If you’re here just to find the best snow boots and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph should highlight all the vital information. We have gone through the sales figures, reliability surveys, and the value offered for the price of some of the most critically acclaimed units out there. In the end, we reached the conclusion that the Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic are the best boots in the line as they feature a unique design and come with all the features of a perfectly functional pair. Their waterproof build allows owners to complete their tasks without feeling any discomfort in their foot area. In fact, this product has been constructed so that it keeps one’s feet both comfortable and warm at all times. Whether you’re interested in getting them for the occasional fishing or hunting trip or to wear on a daily basis, the Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic might be a good choice for what you have in mind. If the Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic are unavailable, you could consider the second best choice, the Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II.


Comparison Table


Product Rubber Sole Price Material Color Our Rating Where to buy

Columbia Women’s Minx

YES $$$ Synthetic Winter White A+ AMAZON

Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic

YES $$$ Leather Hawk A AMAZON

Teva Women’s Lenawee

YES $$$ Synthetic Black B+ AMAZON

Sorel Men’s Conquest

YES $$$ Leather and Textile Bark B+ AMAZON

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot

YES $$ Synthetic Black/Charcoal B+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


The market’s overflowing with excellent winter and snow boots, and even snow hiking boots. Which one should you pick? If you live in an area where snow is not out of the ordinary, you’re probably interested in purchasing a pair for yourself or for someone you care for. With so many available options, any buyer can end up feeling just a little baffled, so we have decided to take the hassle out of your buying journey and put together a short guide to help you make up your mind. Just remember, your requirements and preferences always have to come first when buying a new product, and even more so when it comes to shoes.

1.Columbia Women’s Minx Mid Snow Boot

Start by evaluating your needs

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is how you’re planning to use the snow boots. Are you buying them particularly for winter hiking or are you only looking for a pair of snow day boots that have to take you from one place to the other? The models we’ve come across that are destined for winter hiking usually feature a heavily treaded sole, and many of them aren’t as fashionable as the ones you might use to get to the grocery store. Consider your purpose before risking to buy the wrong product.



No one wants to have an accident what with the snow and ice being quite slippery. Even though it might be tempting to get your snow boots on sale, always focus on the traction they come with. Choose between a heavily treaded rubber sole and a flexible rubber sole depending on what you plan on doing with the product. For example, the flexible option works for everyday use, whereas the heavily treaded rubber sole is destined for strenuous outdoor activities.



The materials employed in the build of a snow boot are very diverse. However, the materials per se should not matter a great deal. Instead, all of the fabrics should work towards keeping the user’s foot warm and comfortable considering that the product should be very well insulated. There are many models that use either synthetic blends or wool as insulation, but this might be an issue in the long run, as they tend to fit less precisely compared to boots that come with Thinsulate.

Thinsulate is light and, as its name suggests, remarkably thin compared to other materials used for the same purpose. That’s why it is to be preferred if you’re buying your snow boots to perform winter sports, where you might have to choose a Thinsulate level between four hundred grams and eight hundred grams. By contrast, if you’re all for climbing a mountain and, therefore, having a lower chance of running around in the snow, it might be a good idea to opt for a Thinsulate level between one thousand and two thousand grams.


Water resistance

Unlike regular winter boots, snow boots are usually 100% waterproof. What this means for the user is that any mud, water, or snow you might accidentally step into has absolutely no chance of getting into contact with your foot. This occurs because snow boots feature a snow gaiter, of which the primary role is to prevent any water from falling between the leg and the top of the boot. The fact of the matter is that a snow gaiter actually seals this gap and makes it non-existent, much unlike some winter boots that have no gaiter at all and thus offer little to no protection against the elements.



Snow boots are generally heavy, especially as most of the units we’ve stumbled upon during our research can be used for farming and heavy work. We’ve already addressed the topic of Thinsulate above, which works both as insulation and as weight. If you’re looking for a pair of boots that you can use to run around in the snow with your kids or and perhaps build a snowman, then you don’t need a hefty model. By contrast, if you want to employ the product for shoveling the driveway, you don’t need to be really fast about the work you’re doing, and therefore, you have the freedom to choose a larger and perhaps heavier alternative.

2.Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic Boot


Everyone wants to get the best value for the right price, so we recommend going through some snow boots reviews and checking out the opinion of other buyers. If you’re planning to buy a present for someone and are looking for a model for women or for girls, the ratings of other female customers can even let you know how to pick the right size.

The best snow boots are showcased below.


Things to consider:

–          Snow boots should come with heat insulation;

–          The height should be over the ankles to prevent snow from getting inside;

–          Materials used;

–          Outsole to be 100% waterproof;

–          The boots should provide protection even after long exposure to the snow.



Top Rated Snow Boots in 2019



Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic Boot


Elegance and functionality are perfectly incorporated in the Sorel women’s Joan of Arctic boot, which also comes in many different colors. So many options let you find the perfect color to match your other winter apparel.

The faux fur cuff really adds some sophistication to the whole boot design, making them look brilliant. As you can imagine, they are fully waterproof and the leather manages to keep water out and warmth in.

Another added measure which will ensure snow or water won’t get in, is the vulcanized rubber shell. There is no surprise why satisfied customers are calling them one of the best snow boots in 2019.



Ideal for participants of active winter sports including sledding and snowmobiling, and especially made for all season fishing and hunting, or just trekking to work

Cold weather footwear of leather construction and high-traction rubber sole to keep wearer dry, warm and comfortable while handling slippery surfaces with ease

Snow collar thoughtfully fitted with faux fur for that extra feeling of warmth on the calf

Shaft measures approximately 11 ½ inches from arch, which offers higher coverage around the calf and makes this a great solution to what are the best snow boots problems



Generous wide body not designed for wearers with uncommonly narrow feet

Designed with extra bulk and weight that may not be ideal for older wearers


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Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II


People with wider calves might also be interested in getting a pair of dependable snow boots. This is the right product for these individuals as it is not as long as other alternatives we’ve seen and offers just the right amount of warmth and comfort so that you can tend to your business as you should.

The build of the model makes it durable enough to withstand the test of time and the rubber sole provides enough traction. In addition to all of this, it’s worth noting that over eighty percent of the individuals who’ve purchased this product have reported that it fits exactly as expected.

For any issues regarding the size, refer to the Columbia customer support as it will undoubtedly resolve your problem.



It’s the perfect option for people with wide calves.

The leather and fabric combination build is durable and likely to last several years, to say the least.

The rubber sole that this model is equipped with can provide the right amount of traction.

Based on the owner feedback, these snow boots are comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis.

The fur lining and quilted back panel are two chic additions.



The boots need to be fastened properly, otherwise the jeans you might be wearing might scrunch up on your calves.

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Sorel Men’s Conquest


This boot is comfortable and provides great insulation making it a sure investment in winter footwear. It is made from a combination of high quality leather and textile materials, while its sole is made out of rubber, which provides great stability for the wearer. Of course they are waterproof as well so you feet will never feel wet and cold. When you are dealing with deep snow the gaiter bootie with the bungee drawstring doesn’t allow snow to creep inside of your boot.



Rugged boots ideal for trekking during extreme conditions, with waterproof leather construction and seam sealing so the feet are kept warm and dry

Leather integrated with textile for multi-textured comfort, with built-in bootie or gaiter fitted with easy-to-use barrel-lock closure, all meant for on-foot travel in the snow

With Achilles strap that can be tightened to enhance ankle support while managing uneven terrain treks

Removable EVA comfort footbed designed to reduce weight so the boots stay snug without pinching or constricting the feet with useless foam insulation, while augmenting thermal protection that radiates through the leg



Doesn’t carry speed lacing system/hooks to facilitate easy and repeated on and off

Barrel lock closure on gaiter made for wearers with thicker calves/legs


“The best rated snow boots reviews recommended this model for hiking in snowy conditions and after reading some customer reports, I was persuaded to purchase the Sorel Conquest Boot. I got them around Xmas time, so they came with a discount making them cost under $140. I’ve never felt so comfortable with a pair of winter boots on, I definitely recommend buying them.” – Mark S. Tully


Buy from Amazon.com for ($55.14)




GW Women’s 1560


Despite the fact that this pair is among the most affordable units in the line, it’s also one of the most elegant ones. The main reason this product is so budget-friendly is that it has been constructed out of synthetic instead of natural leather.

Nonetheless, this is not a disadvantage as most of the people who have bought these women snow boots have reported that they’re reasonably durable. This is a pair of waterproof boots, so you’ll have nothing to worry about when trekking to work.



The GW Women’s 1560 can keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable at all times.

There’s virtually no chance of any winter wilderness affecting your route to your destination because these boots have been equipped with a rubber sole.

Over eighty percent of the buyers say that they fit as expected.

The insulation seems to meet and even exceed the requirements of users.

The design is truly unique and beautiful and will have your friends raving about the looks of your boots.

The fit around the calf area is generously adjustable.



The GW Women’s 1560 might not be the best choice for people with very wide feet.

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Kamik Men’s Nationplus


The Nationplus is another model to give some thought to particularly if you haven’t made up your mind on a different pair of snow boots up until now. Besides, these ones make a great gift for any male friend, whether you plan to give them to your husband, boyfriend, or father. It’s worth noting that, because of their sturdy build, these boots might not be an excellent choice for individuals whose physical attributes don’t allow them to wear heavy shoes and footwear, in general. Older or thinner folks should try to opt for a lighter model.



The rubber sole of this unit makes it a good choice for walking in the woods or trekking to work every day.

The leather upper is a wonderful addition if you plan to keep your feet warm and cozy, but also get a relatively elegant product that lasts for a good deal of time.

The Thinsulate insulation makes it possible for your feet to remain dry even if your walks are energetic.

The speed-lacing system allows you to customize the fit of the boot so that you’re as comfortable as ever.



The laces are somewhat difficult to pull tight, as reported by several owners.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($54.76)




Columbia Women’s Minx Mid


Best Snow boots reviewsMade especially for women, these boots keep you warm, look stylish and won’t let you slip even on ice. The boots are waterproof as well, so no water can get inside and make your feet feel cold The rubber sole provides you with excellent traction on snow and ice, so you don’t slip and possibly injure yourself. You can get them in 7 different colors including in unorthodox boysenberry or light grape. These features have impressed the top snow boots reviews and have made them recommend the Columbia Minx Mid Snow Boot.



Keeping women’s feet all toasty in a feisty Minx-designed boot with water-resistant material to provide superior dry comfort and patented Omni-Heat installation to lock body temperature in and keep the wearer warm

Outsole designed with a grippy style to ensure safety while walking in wet snow with excellent traction system

Built with waterproof nylon upper sewn with fur plus Omni-Heat lining and insulation to reflect natural body heat for that extra margin of warmth

Membrane is breathable while being waterproof, and synthetic mudguard is given a level of abrasion resistance to ensure structural integrity



Could be the answer to what are the best snow boots except that it comes in small sizes

Traction not made for ice


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Teva Women’s Lenawee


The boots from Teva are just the thing to wear during the cold season, providing great insulation and traction, while still looking elegant on a lady. They are made out of synthetic material which is both waterproof and also has insulation properties, keeping your feet warm and toasty. The inner lining, plus the synthetic fur also help with the insulation to make sure your feet are comfortable. The rubber sole adds balance to the mix of qualities making this a model worth considering.



Boots allow wearer to express their unique personality by helping users look like a formidable ice fashion queen, with an outdoor winter shoe that incorporates form and function in one

Lace-up boots keep the legs warm and comfy when the days turn cold and blistery, with a fur-lined trim plus multi-textured synthetic upper that completely encloses the feet in a covering of warmth and comfort

Handling tread on slick surfaces is never a problem thanks to rubber sole with lots of traction

Made for both autumn and winter wear with strong and patented abrasion-resilient Durabrasion-sole and easy on-and-off



Light insulation on boots not meant for arctic/freezing weather use

May need to be worn with thicker socks to prevent zipper from rubbing against the leg


“As soon as I say they had  Black Friday discount on Amazon, I just had to get these snow boots from Teva. My feet are warm and dry inside them and I can  see why the highest rated reviews hold them in such high regards. I don’t have to ask myself what are the best snow boots in 2019? I’ve found the answer, the Teva Lenawnee model.” – Melissa J. Wellington


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Columbia Women’s Minx Mid II


1.Columbia Women’s Minx Mid II

This Columbia model is among the most affordable units we’ve found. It has virtually anything a prospective buyer might ever be looking for, from a techlite lightweight midsole to an Omni-Tech waterproof breathable membrane construction. The entire product is obviously water resistant and will allow you to tend to your tasks without suffering from cold or moisture. Thanks to the traction rubber outsole of this model, you won’t have to worry about slipping on hazardous surfaces, even ice. While there have been users who have run into some minor issues in regards to the sizes of the product, most of these were able to solve it thanks to the customer support offered by Amazon or the brand.


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Merrell Women’s Decora


2.Merrell Women’s Decora

Compared to the item we have described earlier on, the Merrell type of snow boot definitely looks like it is intended for everyday use. Its smart and sleek design make it a sight for sore eyes, but there is a high chance you will not feel like wearing these boots while going hiking in the snow. It goes without saying that, as is the case with the typical kind of product, the Merrell Women’s Decore is also waterproof. However, it won’t do that much regarding traction, even though it can keep your feet warm and feeling comfortable. Since over 180 buyers wrote positive reviews about this product, we say it’s worth considering.


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Columbia Sportswear Men’s Bugaboot – Not Available


The best snow boots reviews are recommending this year getting the Columbia Sportswear weather boot because it has everything you could expect from a top quality winter boot. Even from a first look you can easily see that the boot looks solid and a lot of effort has gone into its construction. Also you may want to know that the entire boot is waterproof, including the upper which is made from quality leather. The Omni-Grip outsole is well designed so you have maximum traction when you are walking on the snow.


“I’ve been wearing these snow boots for almost the whole winter and they still look like new. They didn’t cost much, they’re proving to be very durable and I think I’ve made a great choice.”