If you’re here just to find the best snow goggles and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best snow goggles on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, and sales figures.

Out of all the products we looked at, the OutdoorMaster Ski & Snowboard proved to be the best around. These goggles are created by one of the most important snow goggle brands for superior comfort and visibility, and their spherical panoramic design lets you see around completely unobstructed, no matter what kind of winter sports you are engaged in. The lens come with 10 heavy duty magnets, so they will attach to any frame with great ease, a convenience that many users appreciate. Another great feature of these goggles is the dual side anti-fog technology that does not let fog ruin your performance, no matter if you are skiing, snowboarding or just playing around in the snow.

If you cannot find the OutdoorMaster Ski & Snowboard because they are out of stock, we suggest you to try the D&S OTG Ski, as a second great choice.



Top rated snow goggles in 2019


Skiing or snowboarding are some excellent hobbies which are perfect for a winter weekend full of activities. To practice these sports you need also the right equipment and a vital part of your gear should be a quality pair of snow goggles to protect your eyes. There is no shortage of models which you can find but this can make it hard for you to choose the right ones. But to your aid come the best snow goggles reviews which will give you 5 examples of the best models out there.


Expert buying guide on snow goggles


For thousands of Americans skiing is a fascinating and thrilling sport which combines alertness with fractures of adrenaline rush. So, we are not surprised to see so many of skiers search for high quality snow goggles. There are many products available on the market, and if you are searching for a great pair you’ll probably find one. Sometimes one of the most underrated pieces of skiing or snowboarding equipment, goggles can enhance your precision during snowy portions of the mountain. You need a pair of goggles that fit well and are comfortable to use. The ideal pair doesn’t have to fog constantly, permit sun rays from blurring out your vision or close in on your eyes. This is why you need to consult with attention the best snow goggles reviews which can assist and point out some key features of goggles.

For thousands of Americans skiing is a fascinating and thrilling sport which combines alertness with fractures of adrenaline rush. So, we are not surprised to see so many of skiers search for high quality snow goggles. There are many products available on the market, and if you are searching for a great pair you’ll probably find one. Sometimes one of the most underrated pieces of skiing or snowboarding equipment, goggles can enhance your precision during snowy portions of the mountain. You need a pair of goggles that fit well and are comfortable to use. The ideal pair doesn’t have to fog constantly, permit sun rays from blurring out your vision or close in on your eyes. This is why you need to consult with attention the best snow goggles reviews which can assist and point out some key features of goggles.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Lens Color Price UV Protection Size Our Rating Where to buy

Oakey MSG-SS Splice

Fire Iridium $$$$ 100% Adult A+ AMAZON

Oakely MCG-BI Unisex

High Intensity Yellow Iridium $$$$ 100% Adult A AMAZON

Smith Optics Sidekick

Classic $$$ 100% Junior B+ AMAZON

Spy Optic Targa 3

Persimmon $$ 100% Junior B AMAZON

Bolle Boost Over

Vermillon Gun $$ No Junior C+ AMAZON


Are you searching for the best snow goggles in 2019? Well, if you are this article will help you find them. The first thing that you need to take into account is proper fitting. Poor fitting or bad lenses are usually a big issue for most snow goggles. On the other hand most people don’t know how to place the goggles on. Try to find a pair of adjustable goggles because they giving you the possibility to find just the right position. You will on the market adult and junior sized goggles. If you don’t really know when your child has to switch from junior to adult, well there is a general rule. Between 11 to 13 years old children should start using adult goggles that properly fit.

There are a lot of folks asking about OTG goggles. Well, people that wear glasses in order to see should consider using Over the Glasses goggles. Designed especially for such individuals, OTG goggles provide enough space for your glasses without compromising in any way comfort. Such goggles look basically the same as regular models, but they tend to be wider, taller and deeper. This means that they will probably stick a bit further from your face, making you look pretty fearless on the mountain slope. Armed with the best snow goggles reviews, you will be able to choose the right product, suited to your skiing or snowboarding needs.

One important thing about goggles revolves around lenses. Most models come with lenses of different shapes, colours, styles and technologies. So, you’ll have your hand full with this particular aspect. There 2 types of lenses: flat and spherical. Both types offer advantages and disadvantages. Goggles with flat lenses are cheaper but offer a narrow viewing window than spherical lenses. Flat lenses can also catch sunlight at diverse angles while skiing which ultimately results in intense glare. This is probably why most skilled skiers prefer to pay more for spherical lenses. Some of the best snow goggles in 2019 come with spherical lenses. Such goggles with spherical lenses have a curved shape which delivers a stunning peripheral vision. With such a pair on you will be able to see trees on your right and left, thus controlling better every moment of the skiing experience!


OutdoorMaster Ski & Snowboard



The OutdoorMaster Ski & Snowboard are detachable magnetic lenses that work great simply by attaching them to the frame you have at your disposal. Due to their tremendous versatility and outstanding features, these lenses are among the most popular pieces of equipment for winter sports enthusiasts.




The lenses are designed to offer you a perfect panoramic view. Their spherical design fits over your eyes, covering your entire field of view, so you will not have your sight obstructed in any way while you are using these lenses.

They are considered a good fit for men, as they are on the larger side and they can attach to any proper frame with the help of 10 heavy duty magnets. The lenses are easy to snap on and off, so those who are interested in interchangeable lenses can try these ones with great success.

The excellent optical clarity provided by these lenses places them in a league of their own, and this is among the factors contributing to their popularity.

The lenses come with a special type of anti-fog technology, so you will always see clear when using them.



Some users mention light scratches appearing after a few falls in the snow.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($49.99)






2.D&S OTG Ski Goggles

Great UV protection and anti-fog features make the D&S OTG Ski a really good choice for beginners. Superior optical clarity and great style combined with decent pricing make these goggles are really great choice if you are among winter sports enthusiasts.




The lenses are made of PC Revo glass which is a special type of glass that is resistant to scratches and impact, so you can really count on these goggles to last you for a long time.

The flexible frame is another great plus, because it makes these goggles a good choice for a wide array of users, even for women or men with smaller heads.

The anti-fog layer is really something worth writing home about. This layer is responsible for dispersing water molecules across the lens surface, so that moisture build-up is made impossible.

You can wear these goggles with the trendiest helmets around without a worry. The goggles will fit smoothly and you can wear your entire ski equipment without sacrificing anything.



According to some users, the lower field of view for these goggles could be better. Not having a perfect field of view may be very important, so keep this small aspect in mind.


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Bolle Mojo


3.Bolle Mojo

Because of their appealing design, many people find the Bolle Mojo a convenient choice. A good fit for any size, including for kids, they are decently priced and they offer good performance along with some nice features.




The classic design makes the Bolle Mojo a good choice for everyday skiing. You will find them extremely comfortable and easy to put on, even when you are wearing a helmet. No matter what kind of uses you have in mind, you will be more than satisfied with the comfort provided.

The thermal barrier that comes with these goggles will protect your eyes extremely well. From behind their lenses, you will be able to see the world, without having the sun, the snow or other weather related elements standing between you and your field of view.

The anti fog protection is really superior and it helps with dispersing the tiniest water molecules so they do not build up and obstruct your view.

These goggles are designed to be used with any kind of helmets, even the latest models, so you will be able to enjoy perfect comfort.



One disappointing aspect of these goggles is that they do not come with a protective case, which would have been nice.


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Oakey MSG-SS Splice


Oakey MSG-SS Splice goggles have a framemade out of durable plastic which will protect the lens. If sometimes you desire to change the lens, you will find this process very easy to do, not requiring much time or effort. Also, it is equipped with an internal skeletal support system, which has the very nice advantage of putting very little pressure on your nose, for even more comfort. All the best snow goggles reviews agree that the Oakey MSG-SS is a reliable model for skiing or snowboarding.



These are goggles built to fit all due to their adaptable strap which does not feel uncomfortable in any way whatsoever while still managing to keep the goggles fixed and wobble free.

Perfect for both professional and amateur snow racers regardless of what their favorite winter sport is.

Its design is destined to reduce nasal pressure and allow you to breathe freely without any problems whatsoever.

Great lens geometry that allows you to see things just as they are with little to no distortion which is vital especially for prow skiers or snowboarders.



The biggest disadvantage with these googles is that Oakley only offer warranty coverage for those who purchase the product from Oakley stores.


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Oakely MCG-BI


Best snow goggles reviewsIf you like hitting the slopes every now and then, plus you are looking for some goggles, then these ones from Oakley are one of the best money can buy. The Rigid O Matter strap provides a very comfortable fit, which will not bother you one bit while you twist your way through the corners of the slope you are on. Because these goggles have been treated with F3 anti-fog technology, you will have no problem with them getting all foggy and limiting your vision. The top snow goggles reviews believe that not many other models have the quality of the Oakley MCG-BI.



Made out of durable plastic with very well put together parts that will never fall apart or deteriorate due to harsh weather conditions.

Perfect for being used both when wearing and not wearing a helmet because of the rigid O Matter Strap Outriggers which make the googles comfortable but at the same time very stable ad well balanced.

These goggles completely eliminate fog through the double vented lens design which is combined with patented F3 anti-fog technology.

Perfect for sunny days due to its 100% UV protection.

Excellent viewing area with extended peripheral vision to always know what is going on around you.



The fact that they are designed to fit medium-sized faces may be a drawback for some who have a larger frame.


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Smith Optics Sidekick


For your child, these goggles from Smith Optics are very appropriate because they will fit very well on his face and also they will allow him to have a clear visibility of the slope. With them on, he can negotiate corners well and he will be able to avoid other skiers or snowboarders. No allergies will be cause by extensive use of these goggles because they come with hypoallergenic face foam. Because the manufacturer places such faith in its equipment, the goggles come with a lifetime warranty.



Destined for youths and people who use smaller helmets, this is the perfect entry-level eye protection kit if you are on the market for the best anti fog snow goggles 2019.

Great lenses designed to prevent fog from forming by using the Fog-X and Anti-Fog technology applied on the dual thermal clear materials which serve as a visor.

Easily adjustable to fit any size or shape.

Constructed with hypoallergenic face foam which definitely comes in handy nowadays when everyone has allergies.

Very affordable compared to others despite providing great fog protection.



These googles could have been more versatile in terms of size adaptability. They are not destined for boys who are over 10 years old or for girls who are older than 12.


“I got these goggles around Xmas time and I quite pleased by them. They don’t get foggy, I feel comfortable with them on, thus I’m sure they were the best snow goggles for the money I paid for them.” – Odis S. Wilde


Buy from Amazon.com for ($24.5)




Spy Optic Targa 3


Coming in many different colors the Spy Optic Targa 3 goggles are extremely reliable and will feel very comfortable when you are wearing them. The frame while being resistant, it will also mold perfectly on any type of face so that it doesn’t cause discomfort to the user. They also come with a ventilation system which is anti-fog so you will have perfect visibility all the time. In the same time the lenses protect your eyes 100% against UV rays.



These googles fit perfectly regardless of the size or shape of your helmet. They are highly flexible and can conform to different types of face anatomy while still being very comfortable.

They use Spy Optic’s patented lens design which prevents fog from forming due to their scoop ventilation system.

Shock-proof dual-lens destined not only to keep fog away but also to keep scratches from forming thus ruining visibility.

Aside from being capable of taking the shape of any face, the materials used for these googles also prevent moisture from building up.



Even though they are built to fit all sizes, they will not be suited for larger people who might experience tunnel vision because of the googles being too tight.

The best anti fog snow goggles reviews recommend these for teenagers and no one else.


“My son is satisfied with these snow goggles which had an affordable price. For teenagers I thins these goggles are among the top 10 models.” – Edward Griffith


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Bolle Kids Boost Over


4Are you searching for safe and comfortable snow goggles for your child? We believe Bole Kids Boost Over goggles are a very good choice because they protect the child’s eyes, while still allowing him maximum visibility. The curvy design has the advantage of fitting right over prescription glasses too, so he/she doesn’t have to take them off. The goggles won’t get foggy either because they has a flow-tech venting system. The Boost Over is comfortable too, its frame being covered in Double Layer Face Foam and a soft micro-fleece which comes in direct contact with the face. These goggles are for children from 3 to 6 years old.



Cool-looking, durable googles destined for kids who love to go skiing or snowboarding whenever they get the chance.

Can be used with prescription glasses which is definitely a big advantage over other more expensive similar products which don’t allow you to wear anything under the googles.

The foam layers make these googles comfortable and effortless to wear for all children of ages between 3-6 years of age.

Flow-tech venting feature which allows kids to see things clear at all times without worrying about fog.



Lenses are not scratch proof which would have been a definite advantage for a pair of kids’ goggles.


“Now I know who makes the best snow goggles, Bolle. My daughter is comfortable while wearing her new goggles and she sees clearly everything around her. I give them a 4.5 star rating!” – Kathryn Medina


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Bolle Mojo Citrus – Not Available


A very popular pair of goggles is the Bolle Mojo Citrus model which has impressed users with their comfort and reliability. They have a very simple design as well and fit comfortably on any person`s head, allowing them to have a clear view of where they are heading. The lens won’t get foggy thanks to its reliable ventilation system. And if you get yourself a Bolle helmet as well you will have a perfect match to these goggles. Many even suggest that they are one of the best snow goggles in 2019.


“I didn’t pay too much for these goggles because I got them on Black Friday. They’ve proven to be a great choice, they don’t get foggy and offer me a clear view of the slope when I’m skiing. I give these goggles a huge thumbs up!” – Stephen Swank