Top Sneakers for Babies in 2018


IA baby’s feet are special. That is why moms never go for just any pair of small footwear. They check out hundreds of the best sneakers for babies reviews in order to get a premium product that baby will find agreeable to be on its feet. The search is not easy but it should not prove futile by any means.

Though a toddler can be allowed to walk around in the house with bare feet or soft shoes, they will still need to be shod in a pair of real shoes when they have to go on an outdoor adventure with mom or the entire family. Fortunately, this special market finds a lot of manufacturers willing to stake their claim on the best sneakers for babies for the money. This is unfortunate as well, since it means parents now have a harder time than ever to make a choice on a worthy investment to make for baby’s footwear needs. Sigh!

Remember that a baby’s feet are not yet in the same configuration as adult feet or even older children’s feet. A baby’s foot has arches with a padding of baby fat, making your precious one appear flat-footed. When the baby is on the cruising stage, its walking gait may show toeing in, or the baby may have a tendency to turn its toes in while walking. If you observe certain foot problems in your baby, make it a point to seek medical advice. This is also to ensure that you will be getting the most reliable sneakers for babiesthat are just perfect for your special one’s needs.

Flexibility is a primary factor to consider in the process of answering the question, “what are the best sneakers for babies?” Stiff and smooth soles will not do, as they may cause the baby to lose its footing and slip, which is a no-no when you have a hard surface or floor underneath. The footwear should be provided with good traction on the soles, but not made unbendable or impossible to twist. You might check to find out if you can still feel baby’s toes right through the material. Remember that nonskid is key for gripping ability for baby but this should be balanced with uncompromised flexibility.

Bag great Black Friday deals on cute footwear with either canvas or fabric material. Leather may look smart and elegant, even classy on your baby’s tiny feet. However, it cannot beat the support and flexibility plus breathability and coolness on the feet that softer materials offer. Soft leather is fine and so is cloth, but stiff leather is for cowboy boots and other adult footwear. Plastic may be adorable, attractive and can come in a wide variety of colors and designs, but the sheer un-breathability of the material is not something that even a small baby can come to love. Synthetic leather and plastics are out as they may arrest proper development of a baby’s feet. A good way to test the material is to give the material on top of the foot a squeeze. A best-rated pair of baby sneakers allows you to pinch that part easily.

The fit should be ample for a baby’s feet to grow in and still be snug but not too tight. Loose fit can cause baby to stumble in the footwear. Tight fit can make baby’s tiny feet develop blisters, which even full-grown adults find really painful. Check that baby’s feet do not show signs of irritation or soreness after walking around in the new footwear for a time. Remember the essential elements to consider in the best sneakers for babies 2018.


Things to consider:

  • Sufficient flexibility without being too thin or too stiff, so baby can walk around with ease and in complete confidence
  • Breathable material that lets baby’s feet feel cool and comfortable, without being pinch-y or too tight
  • Ideal fit that allows baby’s feet to develop and grow


PUMA Whirlwind V Toddler/Little Kid Sneaker


This pair of PUMA Whirlwind V Toddler/Little Kid Sneakers is the tiny version of a favorite 80s heritage running shoe. The pair is a cutified version made in small scale but with heaps of baby-friendly comfort thrown in. The sneakers come in vibrant and bold colors, making them look lovely on your precious one’s feet. They have a suede and classic nylon upper for a truly sporty look, easy dust- or wipe-off and waterproof ability coupled with soft texture.  The timeless PUMA® #1 logo is on the tongue, so baby can enjoy true comfort with uncompromised quality. The cushioned footbed and EVA midsole provide ample traction and support for little feet, while the aggressive lug outsole further improves grip and stability.

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Converse First Star Crib Shoe


Made to be the height of baby fashion, the Converse First Star Crib Shoe is a baby-fied version of the  classic and renowned Chuck Taylor® Hi-top All Star Core® shoes. This pair makes the best sneakers for babies 2018 thanks to the soft moccasin construction that keeps the shoes on a tiny baby’s feet without slipping off or coming loose at any time. The padded insole ensures the right amount of cushioning for a baby’s cute little feet. The quilted outsole provides sufficient traction for a baby’s delicate and tiny feet. The sole is in textile material to give texture and allow non-slip traction. A soft bottom and a canvas upper ensure that baby’s feet stay dry and cool in the  shoes.

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PUMA Speeder Illuminescent V Light-Up Sneaker


Made of soft synthetic material, the PUMA Speeder Illuminescent V Light-Up Sneaker deserves a spot in the best sneakers for babies reviews. It has a durable rubber outsole with exclusive lug pattern to ensure good traction and stability. The PUMA Cat logo adds an extra level of charm and interest as it lights up as your baby’s heel strikes the ground. Easy on and off is offered by the hook-and-loop closure, which also ensures a snug and not-too-tight fit. The upper is made of synthetic material to provide long-lasting wear. The lightly padded tongue and collar provide cushioning so baby’s feet rest comfortably inside the shoes. A removable Kinder-Fit sock liner and cushioned midsole give even more comfort for baby on the move or on the run.

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Keds Ella Mary Jane Sneaker


Made for female babies, the Keds Ella Mary Jane Sneaker is made for stomping, romping and whatever manner of frolic that a baby can think of. It carries a Mary Jane design with easy hook-and-loop closure that even young babies will grow to love and learn to work by themselves. The leather material is made extra-soft to help baby’s feet breathe in the shoes. The rubber sole ensures excellent grip while being sufficiently flexible. The upper is canvas or leather material, ensuring that baby’s toes are able to wiggle comfortably while staying well ventilated. The precious flower decoration on the closure delivers that distinctly feminine style for young classy female babies, while ensuring consistent adjustability to accommodate a baby’s growing needs.

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Saucony Baby Jazz A/C Sneaker


The perfect match to your Saucony Originals, the Saucony Baby Jazz A/C Sneaker integrates the creative engineering system that comes into a pair of Saucony running shoes for adults and tones it down to baby proportions. It has an adjustable alternative closure that carries the classic look of lace-ups while eliminating the need to fasten the lace system. This lovely baby sneaker is crafted with nylon and suede to give the classic sporty feel and look. It has a rubber outsole that is non-marking, even with its traction grooves. This also ensures ample support and cushioning. The EVA midsole is made lightweight to enable baby to walk and run in complete comfort. The antimicrobial lining keeps baby’s feet germ-protected while providing breathability via inner air circulation.

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