Even the best toilet may need to have its toilet seat replaced, and there are several types to choose from. Not only do you want to make sure that the one you choose is comfortable to sit on, you also want the toilet seat to be durable. Materials, size, and even additional features need to be considered, which is why we created this informative buying guide. These helpful tips can help you find a seat that fits your toilet, and is comfortable to sit on.

A. Slow closing toilet seat

What to look for when buying the best slow closing toilet seat?



One of the first aspects to consider when you are looking for the best toilet seats of 2018 is the materials used in construction. Most toilet seats are constructed from wood or plastic, and each has its own advantages. Plastic models are durable and less expensive, while wood toilet seats are often easier to match to your existing décor.

The hinges should also be considered, and can determine the strength and durability of the toilet seat. Metal hinges are often considered the long lasting, and can also help prevent the seat from bending and breaking. Toilet seats with two plastic hinges are often less expensive, but are not as durable. Other models feature a soft close design that helps to prevent it from banging down on the bowl as it slowly closes.



The shape of the toilet seat should match the existing bowl, and in some instances it is recommended to measure the toilet before purchasing a new seat. Smaller toilets often use rounded seats, while higher priced models generally use an oval shape. The shape of the toilet seat is important to ensure that it fits on the toilet, and that it is comfortable for you to sit on.


Additional Features

Many of the best soft toilet seats include additional features for your comfort. Extra padding and cushioning can help you to stay comfortably seated, while models with extra heating can help soothe tension and leg pain. You can also find toilet seats that match the current décor in your bathroom, while other models feature a soft close design.


Top Rated Slow Closing Toilet Seats in 2018


Mayfair 148E2


1. Mayfair 148E2Proudly manufactured in the United States, this wood toilet seat is designed to fit all standard oval shaped bowls. The seat is constructed using materials that are environmentally friendly, and you’ll love how the clean, white design looks on your toilet. The classic style blends in beautifully with most bathroom decors, and you also have the advantage of the removable hinges.

This toilet seat features hinges that are designed to let you lift it off of the bowl for quick and easy cleaning, and snap firmly into place to prevent it from sliding off. The hinges also allow the seat to gently fall down automatically, without banging or accidentally pinching your fingers. The soft close design will help to extend the life of this durable wood toilet seat, by preventing hard closes that can cause cracks and breaks.

The durable wood seat is designed to fit most oval toilet bowls, and the glossy finish is resistant to chips and scratches. The clear finish is easy to wipe clean, and will help to keep the toilet seat looking great for years. Featuring a soft close design and environmentally friendly construction, it is not hard to see why this toilet seat is a consumer favorite.

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American Standard 5330


2. American Standard 5330This classic white toilet seat is designed to fit most round bowls, and blends in with any bathroom décor. The round seat is constructed from durable plastic that is designed to last through a lifetime of use. You will also appreciate the comfortable and sturdy construction, and all of the accessories needed for assembly are included.

The durable plastic construction is resistant to cracks and breaks, and it also features soft close hinges that prevent the seat from slamming closed. The automatic closing function gently lowers the toilet seat, and it also makes it easy to keep clean. The hinges also help to prevent the toilet seat from slamming closed and breaking.

The toilet seat is designed to last through years of use, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to install and remove. The soft close hinges simply let you lift the seat up, and will also lock it securely in place when it is being used. With its ability to prevent painful pinched fingers and easy to clean design, this might be the ideal toilet seat for your home.

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Kohler K-4636


3. Kohler K-4636 ElongatedThis toilet seat is designed for style and functionality, and you’ll appreciate the additional features. Not only is this toilet seat constructed from strong polypropylene, it also features a classic and stylish design. The durable material is resistant to chips, cracks, and scratches, to ensure that it stays looking like new for years.

It is also designed to easily fit most oval shaped toilet bowls, and is incredibly simple to install. The durable hinges are designed to lift off for quick removal and easy cleaning, and will securely fasten to the bowl for a perfect fit. The hinges are also designed to gently close automatically to prevent pinched fingers, and loud slamming noises.

You also have the advantage of the side bumpers which help to prevent accidental splashes, and can help keep your bathroom clean. The soft closing hinges are also ideal for use with toilets that feature a two piece design, and in homes with small children. Durable, stylish, and safer for children than toilet seats without soft close hinges, you will also appreciate its affordably price.

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While there are several soft close toilet seats to choose from, there are two that often stand out from the others. The Mayfair Slow Close Toilet Seat and the American Standard Slow Close Toilet Seat are affordable, stylish, and durable, and are designed to last through years of quiet use in your bathroom.