Top Rated Smart Watch Reviews


With the recent launch of the Apple Watch, customers want to know more and more about smart watches. Yet, what sets the difference between a product you love and one that fails to impress you? We’ll tell you: it’s your own preferences. Getting the best smart watch of 2019 can be a daunting task particularly if you haven’t made up your mind about what you’re looking for in such a device.

One of the first things to consider is the operating system. Some watches, as the aforementioned Apple one, work with iOS while others, manufactured by HTC, Samsung and LG are based on Android. Something else to consider is whether you want to use the smart watch by itself or connect it to a smartphone. A useful tip is to go over some of the best smart watches reviews, as other customers’ opinions can help you decide.


Battery versus visuals

This detail is practically a no-brainer. It’s easy to understand that the more complex a device, the smaller its battery life. Android-Wear and Apple watches set the standards in matters of visuals, apps and breathtaking functions. However, if you find that you’re more interested in a smart watch with the help of which you can work out, our advice is to pick a more basic model.

The battery of more advanced units can last for only 2 days, whereas the one of e-paper or low-energy LCD models typically last between 2 weeks and a month. It’s therefore up to you to understand what you want: a plethora of apps and features in a device, or a rather basic one that you can use for a longer time.



Workout aficionados must sometimes make sacrifices to accurately utilize a smart watch. At the time we’re writing this article, there is in fact a single device out there that comes with its own GPS, and that one is the Sony SmartWatch 3. All of the others, be they Android or Apple iOS devices, work only by borrowing the GPS of smartphones.


Desirable features

Extra features include anything from waterproofing to dustproofing. Additionally, some models are customizable.


What Are the Best Rated Smart Watches in 2019?


One thing’s for sure: if you’re on the hunt for the best smart watch in 2019, you need to get as informed as possible. That’s why we always recommend going through the top rated smart watch reviews. We’ve done our homework and have selected three of the most acclaimed models on the current market.


Pebble 301BL


1.Pebble SmartwatchPebble is outrageously popular nowadays, but guess what? It surely deserves its popularity, as the device is compatible both with iOS and with Android devices. This feature gives you a whole lot of freedom. Who knows if some day you’ll be interested in shifting from a Samsung smartphone to an iPhone?

The unit comes with a large variety of apps and watch faces and the neat thing about it is that users can customize pretty much anything about its interface. Moreover, it supports anything from iTunes to Pandora as well as an impressive number of apps, ranging from email to Caller ID.

For a rather advanced model, its battery lasts between 5 and 7 days. What’s more, it’s one of the most affordable units we’ve stumbled upon, and we might even go as far as saying it’s one of the best smart watches in 2019. Don’t take our word for it, trust the buyers’ opinions instead!

Since the item’s list price is estimated at only $149.99, it comes as no surprise that it’s gathered some of the best smart watches reviews. The battery life and the apps are the most highly spoken of by Target and Amazon customers alike.

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Motorola Moto 360


2.Motorola Moto 360Compared to the aforementioned Pebble, this Motorola device is a tad pricier, as it can be bought for a little less than $249.99. One of its core advantages is its design. If you’re no fan of electronic watches that actually look like electronic watches, this one might be the one for you, as it resembles a classic old-school unit.

This is an Android-based watch, so it’ll work with any Android device as long as it comes with the 4.3 or higher version. Customers can do anything from tracking health and fitness to getting timely updates. The unit acts as a pedometer, since it can count the number of steps users take in a day, while also measuring the distance and estimating the number of burned calories.

As is the case with other products of the line, it can track heart rate.

One of the most admired features of the Moto 360 is the voice activation. All that buyers have to do is speak a command and the device will execute it.

With more than 370 5-star ratings recommending it as one of the best smart watches in 2019, it would be difficult to ignore this model when prospecting the market.

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Sony SW2


3.Sony Smart Watch SW2One of the reasons Android devices are so popular is their price. That’s why this unit works with these particular smartphones, which unfortunately makes it out of reach for iOS users.

The Sony Smart Watch can be bought for a fair price: $199.95. This automatically makes it more expensive than the Pebble and cheaper than the Moto 360. It is, however, water-resistant and comes with the same variety of apps and functions. Buyers can connect their mobile phones via Bluetooth and start using the watch for anything from going on social media to accessing messages or calls.

In fact, the Sony can act as a remote control for your cellphone.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this model. According to multiple buyers, the battery life is one of the most praised features, as it can last up to a week depending on usage. Other individuals speak highly about the preinstalled apps on the smart watch, which include weather, GPS, games, currency and even photo slideshow.

Something to appreciate when it comes to this unit is that it always tells the time but dims the light in order to save battery. All one needs to do is push the power button for it to wake up.

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