Top Rated Smart TVs Reviews


The best smart TVs reviews all recommend carefully considering a few important aspects before you start building your home entertainment system. Technology is rapidly changing, and the best smart TVs in 2019 will include the features that you need at a price that fits your entertainment budget. Included in this buying guide are helpful tips that will make it easier for you to make an informed decision so you can find the best smart TV for 2019.


Size and Design

One of the first aspects to consider, according to the top rated smart TV reviews is the screen size. While you want the screen to be large enough to see clearly when you are sitting in your favorite chair, the TV also has to fit into the available space. Smart TVs with LED screens generally feature a slim, space saving design, which also gives you the advantage of being able to fit a larger screen in a small area. The design of the screen should also be considered, and can make a difference in how well you can see the TV. While flat screens generally take up less space, ones that are curved are ideal for larger rooms where you might need multiple viewing angles.



The best smart TVs in 2019 feature high definition resolution and a fast processing rate to ensure a sharp and clear picture, without any lag time or blurring. While high definition smart TVs are capable of displaying sharp and vividly detailed images, there are also models capable of 3D and ultra HD. While these smart TVs may be capable of displaying amazing lifelike images and graphics, the higher price may not fit everyone’s budget.



The best smart TVs reviews all suggest considering additional accessories that can improve your viewing experience. Outputs that let you attach sound bars can dramatically enhance your listening experience, and you also want to consider whether you need additional ports to connect other digital devices. Included mounts and display stands make it easy to set the smart TV up in the perfect location, and some models also include 3D glasses. Your budget will also help you decide which features are necessary for you to get the most out of your new smart TV.


What Are the Best Smart TVs in 2019


While we can’t choose the right smart TV for you, we can show you a few of the top models. Each of these televisions includes all of the features you need to enjoy a theatre quality viewing experience in the comfort of your home. Perhaps one of these smart TVs is exactly what you have been looking for.


Vizio E43-C2


1.VIZIO E43-C2This smart TV features a thin sleek design and a 43 inch screen that is capable of displaying clear sharp images. The included stand makes set up easy and you also have the advantage of being able to mount the TV on the wall. With built in WiFi and three HDMI ports you can sit back on enjoy streaming your favorite HD content.

The TV is designed to be easy to use, and with plenty of preinstalled entertainment apps you can instantly start watching movies and live television shows. You can also stream music, create playlists, and access even more apps, all while enjoying your content in stunning high definition clarity.

With the fast and effective 120Hz refresh rate you never have to worry about lagging or blurry images, which is always a bonus for avid gamers. You will also appreciate the adjustable LED backlighting that lets you control the contrast for exceptional picture quality.

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LG Electronics 50LF6100


2.LG Electronics 50LF6100You will love watching your favorite movies and programs on this 50 inch LED smart TV. It features a sleek, space saving design that can be mounted or stood in a stand. You have the advantage of the fast refresh time which prevents lagging, and ensures that every image is sharp and crystal clear. The LED backlight also helps to keep the color uniform throughout the picture, and with built in WiFi included you can instantly start watching all of your favorite high definition content.

There are three HMDI and USB ports so you can connect all of your digital devices, and you will also appreciate its money saving energy star rating. This model features 1080p that is capable of displaying stunning color images, and gamers will love the incredibly fast 120Hz refresh rate that is able to keep up with the latest graphic rich games.

The included remote makes controlling the TV easy, along with accessing all of your favorite apps. With the included WiFi you can easily stream movies from Netflix and Hulu Plus, along with music and videos from YouTube and other online sites. With its ability to display incredibly sharp and detailed images and its sleek space saving design it is easy to see why this top smart TV is a consumer favorite.

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Samsung UN28H4500


3.Samsung UN28H4500Capable of displaying high definition content, this smart TV features a 28 inch viewing screen that is perfect for smaller rooms. With 720p you will love how crisp and clear your DVDs and television programs appear, and the 120 clear motion refresh rate ensures that all of the images are sharp and detailed without any annoying lag times or blurry lines.

Perfect for gamers who need a smart HD TV that is capable of keeping up with their action packed games, you will also appreciate the full color spectrum that can even enhance older movies. Since the WiFi is built in you can instantly start streaming music and movies, and the included remote makes it easy to access your content.

This smart TV also organizes your content to make it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for, and with the included feature that lists personalized viewing recommendations it is also easy to find something to watch. Designed to fit in smaller spaces, while still providing you with an exceptional entertainment experience, you will love watching all of your favorite movies and shows on this smart TV.

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