Smart Pens — What to Look For:


Whether you are a student, a business professional, or you just have a lot of interesting ideas floating around in your head, a new smart pen is an excellent way to jot things down. These devices can make note taking simple and easy, and sharing the notes just as easy.

Let’s face it though, there are a lot of smart pens on the market, and you may not know which smart pen is the best. Now, we cannot tell you what’s the best choice or what product you should purchase, we can offer you some information that will help you make the decision for yourself.


Recording Capabilities

The whole point of buying one of the best rated smart pens is to be able to use it to record things! You will want to find a pen that can record audio as well as record your hand written notes and digitize them. Ideally, you will want to find a pen with the highest amount of recording time. This will allow you to take and record notes for all of your classes, meetings, and even those late night bursts of creativity.


You may be wondering how that information will be sent to your computer. Most smart pens use a cable to upload the information to your computer or Mac. You can find apps that will display your notes once the information has been synced. This is usually done by connecting a micro-USB cord from the pen to your computer.



The amount of memory that is available on your pen will determine how much information you can take with it. The higher the pen’s memory, the more notes. Just be aware that the more memory you have, the more expensive the pen will be. You can find cheaper models, but they tend to have lower amounts of memory.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Memory Price Audio Capacity Wi-Fi Customer Rating Where to buy

Livescribe APA-00006 Echo

4 GB $$$$ 800 hours No B AMAZON

Livescribe APA-00003 Pulse

2 GB $$$ 200 hours No A+ AMAZON

Livescribe APX-00011 Sky

4 GB $$$ 400 hours YES B AMAZON

Livescribe APA-00004 Pulse

4 GB $$$ 400 hours No B+ AMAZON

Livescribe APA-00001 Pulse

1 GB $$ 100 hours No B AMAZON


A smart pen can be a terrific tool for the busy person. The device acts like a real pen, as it does write with ink on paper; but the beauty of the device is it can record audio and take the information written with the pen and put it on your computer screen for easy review and sharing.


How to choose the best smart pen – Professonial buying guide


smpenToday, thousands of people in the world use on daily basis different digital devices in order to expand their informational area by writing notes, emails, presentations and many more. Even though it might be strange to see wireless digital pens register such a growing demand, specialized individuals understand the value of smart pens and their contribution to their digital “health”. Wireless digital pens include advanced software which need to be installed and then the flash drive captures the signal. This particular signal translates into information and ultimately is transferred on the personal computer. How can you find the best device out of the many present on the market? You need to consult with attention some of the best smart pen reviews and use the information in order to identify the most efficient digital device.

Due to recent technological advancements, wireless digital pens evolved a lot, helping people write on different devices with ease. With the best smart pen in 2022, you will be able to enhance your digital world, gathering precision in every word written down. Fortunately the market offers different types of smart pens, simplifying every action of data digitising. There are smart pens that come with USB cord directly connected to your PC, tablet or smartphone and also products with wireless capabilities. Some models include a microphone giving people the ability to store digitally a person’s handwriting. As some pointed out, pens capture information through a receiver, due to the presence of a microdot paper to perform different functions.


Best Smart Pen for Evernote


Livescribe 4GB Echo Smart Pen


This smart pen features 4 GB of memory, allowing you to record thousands of pages worth of notes and over 800 hours of audio. With Livescribe Desktop, you can save your notes and recordings to your desktop for quick and easy access to the important stuff. You can search for key words within your notes so you can find what you need quickly. Not only can you use it for yourself, but your friends can use it as well. The ability to share your recordings with anyone who uses programs like Evernote, Google Docs, Facebook, and OneNote truly makes this stand out. When you use Launch Line, the pen becomes on the of the best smart pens for Evernote because all you have to do is simply write the name of the app you want to start using.

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Taking into account the growing need for wireless smart pens, people need to significantly improve their digital performance. You can use pens in order to make every digital project easier: medical and insurance forms, construction site inspection, computer/PDA applications, computer surveys and student education. With the best smart pen in 2022 students, artists, architects, designers can accomplish their tasks better than ever and in a stylish manner as well. Even though writing on paper is faster and more practical than using a keyboard, the sudden interest for digital writing comes as no surprise. Furthermore wireless digital pens represent a cheap and important addition to mobile individuals, which work all day with laptops, tablets and PDAs.


Best Smart Pen for iPad


Ten One Design – T1-PGCT-302 – Pogo Connect Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Pen


The Pogo Connect makes it easy to sketch and take notes on an iPad 3 or 4. The Bluetooth pen enables you to create lines of different widths and it can allow you to create content with you iPad. Because of these features, this is one of the best smart pens for iPad. The pen allows you to take notes freely and it prevents the iPad from detecting your hand and fingers on the screen, so your notes are clear and concise. The sensitive sensor can work at all angles and does not require calibration. It allows for various levels of pressure, giving you numerous ways to enhance your sketches with varied line widths.

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According to the present best smart pen reviews it seems that there are three types of wireless pens: digital pens that use special paper to write, tablet PC devices and also pens which work with the help of a receiver unit. In the first category you will discover that there are 2 popular names: Anoto and Livescribe. Tablet PC is often called a slate, completed with a stylus and touch screen. These are very popular among digital enthusiasts that love to write different things. In the last category, smart pens with RF receiver use the same type of wireless connectivity right in the process of mouse. Such pens are thicker than the regular ballpoint pens and a bit harder to manoeuvre. It is important to find a product that responds well to your digital personality.


Best Smart Pen for College


Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smart Pen


If you’ve ever been in a college class room, you are well aware of how difficult it can be to catch all the information given to you by the professor. The Smart Pen offered by Livescribe is one of the best smart pens for college students because it allows you to capture over 200 hours’ worth of recorded audio or 32,000 pages worth of notes. You can instantly play back the recorded audio by tapping on your notes to listen. You can share the recorded notes with anyone either publicly or privately, as the Livescribe comes with 500MB of free online storage for both sets of notes. The pen can hook up to your computer or Mac via a USB connector. This allows you to transfer your notes and audio easily.

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Things to consider:

–          Three popular types of pens: digital pens which function on special paper, tablet PC, digital pens with receiver unit

–          Advanced digital technology in writing

–          Wireless and connected through USB

–          Stylish design worth using on various occasions


Top rated smart pens in 2022


How would you feel if there was a pen that could save you lots of time and also give you the ability to track down valuable written information within seconds?  Well, the best smart pen reviews have come forward with the finest products that are designed to make your life so much easier.



Livescribe APA-00006 Echo Smartpen


Livescribe has done it again and introduced the stylisg Echo smartpen model to the world. With a memory of 4GB it allows its users to capture practically any audio or writing recordings, while the ability to store any audio recording up to 800 hours long make it a unique device that could greatly benefit everyone involved in lots or writing and audio recording projects. What is even more, it can pass on your notes to your PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet via its MicroUSB output and share them with friends and business associates. It’s undoubtedly one of the best deals you can get on the curren.



Premium designed Smartpen built with memory capacity of 4 GB to capture countless pages of notes plus more than 800 hours of audio, with variable recording times according to audio quality settings

Redesigned anti-roll body and a rubberized small grip enable convenient and easy handling for the busy user

Engineered with 500 megabytes of free storage to offer facilitated sharing of notes and recordings on a private basis

Comes with micro-USB connector to facilitate easy transferring of audio and notes on a standard PC or Mac



Comes only with two fine black ink cartridges and no medium

Software has to be downloaded from a specific site to work optimally


Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen is an invention of knowledgeable minds. This pen is especially helpful when I attend seminars. I can easily record the voice of the professor while pretending to write. I can also easily transfer the data to my laptop or even to my internet accounts.”  Floyd Haynes


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Livescribe APA-00003 Pulse Smartpen


It is commonly known that Livescribe is a reliable smartpen provider. Of course the Pulse Smartpen with 2GB of storage capacity is another fine product that embodies all advanced characteristic features of all Livescribe smartpens, such as long hours of audio and writing recording without any problems of any kind. It comes with a handy 3D headset that helps you in your recording processes and particularities that allow you to interact with other people while sharing your written or audio recordings. The best part is that you have the chance to interact with practically anything you wish due to its live desktop software. All it takes is a simple tap on the notes you have taken and hear everything said during your writing procedure.



Gives easy access to notes and audio, being a light and compact tool that is as easy to carry as any standard pen-and-paper set-up only designed to be smarter, making this the best livescribe smartpen reviews heavy favorite

Geared with two gigabytes of memory to offer more room for storing precious notes, recordings and applications, with over 200 hours of audio, dozens of applications and thousands of pages that can be stored

Free Livescribe™ Desktop software allows user to save and play back audio recordings and interactive notes from a PC or Mac, with convenient search window for locating specific words or phrases plus easy digital notes organization via drag-and-drop pages into customized notebooks

Able to capture more than 200 hours of recorded audio and up to 32,000 pages of notes



May need better ink level and battery life monitoring

Special dock for charging


I bought the best smart pen from Amazon for a very affordable price. This Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen enables me to record my courses, hearing clearly all the details. The pen has a large memory and can store lots of files. ”  Noel Rhoades


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Livescribe APX-00011 Sky SmartPen


Best smart pen reviewsHaving a powerful electronic device, like the Livescribe 4 GB Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen, is like keeping an ace up your sleeves. It is ideal for any occasions when you don’t want anything to escape from your attention. It comes equipped with a full 4GB memory storage, which automatically gives out great potentials when trying to save any file you have created. To put it differently, the Livescribe Smartpen model is capable of capturing approximately 200 audio-file hours, notes, applications and multiple-thousand pages, among others. What is more, you can easily share anything you have recorded with your friends or colleagues via the internet or you can even upload them directly to your Facebook profile.



Be at the top of the game consistently with a Smartpen that allows storage of important graphs, notes and diagrams so note-taking is always effortless

Record audio with just a single tap through 4 gigabytes of memory that can hold up to 400 hours of audio plus thousands of pages of vital notes

Provides easy anytime and anywhere access via connected devices, with quick search-and-share or search-and-replay capability

Convenient syncing to Evernote™ for 500MB of extra monthly uploading capacity of notes and audio



Works only with special Livescribe Dot Paper

Does not come with software, which has to be downloaded from a specific site


I recommend this smart pen from Livescribe because it has proven to be extremely useful for me. The 4 GB of memory space offers great possibilities which I immediately took advantage of. The highest rated smart pen reviews recommended it as one of the top 10 models.”  Latricia Carney


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Livescribe APA-00004 Pulse Smartpen


When it comes to smartpens the Livescribe Pulse is considered a top quality electronic device and highly efficient as well. It comes with a profound capacity of more than 400-hour audio recording capture or a stunning 64.000-page writing ability. All it takes is a simple button so that you are granted with all its amazing features like playing back everything you have recorded and sharing it with anyone you would want, due to its free online storage capability of 500 MB. So, the Livescribe Pulse model enables you to save precious time and keep up with all that is going around you without losing any valuable information.



Able to record everything written and heard, with clear audio backup for key information, making this the best livescribe smartpen 2022 for many corporate executives and professionals who need to attend endless meetings and conferences

Perfect for the busy student who has to take lots of classes, so recorded audio and written notes can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere with just a simple tap of the notes

Offers 4 gigabytes of storage to capture up to 64,000 pages of notes or more than 400 hours of audio

With send-and-share and save-and-search functionality so audio and notes are always available and easily integrated into a presentation or report, or can be shared or exported as audio or PDF files



Requires a special notebook to be made for each class

Special paper required and ink cartridges can run out quickly


I am happy that my mom gave me for a Xmas gift, the Livescribe  Pulse Smartpen. I can record my classes in a high quality audio format, so I’m always well prepared for exams. I don’t actually know who makes best smart pens, but I do know this is one of the most reliable models money can buy.”  Aaron Ferree


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Livescribe APA-00001 Pulse Smartpen


Incomparable efficiency is what everybody trying the Livescribe Smartpen APA-00001will conclude to. It is no hidden secret that Livescribe products are top rated and among the best smart pen reviews that are available right now. It is a qualitative device that allows its users to have detail-driven audio and written recordings. Moreover, it gives the opportunity to share any file that it has saved with anyone you want via the internet either it is a writing task, a drawing or an audio file. It comes with storage memory of 1GB, a USB charging feature, a headset that enables 3D recordings and 2 black cartridges with fine ball point bearing.



Basic Pulse smartpen lets user capture everything including audio, and even links to what is written and gives instant access when notes are tapped

Will work even without a laptop to be carried around, with ability to hold everything drawn or written

Easy transfer of notes to a computer while providing ability to organize notes or search for specific words within notes in seconds

Notes and audio can be easily transformed into interactive movies via uploading online so everyone can play, hear and see



Comes only with two fine black ink cartridges and no other options

Requires a premium internet connection to work flawlessly


I am happy to have bought Livescribe 1 GB Pulse Smartpen. This gadget is quite unique and I was impressed with it because this is the first time I encountered a pen that can help me record my courses. I recommend this product for all students. The price is under $100 normally, but if you find it with a Black Friday discount for example, it will be much lower than this sum.”  Tressie  Willey


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