If you’re in the market for the best smoke alarm ever to have been invented, but you’ve got little to no time to do your own research, we believe we can help. We’ve looked at hundreds of consumer reviews and sales figures and eventually, we came to the conclusion that the model you ought to consider is the Nest Protect 2nd Gen. It’s convenient, versatile, and is one of the easiest to utilize devices in its class. The Nest can connect to a WiFi network so as to alert you of any mishap via an app installed on your phone. This way, you can keep tabs on what’s happening at home even when you’re away. If the Nest Protect 2nd Gen is no longer available, we recommend the next best choice, the Kidde i4618.



Comparison Table


Product Silence feature Price Power Source Battery type Our Rating Where to buy


YES $$$ Battery 3 AA A+ AMAZON

Kidde i9040

YES $ Battery 9-V A AMAZON

First Alert SA320CN

YES $$$ Battery 2 AA B+ AMAZON

First Alert SA305CN

YES $$ Battery 9-V Lithium C+ AMAZON

First Alert SA304CN3

YES $$ Battery 9-V B AMAZON



Buying Guide


Did you know that 2,500 people die every year due to being caught in a home fire? Another 500 people die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning. These deaths could be prevented by installing smoke alarms, fire detectors, and CO monitors in your home.

Unfortunately, even the best rated smoke alarms cannot detect every kind of threat that may occur in the home. This guide will help you understand the different types of alarms and what is the best product that you should be investing in.

No One-Hit-Wonders Here

While it would be fantastic if every smoke alarm could detect all the dangers that could happen in your home, sadly, they do not. Most of the highest rated smoke alarms can only detect fast burning fires due to the ionization technology, which isn’t so good if there is a smoldering fire on a couch or a matters. Photoelectric smoke alarms work quite the opposite. Luckily, there are alarms that combine to the two technologies and that will cover the smoke/fire aspect; however, none of them can detect CO gas, so you will have to install a few CO detectors in your home.


Standard Features

When you are choosing what is the best smoke alarm for your home, you will want to choose an alarm with basic features. Some of these features include long battery life, a test/silence button, tamper resistant, interconnectivity, and battery backup for wired units. These basic features can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your home is protected.


Proper Installation and Maintenance

When you are installing a smoke alarm, you want to follow the instructions on the owner’s manual. These directions are provided to make sure that you are getting the best protection for the money that you are spending on your smoke alarm system. You will want to make sure you check the batteries frequently as well as run general tests on the devices.

Protect yourself and your loved ones with a smoke alarm. These cheap devices can be a life-saver and you will be happy that you did should you ever have the unfortunate experience of having a fire in your home.



Products for Specific Needs:


Best Smoke Alarm for Bedroom


Kidde Battery-Operated Interconnectable


This smoke alarm uses wireless technology where radio frequencies are able to send and receive messages. The battery powered device allows you to install the smoke alarm in any room without having to do any extra wiring, making this the best smoke alarm for bedrooms, workshops, sheds, and basements.

The smart touch button can be pressed to silence the alarm should it be set off accidentally while cooking. If you have more than one of these devices in your home, and one of the alarms should go off, the rest of the alarms will be triggered as well. This will ensure that everyone in the home will be alerted to the fire and can make a safe escape.


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Best Smoke Alarm for Kitchen

First Alert Photoelectric


This battery operated smoke alarm uses a photoelectric sensor to detect fires and reduces false alarms. Because of this, it is the best smoke alarm for kitchen use, especially if you have a habit of creating a smoke-filled kitchen while cooking. The photoelectric technology is great for sensing slow burning fires quickly.

It also features a low battery alert to remind you when you should change the battery, as well as having a blinking power indicator that lets you know that the smoke detector is, in fact, receiving power. You can press a silence button in case of a false alarm, or just to test the detector to make sure it is working.


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Best Smoke Alarm for Garage


Kidde Fyrnetics Hardwire


This wired detector can connect to 24 different Kidde units including smoke and CO alarms, and that makes this one of the best smoke alarms for garages. Although it is a wired detector, to ensure that you are protected all the time, even during power outages, the device has a 9-volt battery backup.

The quick connect power harness makes installing the device quick and easy. You can test the unit to make sure it is getting enough power and functions properly by pressing the test button located on the device. The detector meets the Underwriters Laboratories requirements of safety standards.


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Top rated Smoke Alarms in 2022


In order to keep you protected and alert from potential fire, the best smoke alarm reviews have identified some of the best products in the market that can be installed in your place. In this article, I will briefly discuss five of the models that have been given favorable feedback by its users.



Nest Protect 2nd Gen


One of the best things about this choice is that it connects to your WiFi network and can alert you via a mobile app even when you are not at home.

What this means is that you will receive notifications regarding any smoke or monoxide-related dangers while you’re at work or running errands. This feature can help you protect your home and get in touch with the authorities both fast and efficiently.



The mobile app alerts certainly come in handy, and that’s where the Nest Protect 2nd Gen stands out from the crowd compared to other choices.

The app lets you know where the problem exists and the nature of the danger that has been detected.

Thanks to its split-spectrum sensor, this device is capable of discovering both slow and fast-burning fires.

The carbon monoxide sensor that the unit has been outfitted with lasts for ten years, which is a net advantage given that this substance is virtually undiscoverable as it doesn’t smell yet is deadly.

Despite its multiple high-tech features, this smoke alarm doesn’t cost a fortune, particularly when compared to others.



Several buyers have complained about the installation time as it appears that it took them over ninety minutes to get the device all set up.


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Kidde i4618


This model is another convenient alternative to keep in mind if you want to make sure that your house isn’t on the brink of disaster anytime soon.

The smoke detector is affordable and convenient, but it doesn’t come with the same cutting-edge features boasted by other products such as the Nest we’ve mentioned in this same selection.



One of the core reasons to consider this option is that it is budget-friendly. It usually costs under thirty dollars depending on the retailer of your choice.

Based on the info that we came across, it looks as if the device is rather easy to install.

The neat thing about the unit is that it can be connected to other Kidde devices, in case you already own a smoke alarm and a heat alarm.

Besides, it’s worth adding that the product has been outfitted with a front loading battery door, which means that you won’t waste any precious minutes when changing the battery, which by the way, is included in the deal.



The configuration of this product might be different compared to that of older smoke detectors you might be trying to replace with this one.


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First Alert SA320CN


If you want only the best protection against fires then you should seriously consider getting this fire alarm from First Alert. Those false alarms which other devices give won’t become a problem with this one, thanks to its intelligent sensing technology.

You just need to set it up properly and then be sure to change its 2 AA batteries every now and then. These features and more make it one of the best smoke alarms in 2022.



Loud alarm with durable construction, is a UL 217-compliant smoke detector that has passed tough quality-assurance testing while providing reliable protection

Double sensor maximizes advanced  dual sensor technology, combining ionization sensing technology to detect types of smoldering fires and photoelectric sensing technology that recognizes difference between real emergencies and non-threatening fire/flame events

Optimal performance from a fire/smoke detection and alarm unit without nuisance or false alarms

Deserves mention in the best smoke detector reviews for optimizing dual sensor technology



Batteries replaceable only with specific brands and battery compartment can be difficult to close

Alarm sound may need upgrade for better audibility even when doors are closed in rooms where unit is installed


 “Hopefully, I won’t go through any fires in my office, but I feel well protected with this new fire alarm. The best thing about it is that it has a system which prevents false alarms. I had none so far, proving its one of the most reliable models to buy. Now I know which smoke alarm is the best and the safest.” – Thomas Becks


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First Alert SA305CN


This smoke alarm is powered by lithium battery that is backed by 10-year warranty, which can serve as an assurance that it will be able to deliver long-lasting functionality. The ionization smoke sensing technology is the mechanism that is used by this unit in order to detect potential fire. Such is an innovative mechanism that makes it more reliable compared to other models. It also has a silence function to stop it from alarming when the smoke is actually non-detrimental.



Smoke alarm designed to be lithium battery powered to ensure long life, featuring low battery alert and missing battery guard to ensure prompt battery placement plus slide-open side battery drawer to facilitate battery positioning

Blinking power indicator notifies that unit is receiving power

With silence/test button to allow unit silencing in non-threatening events and to enable testing of functionality for the unit

Novel enhanced smoke gathering design combined with ionization smoke sensing technology for complete peace of mind



Design is industrial and not attractive

Nuisance activations in kitchen as ionization sensing system activates when cooking is being done


I needed a fire alarm in which I could place my faith and after carefully reading reviews, I decided to go for the First Alert SA305CN. No fires have broken out so far, and I hope they will never do, but with this smoke alarm I feel suitably prepared. I know it’s one of the top 10 smoke alarms in 2022, so I was thrilled to find it discounted on Black Friday.” Katrina Sullivan


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First Alert SA304CN3


With the 85-decibel alarm from this unit, everyone will surely be easily notified when there is fire that is about to break out. Aside from such, one more thing that I like about this smoke alarm is that it has the ability to provide illumination to the path that should be taken as an exit in emergency situations. This will make it easier to make sure that everyone will easily get out and will not be stuck inside where the fire can potentially kill them.



Smoke alarm UL-listed for safety, made tamper resistant  and with low battery warning

Silence/test button enables user to deactivate alarm in non-threatening events while allowing testing of unit’s functionality

Alarm comes with optional pin so unit and battery are locked in place, with option  for either ceiling or wall mounting, ideal for use even in RVs and mobile homes

Has escape light to illuminate path to safety, blinking power light, an 85-decibel piercing alarm combines ionization smoke sensing technology and modern state-of-the-art smoke gathering function



No markings to indicate positive and negative terminals on battery slot

Clarification recommended on instructions


A small fire broke out in my kitchen, but thanks to this alarm it was out in a few seconds. Unwillingly I put it to the test and it did a mighty fine job. I place my trust in this alarm because when I needed it, the SA304CN3 didn’t fail me. It was actually a gift for Xmas, made by my older sister and it turned out to be extremely useful.” Eli Jordon


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How to choose a new smoke alarm in 2022 – Buying Guide:


smokWhen it comes to proper fire control, some important safety and prevention measures must take place. You need to install in your home, office or pub a professional smoke alarm that can protect all inhabitants better and help them reach safety in the event of a fire. It is far better to invest in a powerful device that can add new levels of safety in your home than doing nothing and hoping that nothing bad ought to happen. Today, as you probably already observed the market is more than generous when it comes to advanced smoke alarms, designed to offer clear assistance day and night, in all matters of fire control and safety management. How can you determine safely which product to take home? Well, you might first want to read with attention some of the best smoke alarm reviews, written by professionals in the field in order offer quality results.

Choosing a smoke alarm can be pretty difficult, given the wide range of products available on the market. The road to the best smoke alarm in 2022 can be easy and safe once you start going through reliable information on the matter. It is important to install the right type of smoke alarm in a various rooms of your house. Today there are a wide range of products, designed to accommodate any type of institution. There are four major types of smoke alarms from which you can choose, in direct accordance to your daily needs: ionisation smoke alarms, optical smoke alarms and ultimately heat alarms. These types can respond accordingly to a wide range of safety issues and standards, set forth by current federal laws.

Ionisation smoke alarms were designed in order with attention to be placed in stairwells, offices and also landings. The alarms contains very small amount of radioactive materials, capable of detecting flaming tires. Such devices are very sensitive and might even offer false alarms especially if in the vicinity there are kitchens.

Optical smoke alarms can be placed with ease in bedrooms, hallways, lounges, landings or even offices. This particular device can detect with precision smouldering fires coming from cables or soft furnishing. You should also know that the devices don’t contain any trails of radioactive materials. Heat alarms can be placed with ease in garages and kitchens, where heat sources are most present. Such devices use a special sensor type that can safely detect rapid changes of temperature in a room, thus indicating the presence of fire. Still, you should know that heat alarms can cover small areas, and require to be doubled if you have large garages or kitchens.

You will install the best smoke alarm in 2022 in your home and thus prevent dealing with nasty effects of fire outbreaks. It is important to be prepared and safely invest in devices that can offer protection. You will find on the market smoke alarms that combine optical and heat signatures, called multi-sensors. They combine with efficiency the advantages of both technologies.


Things to consider:

–   Smoke alarms are essential in protecting any room against fire outbreaks that might harm people, but a balance between your budget and your needs is a must.

–   There are three major types of smoke alarms: heat, optical and ionisation, bent on detecting fire in different areas of a house.

–   Fire alarms may or may not contain traces of radioactive material in order to detect smoke and heat signature. Don’t be scared if you see the “radioactive” word, there is nothing that might be harming.





Best Smoke Alarm Reviews

One thing that has been commended in many best smoke alarm reviews about this model is that it has an excellent capability to not only detect smoke but also carbon monoxide. Apart from such, many were also highly satisfied with its voice alarm feature. With this, you will be able to easily know the kind of hazard that poses a danger and can give you enough time to get yourself prepared.

Lastly, it has a hush button that will cancel alarm signals during non-emergency instances, such as when enjoying a smoky meal.



Replaces two units in one intelligent dual alarm that uses voice warning system to give audible warning and eliminate confusion on smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) danger, hush-mode setting or low battery alert

Reaction type speeded up with talking alarm that announces detected type of hazard, with test-reset button to test circuitry of alarm unit and trigger voice alarm functionality

Safety guard for battery that notifies of battery installation when unit is mounted

Is the best smoke detector 2022 for meeting stringent requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL)



With built-in “end of life” function: unit beeps when it is 7 years old to indicate need for replacement with new unit

No digital indicator of carbon monoxide levels


I am very happy with the help of the Kidde KN-COSM-B Smoke Alarm. I install this at home so that my family will be protected against a fire threat. The customer reports were very pleased with this model, adding to the reasons for which I bought it.” William  Grande

Kidde i9040


This is another product that can provide the highest level of protection against fire. With this smoke alarm, you can always be confident that you will have enough time to evacuate when the unpredictable happens. For many of its users, one good thing about this model is that it is compact, which makes it the perfect choice for small spaces.

It is also worth commending that this makes use of the ionization sensing technology in order to detect potential fires, which means that even the smallest particles can be easily detected.



Compact 9-volt battery-operated ionization sensor smoke and fire alarm built for continual function even in power outages/ fluctuations

Ensure battery function, electronic circuitry and alarm quality using test button functionality

Invisible fire particles detected through revolutionary ionization sensing technology

Unit comes with 9-volt battery, 3-year limited warranty, easy installation, 4-inch diameter discreet design, and certified to meet UL requirements and related safety standard tests for being a UTC Fire and Security Brand



May need supplementation with second photoelectric sensing smoke/fire detector or alarm

Difficult to clean off dust that accumulates in the unit


The reliability of the Kidde i9040 Smoke Alarm was tested 4 months ago when a fire broke out in my tool shed. The alarmed worked properly and it limited the damage. It is a top notch alarm in my opinion after my experience with it so far.” Terry House



First Alert SA302CN – No longer available


In order to deliver the best performance that can be anticipated from a product within this category, this model does not only use ionization in order to detect smoke, but also makes use of photoelectric smoke sensors. It has an intelligent sensing functionality that makes it not alarm when the situation does not really need to cause fear. It also has loud alarm, which will make sure that everyone will be easily notified when there is an impending threat.

With the existence of the First Alert SA302CN Smoke Alarm in the market, I immediately purchased tow of it for our office. The product is very much functional in this scenario. The product is efficient because it can detect smoke in the office quickly so the damage is minimal. I am sure it’s the best model under $20. ”  Antonio Bauman