There are several reasons why many musicians are choosing smaller midi controllers. Not only do these compact devices include many of the same great features as the larger, 88 key models, but the smaller size makes it easy to take the midi controller with you. Another advantage to buying a small midi controller is its inexpensive price. While there are several benefits to owning a smaller controller, you want to be able to make an informed decision. Choosing the wrong one can end becoming a costly mistake. We have included several helpful buying tips so you can find the best small midi controller for all your musical needs.


What to look for when buying a small midi controller?



One of the most important aspects to consider when you are looking for the best small midi keyboard controller is the size. You want the midi controller to be able to fit on your workspace, and also be easy to carry. The size of the device will also help to determine the number of keys, which should also be considered. Most small midi controllers have 25, 37, or 49 keys, which is generally enough to play melodies and trigger different effects. The size and number of keys on the midi controller will also depend on your budget.



The touch of the keys is important for responsiveness and comfort. You want the keyboard to feel comfortable under your fingers, and also be responsive enough to play faster tempos, and trigger sharp effects. The best small midi controller will have keys that are semi weighted. This will give you a comfortable amount of pressure to play sharp, crisp notes, and trigger all your effects on cue.


Additional Features

Small midi controllers include many of the same features as the full size models, and this includes assignable keys and knobs. The compact devices can also feature drum pads, pitch and modulation wheels which are always convenient for studio recording. There are also small midi controllers that include an input for a sustain pedal. Most midi controllers do include software packages, but this is also something that you should consider.


Most Appreciated Small Midi Controllers



Alesis V25


Alesis V25This midi keyboard controller is ideal for student musicians and DJs. It features a slick black design that will blend in beautifully with the rest of your equipment. Since it is a small midi controller it is lightweight and durable, but it also includes everything you need to create amazing musical compositions. Trigger loops and effectives at your live shows, or record your own music for your professor.

It features 25 piano size keys that are also semi weighted for comfortable playing. Control virtual instruments and play striking melodies, and also use the keys to trigger all of your audio effects. There are 8 bankable drum pads that are also touch sensitive for sharp, staccato beats, and you can also use the midi keyboard to control different pieces of gear. The durable controller also lets you control pitch and modulation so every recording turns out exactly how you want it. With the added bonus of the assignable knobs and buttons it is easy to see why many musicians prefer a small midi controller.

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Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII


Considered one of the best small midi controllers in 2021 it features everything you need to compose, play, and record all of your musical ideas. It features a compact size that fits into any workspace, and can be used almost anywhere. It is ideal for use in the classroom or studio with the included software that contains everything you need to mix and trigger loops and beats. It will also work seamlessly with the rest of your equipment, making it great to use in the studio or in live shows.

There are 25 mini keys that can trigger effects and play melodies, and control virtual instruments. The small joystick makes it easy for you to control modulation and pitch, so every recording turns out perfectly. You can also use the assignable knobs to tweak your plugins and mix different tracks, and the sensitive drum pads also feature note repeat. Lay down tracks for your next show, and experiment with the expandable banks. With all of the features of a full size keyboard included in this compact model you might be surprised at what you can create. The small midi keyboard is also priced to fit any budget.

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M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32


This small midi controller is ideal for studio musicians and DJs. It features a lightweight and compact design that is easy to carry, and a durable construction. This midi controller was designed with traveling in mind, and will easily connect to almost any PC or laptop. The midi controller also includes software from AIR and Ableton Live so you can get started laying down amazing tracks . You’ll also have the advantage of being able to map the midi controller to all of the popular music software.

There are 32 keys that are comfortable and responsive to play, and also gives you plenty of creative options. Play haunting melodies and control virtual instrument, along with trigger loops and effects. When you are ready to add vocals that pitch and modulation wheels will let you bend the audio, and you can also enjoy the advantage of having 8 assignable Q link knobs. Trigger and control FXs and pan where you need to, the midi controller also includes 8 sensitive pads for sharp beats and drum solos. This inexpensive small midi controller can improve live shows and bring all of your musical ideas to life.

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A small midi controller is ideal for any type of musician, and many include the same features as the larger models. The lightweight and portable design is ideal for traveling musicians, and its economical price can fit any budget. Two of the top rated small midi controllers are the Alesis V25 and Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII. One of these or another small midi controller might just what you need to expand your musical capabilities.