Top rated small MIDI keyboards in 2021


Music artists and creators nowadays have to spend the better part of every workday seated in before a PC. Without the best small midi keyboard by their side, they would either have to get a bigger workspace or have two separate worktables. An array of mini keyboard controllers are on the market.

3.2 M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini Midi Controller

How to choose the best small midi keyboard for your needs


Decide on Size

Knowing the size of the best small midi keyboard controller of 2021 that you are most comfortable at working with allows you to narrow down your choices to a smaller number of products. Choose from 49, 37 and 25 keys to enable you to have the exact size of midi keyboard controller right beside you. There are also models that offer half-sized keys to make the unit even smaller.

Check the descriptions and specifications laid out so you can make sure that no matter how small the unit may be, you still have the proper tools you need to make and tweak music.


Decide on Software

Nowadays, the best small midi keyboard comes bundled with software. Due to the intense competition between brands, midi keyboard manufacturers have been collaborating with software makers to offer various plug-in and DAW software integrated with their units. It is up to the buyer to determine which plug-in or DAW software they need or want. Although this is all to the buyer’s benefit, the burden of deciding just got heavier.

The key here then is to do research on the software’s capabilities and applicability to your purpose. Not knowing what you’re getting and then finding out it has no use for you is a waste of resources.

2.2 Akai Professional LPK25 Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

Decide on Features

Do you want your choice of the best small midi keyboard in 2021 to be able to assign a specific sound to the keys? The good news is, that’s standard. However, drum pads, pitch bend and modulation wheels, assignable knobs, and a sustain pedal input are not.

Weighted action is loved by some, while there are others that prefer springy keys. A controller that transmits velocity sensitivity is great, as it makes sound playing more expressive and increases the range.

Do stay away from keyboards that feel cheap. Know the difference between plain cheap plastic and good quality plastic.


Top products we recommend:


Yamaha Piaggero NP11 Lightweight Compact Portable Keyboard

1.1 Yamaha Piaggero NP11 Lightweight Compact Portable KeyboardDefinitely the best small midi keyboard from Yamaha, the Piaggero NP11 represents the excellent blending of compactness, lightness and slimness in one awesome package. It comes with high-quality voices while maximizing the piano sound that Yamaha has been recognized for. With user-friendly features and distinguished craftsmanship, this product is a culmination of the brand’s expertise in sound production.

The 61-key piano-style keyboard allows music creators to use a comfortable media for their journey into sound production. Allowing you to create awesome wave data, the Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Stereo sampling mimics the sound and articulateness of the original instrument through the employment of advanced digital technologies. This enables the creation of rich and unique sound via multiple waveforms.

Utilizing a super efficient stereo amplifier, the midi keyboard controller generates a solid sound. Offering 2.5 watts per channel, the Piaggero NP 11 shows power behind the diminutive size. The midi keyboard provides amazing performance data for piano pieces aside from voice demo songs, so you can listen enjoyably.

This unit comes with a revolutionary eco-friendly mode, which turns power off automatically when the keyboard remains inactive for a period of 30 minutes, saving on valuable power and supporting long battery life.

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Akai Professional LPK25 Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

2.1 Akai Professional LPK25 Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerWhat is the best small midi keyboard? The Akai Pro LPK25 Laptop Performance Keyboard is undoubtedly the top answer. It assists you at creating harmonic and melodic riffs quickly and conveniently, anywhere. This special device is a miniaturized version of units in the MPK series of keyboard controllers. It has 25 downscaled velocity-sensitive keys geared with synth action, making it a perfect choice for keyboardists who want to explore music software with a PC.

The mini MIDI keyboard controller measures less than 13 inches across, weighs less than one pound and easily slips into a laptop case, messenger bag, small case or backpack. That’s unbelievable portability coupled with mobile versatility!

The midi keyboard is built with an arpeggiator, a special component that automatically steps through chords to enable musicians to create melodic ideas dynamically. The LPK25 has a terrific layout that is easy to learn, with octave up and down, sustain and tap tempo controls. It comes with plug-and-play functionality for easy use with PC and Mac.

The keyboard controller needs no software driver installation or AC power to run. The four memory banks can be used to recall and configure settings that match the various software programs employed.

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M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini Midi Controller

3.1 M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini Midi ControllerThe Axiom® AIR Mini 32 from M-Audio is a compact and portable USB MIDI controller that any modern on-the-go music maker can fully appreciate. It is engineered with an innovative design that fuses peerless ease of use with hands-on control plus capable software to create an exceptional device for the modern compact studio.

The 32 low-profile mini keys enable you to lay down a groove with plenty of room to play in. Use the 8 assignable knobs to summon up a storm with incredible music and sound.

With the Axiom® AIR Mini 32, you have eight responsive pads on which to do beat sequencing. Mapping of the controllers to match widely used software titles is done automatically using Interactive Hyper-Control Technology. Save up to 10 custom settings that you create on this outstanding midi controller. Use just one USB cable to get MIDI laptop link and power, a terrific demonstration of plug-and-play simplicity.

Definitely a workhorse, this unit captures elusive energy from the user and channels everything into wide-ranged expression. The 8 dynamic pads are all velocity-sensitive, perfect for setting beats, channeling samples and note playing. On hand are buttons for pitch bend, modulation and sustain so you can elevate your range of expression even further.

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Final notes

Music creation gets more exciting with small midi keyboards that let you do more with less. The 61-key Yamaha Piaggero NP11 Lightweight Compact Portable Keyboard ties together slimness , lightness and compactness while still generating solid sound. The Akai Professional LPK25 Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Controller shows that 25-key performance can successfully rival full-size keyboard controller functionality.