Top rated smartwaches in 2019


If you want to have a watch that functions like it has a mind of its own, some of the products that can be taken into account are mentioned below. These brands and models have been lauded in the best smartwatches reviews, which can provide you with the assurance that they will lead into high level of satisfaction.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch


Best Smartwatches ReviewsThis is the latest offering from Samsung and is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is one of the most innovative smartphones produced by the said brand. In the best smartwatches reviews, this product has been commended basically because of its smart functionality. It is designed with 1.63-inch super AMOLED screen that can deliver excellent resolution. With the use of this watch, you can easily answer calls from your phone. In addition, it also has the S Voice feature that will provide you with the benefit of having your own personal assistant right in your wrist.

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Sony Smartwatch SW2 for Android Phones


According to the top rated smartwatches reviews, one of the best things about this model is that it is sunlight readable. Even when you are in the outdoors, you can be assured that the display will be as clear and readable as possible. If you have an Android phone, you might want to have this watch as well as it can provide you with better experience on how the phone can be used. There are different apps that can be downloaded to make the most out of it. Some of the things that are possible with the use of such include playing music and being provided with notifications from your phone.

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Pebble 301BL Smartwatch for iPhone and Android


This is another option that should not be missed as you look for the best smartwatches in 2019. Among other things, you will like this product because of its thoughtful design, which makes it very stylish. Aside from being exceptional when it comes to form, it is also commendable with regards to its functions. It is perfect for anyone who has a hectic schedule. With the use of this, you can keep your phone inside your pocket or bag. Once there are important notifications, such as an incoming call or email, the watch will instantly provide you with notification.

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Pebble 301RD Smartwatch for iPhone and Android


This is a smartwatch that is sure to provide the best value for your money. When this is worn, you will surely be at the envy of other people and you will see heads turning to you since it is very attractive. It is made from scratch-resistant material that preserves the best quality of its screen, even in spite of long-term use. It also has 5 ATM salt and freshwater rating, which is simply indicative of its ability to be functional even when you are swimming. Lastly, it also has an exceptional battery life. In one single full charge, it can last to up to one week.

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Generic Smart Bluetooth Watch


If you are still undecided with regards to the perfect choice in this product category, this is another option that is sure to not bring regrets on your part. This is one of the most affordable in the market, which is why it is a favorite of many people. With the use of such, you can accept and make hands free call, which can last to up to 3 hours. The wrist band of this model is made from silicone, which is a reason on why it is comfortable, even if it is worn all day.

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