Top rated small digital cameras in 2018


If you are interested in purchasing the best compact digital cameras under $600, the rest of this article will prove to be helpful in giving you an idea with regard to the model that will prove to be the best. It will help in being able to evaluate the choices that you will be confronted with.


What is the best compact digital camera – A buying guide


Whether you fancy yourself an amateur photographer or you just like taking pictures at family gatherings, you can never go wrong with asking for a small digital camera for Christmas. These compact little gadgets can fit in your pocket, glove box, purse, or even a knapsack and you could take pictures wherever you go. Not only are these little devices great to have on hand, they can pack quite a punch for the price. Unfortunately, there are cameras that fail to produce nice photographs. We have created this guide to help you understand what are the best features your camera should have.

The resolution on new small digital cameras are typically within the 10 to 16 megapixel range, however you can find them as low as 5.9 megapixels and as high 20.4 megapixels. Many people think that the higher the megapixel number, the better quality of picture you can take. This is not always the case; other factors go into taking that perfect shot.

One of these features include automatic mode or manual. Automatic mode is ideal for people who want to be able to take a picture simply by pointing and shooting. Under the automatic mode, you will find several different settings that you can choose from to coincide with the picture you are taking. The main settings include landscape, sport, beach, portrait, night, and fireworks, and when you choose the desired setting, the camera will automatically adjust to get the right exposure. Manual controls, such as setting the aperture, shutter, and exposure values, are available on many cameras; however, you do not have to know how to use them in order to take great pictures.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Resolution Price Optical Zoom Display Our Rating Where to buy

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX50

16.2 MP $$$ 5x 2.7 inch LCD A+ AMAZON

Canon PowerShot A1200

12.2 MP $$ 4x 2.7 inch LCD B+ AMAZON

Canon PowerShot A2300

16.0 MP $$ 5x 2.7 inch LCD B+ AMAZON

Panasonic Lumix TS4

12.1 MP $$$$ 4.6x 2.7 inch LCD B AMAZON

Kodak EasyShare Sport C123

12 MP $$ No 2.4 inch LCD B AMAZON


Another great feature to look for is the optical zoom. The highest rated small digital cameras can be found with 10x to 15x optical zoom. What this means is how much you can zoom in on a photograph and still produce a fantastic photograph. There are cameras that have digital zoom settings, but this setting only makes the pixels larger. When you take a picture with digital zoom, your photograph will look blurred and not very good.

A good quality digital camera should have a 25mm wide-angle lens. The wide-angle lens tells you how much you can fit in the frame when the camera is not zoomed in. In this case, the lower the number the better. Ideally, you will want to stay around 25mm for normal shots, but definitely do not go higher than 30mm, as your picture will be constrained.

When you are looking through the sales papers for Black Friday deals, you will find many cameras available. Some other features you will want to look for include if the camera has a viewfinder. Even though cameras generally feature an LCD viewing screen, you can get a better sense of the picture you are taking with a viewfinder, especially if you are taking a picture in the sun, which makes it difficult to see the LCD screen.

You will also want to take into consideration if you plan to create videos with your camera.  Many digital cameras can record full high definition videos, so you will never miss those special moments.


Things to consider:

  • Does the camera feature an automatic mode for your specific subject matter (ie: scenery, portraits, sunsets/sunrises)
  • Stick to a 25mm wide-angle lens for normal picture taking.
  • Choose a camera with an optical zoom over a digital zoom. Optical zoom will produce clear photos whereas photos taken with digital zoom may look blurry.
  • While megapixels are important, they are not necessarily an indicator of the quality of photograph you are taking.
  • Does the camera take full HD video?



Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX50 Digital Camera


One of the features worth noting about this 16.2-megapixel camera is its panorama function, which can be captured in 3D. In addition, it has the ability to detect face and smile. This best small digital camera review also highlight that it has a high functioning optical zoom, allowing you to capture your subject clearly, even if you are shooting from a distance. When shooting videos, this will also prove to be perfect as it can record moving subjects in high definition.



Performance with stationary subjects outstanding  thanks to optical zoom feature and Handheld Twilight mode complemented by revolutionary Clear Image zoom, a combination that uses a powerful processor to offer higher-quality and realistic images by improving low-light results

Camera lens has full resolving power to deliver not just high resolution but also super-fast speed with amazing low-light sensitivity, dramatically decreasing grain and improving clarity

Capabilities for 60i in 1080 AVCHD video, which helps provide exceptional,  fast motion video with less distortion for playback on high-definition TV

Allows dual recording of stills and movies, with ability to capture significant moments at up to 10 frames per second



60i in 1080 AVCHD video recordable in 29-minute segments only, good enough for travel but maybe not for full movies

Fast motion video playback possible with separately purchased HDTV and HDMI cable


“The best small digital cameras reviews were very accurate in describing the strong points of this camera from Sony, which has captured excellent photos for me. I’m not interested in a camera with more options for photo editing because this small model is enough for me.” – Stacey Fink


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Canon PowerShot A1200 Digital Camera


Best Small Digital Cameras ReviewThis camera has 12.1 megapixels and ability to shoot video at 720p. In order to make sure that you will be able to capture crisp and lively images, this camera has Smart Auto functionality, which is basically responsible for allowing the camera to choose the optimal settings based on the conditions of the subject or the environment where it is shot. It also has a variety of filters, allowing you to use your creativity in editing and tweaking photos.



Engineered  with  Optical Viewfinder that supplements the capacitative LCD screen, which many photographers prefer as it allows simple point-and-shoot operation

Is the best small digital camera for the money thanks to great price and Smart AUTO function that allows the photographer to concentrate on the subject without worrying about technical details

Optical Viewfinder keeps the shot steady and eliminates camera shake even when shooting with just one hand extended away from the body

Memorable and dramatic images obtainable via Advanced Canon technology that intelligently processes and analyzes shooting conditions and situations



Slow shutter speed not suitable for shooting videos or sports and high-action events

Grainy image quality due to limited settings


“I didn’t want any fancy new camera models, I wanted a small sized one, to fit in my pocket and which could make some high quality pictures. I have managed to find just what I was looking for through Canon Powershot A1200 and it even manages to record HD videos.” – Lakisha F. Puckett


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Canon PowerShot A2300 Digital Camera


This camera has the ability to take pictures with 16-megapixel resolution and videos at 720p. To make it easy for you to capture videos, it has a dedicated button that can be easily accessed. Many of the people who have had the chance to explore the features of this camera also commended its DIGIC 4 Image Processor, which allows the prevention of lags. Lastly, it is available in four fun colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your personality.



Recognized as the best small digital camera for action shots thanks to onboard Canon DIGIC Image Processor that boasts of a revolutionary level of picture quality and accelerated processing by using turbo-speed continuous shooting, Face Detection Self-timer and HD video

Point-and-shoot simplicity coupled with Image Stabilization ability, which greatly reduces blur by capturing the principal subject and applying optimum camera shake correction

Every moment in motion captured in 720p HD video at 25 frames per second while also being able to shoot 640 x 480 VGA video at 30 frames per second

Dedicated Movie Button enables easy video capture, recording every dramatic moment in full glory



Menu and controls need getting used to for optimized shooting

Can be difficult to master its many features


“I have taken pictures and videos with the A2300 for well over a year and I’m not thinking of changing because it still is enough for me. The multiple predefined shooting options make the pictures that much better and the HD videos it records look great when I play them on my plasma TV.” – Esther T. Beal


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Panasonic Lumix TS4 Digital Camera


Like the earlier mentioned model from Kodak, this product has also received positive feedbacks in the past, making it one of the top recommendations in this best small digital camera review. It is equipped with Leica lens, which is highly recognized by many photography enthusiasts because of its ability to take clear and crisp pictures, which are as close to their natural image. Lastly, it has GPS functionality, allowing you to easily add location to the photos when they are shared in social networking sites.



Waterproof digital camera allows the user to dive as deep as 40 feet underwater to take stunning photos of live tropical fish, shots of natural coral reefs and many other wonders under the sea

Considered the best small digital camera for travel thanks to being waterproof and the ability to withstand fine dust particles without malfunctioning, great for avid hikers, campers, frequent travelers and snowboarding, skiing and skating enthusiasts

Carries revolutionary Quad Indicator with GPS in addition to altimeter, barometer and compass to show and record altitude, barometric pressure, and orientation data, so user never loses their bearings in unfamiliar territory

Numerous options for fun shooting and playback, including Time Lapse feature, Miniature Effect and Panorama Shot, allowing the user to tell their own photographic story



Quirky and complicated menu takes getting used to


“I practice scuba diving as often as I can and Panasonic Lumix TS4 was the perfect model for me. The video and picture quality are great and I like the GPS feature as well. For underwater pictures I think this is without a doubt a top notch camera.” – Monica Madsen


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Kodak EasyShare Sport C123 Digital Camera


This model will prove to be the perfect choice for those who are living an active lifestyle, or for those who love the outdoors. It is water-resistant to up to 10 feet. Nonetheless, even if it is used underwater, you can still be assured of the high resolution of the images. Another thing that makes this camera a popular option in the marketplace is the fact that it is excellent in terms of sharing. It has a dedicated button that will allow you to easily share your pictures and videos with social networking sites.



WithKodak’s Share button, sharing photos and videos is made simple with One Button Upload, requiring a press of the SHARE button in review mode, selecting the favorite sharing destinations, and connecting the camera to a PC or inserting memory card for automatic upload

Exclusive Share Button also tags to the largest number of social networks on the web, with upload of  friend tags to Facebook

Worry-proof camera allows seamless shooting at ten feet underwater, with dustproof design that won’t give up in just about any shooting environment

With unique Smart Capture feature that automatically analyzes the scene and adjusts camera settings to create great photos



Lack of image stabilization compounded by fixed focus results in blurry photos taken in high-action and low-light settings

Lacks elemental features, which limits the camera’s intrinsic value


“I bought this camera because it’s compact and I can easily take with me to everywhere I go. The dedicated photo sharing button was another reason for me getting it and because I’m very satisfied with the pictures it takes, I believe it’s the best small digital camera 2018.” – Rachel D. Weisberg


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