenty of adjustment options and straps, these excellent bindings will perfectly fit on any women boots available. Durable and extremely comfortable, these bindings manage to impress with their special attention for safety and ankle protection. Easy to configure and latch on, the Siren Mystic are by far one of the best women bindings you can find today.


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Flow The Five SE Snowboard Binding


Best Snowboard Bindings ReviewsAmong other things, the versatility of this model is one thing that makes it a favorite in the best snowboard bindings reviews. It is replete in terms of features that provide competitive edge above other choices that are available. It has the Hybrid PowerCapStrap, which is an innovative feature that is basically responsible for making sure that the adjustments can be made with ease. More so, the LSR Buckles also make it an unrivalled choice within the product category. This makes it easy for you to get on and off from the binding.


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Flow Quattro Snowboard Bindings


Like in the case of the model that has been mentioned above, this product will not require any tool for the purpose of making the necessary adjustments. In addition, as one of the top rated snowboard bindings in 2021, you will also like the rockered baseplate that is integrated in this product. With this, it will be possible to have your power directed to the board while making sure that contact is minimized. It also has the UniFit Power Strap. This is beneficial in terms of providing you with a one-time setup of the unit while making sure that it is secured and fitted.


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Silence SLNC III Women’s Snowboard Bindings


This product has been designed to handle the demanding needs of women who like snowboarding. From the way that it looks like, it is very easy to tell that it is going to be superb when it comes to durability, and hence, making it functional for many years. In addition, aside from being made from materials that can withstand wear and tear, it is also designed with the comfort of the users in mind. One thing that can prove this claim is the integration of a soft padding that is sure to minimize discomfort that is often associated with snowboarding.


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