Sleeping bags – What to look for:


Whether you choose down or synthetic fill in your choice for the most reliable sleeping bag, remember that your selection should be able to provide the insulation and protection you need for your camping and backpacking needs. In order to properly answer the question, “What is the best sleeping bag you can get for camping?” you had better do some research and studying of the essential elements of the ideal product.


Temperature rating

Serving to identify the lowest temperature at which your best rated sleeping bag can keep you warm, temperature rating effectively signifies how low the temperature can be for the bag to provide optimum warmth to the user. The rating also takes into consideration the fact that the sleeper might be wearing a layer of insulated underwear plus using a sleeping pad right under the bag. As metabolism is not a constant thing for every person on the planet, temperature ratings can also vary from one manufacturer to another. Summer season sleeping bags can keep you warm when temperature drops to 35 degrees or higher. Three-season units keep you warm enough when temperature gets to be between 10O and 35O. Units made for cold weather can keep you warm when temperature drops from 10O to -10O, while Winter or extreme temp sleeping bags protect you in temperatures ranging from -10O and lower.


Keeping users warm by holding and trapping a layer of “dead” or non-circulating air next to the user’s body, a sleeping bag in the top ten products in this category provides more than just insulation. Human body heat warms this layer of dead air, and the bag forms an effective barrier between it and the outside air or colder ground. A rectangular shape offers optimal roominess and comfort. A double bed can even be created via two rectangular bags with zippers that can be integrated with each other. Barrel-shaped units offer a tapered design that provides efficiency and warmth while providing enough room to sleep comfortably in. Mummy bags have hip and shoulder widths that are narrow, which effectively reduces weight while maximizing warmth. Double-wide models can accommodate two people and can be blended with an air mattress for maximum sleeping comfort.


Insulation Type

Synthetic insulation is in some of the products that end up on top of the heap for ratings best to worst for sleeping bags. This type offers strong overall performance while being sold at budget-friendly prices. Synthetic fill is commonly made of polyester, is quick-drying, hypoallergenic, durable and provides insulation even if it gets wet. Goose-down insulation is a compressible alternative to synthetic fill. Water-resistant down insulation combines goose-down fill with treatment technology that protects the down fill from moisture. Women’s bags are made to hew closely to a woman’s contours but are narrow and short at the shoulders and wide at the hips. Sleeping bags for children can have a built-in sleeve or pad loops on the bottom of the bag that holds the sleeping pad, bag plus the child securely together during the night.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Material Price Temp Rating Colors Our Rating Where to buy

Kelty Cosmic 35413411

Polyester $$$$ Autumn A+ AMAZON

Kelty Cosmic 35413611

Polyester $$$$ 20º Red A AMAZON

Ledge Featherlite

Polyester $$ 20º Orange, Green and more B+ AMAZON

Coleman Brazos

100% Polyester $$ 20º Blue B AMAZON

Suisse Sport Alpine

100% Polyester $$$ Green and Gray B+ AMAZON


It is always good advice to buy a sleeping bag under your budget, but do remember that the important thing is the degree of insulation and comfort you derive from the product. Unless you are able to reconcile price with comfort and warmth level, you may need to consider a different brand or model for your camping needs.



What is the best sleeping bag for this period


A good sleeping bag represents a great addition to any home. You never know when you need to use a comfortable sleeping bag or accommodate a friend over. Picking out a great model is pretty hard to do since there are so many models out there. Campers and hikers know full well that identifying a high quality sleeping bag represents an important investment. The market’s offer is pretty impressive, letting people choose a model close to their daily needs. It is important to take into account a couple of factors before investing in a brand new product. You have to start your shopping session with comfort levels, materials used in the bag’s construction and folding system and end it with price and quality.

Since there are so many types of sleeping bags available for purchase we decided to help you discover the ideal product. Now, we tested 30 of the most popular sleeping bags, available for campers, hikers and outdoor individuals. After 80 hours of attentive tests on each product we were able to safely draft the best sleeping bag reviews. Once you read professional reviews, you will be able to distinguish which model fits better to your sleeping needs. The current sleeping bags are divided in 3 major categories: summer, three-season and winter. Each season comes with different temperature particularities and for this reason you need a reliable sleeping bag that offers comfort when used. This is why you need to know more about each type of sleeping bag from the three categories.


Best sleeping bag for camping


Coleman Big Game 0-Degree Big-and-Tall Sleeping-Bag


The Coleman Big Game 0-Degree Big-and-Tall Sleeping Bag is your bet for the best sleeping bag for camping thanks to its 100% Cotton material with 100% Cotton fill. This super-sized unit fits sleepers up to 6 feet 5 inches tall. It has a cotton canvas cover which combines with its cozy cotton flannel liner to effectively lock heat in, eliminate quilting cold spots and makes this the perfect sleeping bag to have during extreme weather. Its full cover construction handles potential cold spots well. It comes with a 12 in. x 20 in. cotton flannel pillow. Its patented ComfortSmart Technology integrates ZipPlow system, which pulls fabric away from the zipper, effectively preventing snags. The Comfort Cuff covers the face with softness.

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One of the best sleeping bag 2022 comes from the summer category. Summer bags are especially designed to withstand temperatures from 30 degrees C and up. Such sleeping bags are great for outdoor activities done in places with high temperatures. Lightweight and with a specific insulation system the summer bags usually come with full-length zippers. A summer bag with full zipper is great because it offers proper ventilation at night when things get steamy. The three-season sleeping bags are created in order to resist temperatures of 20 degrees F and higher, best suited for activities done in the spring or fall. These bags are great for campers and hikers that spend a couple of nights in the middle of nature. Such models usually include unique features like cinch-able hoods, zipper draft tubes and also draft collars for enhanced comfort.


Best sleeping bag for backpacking


TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Sleeping-Bag


Constructed with revolutionary patented PolarLite insulation, the TETON Sports TrailHead +20OF Ultralight Sleeping Bag keeps you surprisingly warm even though the bag is thin and light, making it the best sleeping bag for backpacking. It measures 87 inches long and 32 inches wide at its broadest point, ensuring sufficient shoulder and leg room. The foot box design lets you lie with toes up while still being comfortable. There are zipper pullers inside and outside of bag that ensure easy closure. The bag has a mummy hood with shoulder baffle and drawstring, so you can stay warm through the night. The taped, anti-snag zippers and full-length zipper draft tube keep cold air out and warm air in.

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How to find the best sleeping bag 2022? Well, you need to invest wisely in a professional model that matches your body’s characteristics. There are some people that use winter sleeping bags, ideal for temperatures of 20 degrees and below. Designed with special materials to offer a cosy and warm environment these bags represent great addition to people that spend a lot of time in the winter. Another thing to take into account is temperature ratings. Every sleeping bag comes with different temperature ratings, which represents the minimum degrees it can handle. Carefully weigh your option and discover the best model!


Best sleeping bag for hammock


Grand Trunk Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag


Rated to 32OF, the Grand Trunk Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag is the best sleeping bag for hammock users thanks to its exclusive Hammock Pass-Through System. This revolutionary innovation uses a bungee cord loop at the bottom that attaches the bag securely around the hammock to keep cold air out and keep the sleeping bag from slipping out of the hammock. It has Left and Right Full Length, 2-Way Zip for secure attachment to your hammock, with the Bungee Cord Loops allowing extra tension strength. The shell is made of Ripstop Rhombus Polyester and the lining is made of Micro Polyester, ensuring non-allergenic use and supreme moisture resistance.

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Things to consider:

  • There are summer, three-season and winter sleeping bags
  • Check for temperature ratings
  • Insulation type and material quality
  • Sleeping bags shapes


Top rated sleeping bags in 2022


Today, with the wide range of sleeping bag choices in the market, it is quite hard and confusing what sleeping bag is truly worth your money. We know for a fact that not all brands give outmost quality and comfort. In this regard, we have prepared a list of the best sleeping bag reviews for you.



Kelty Cosmic 35413411 sleeping bag


Best sleeping bag reviews

For people who love going on adventures during extreme weathers, definitely the  Kelty Cosmic 0 degree sleeping bag will appeal to you. It is very much powerful, providing much needed heat even at as low as -18 degrees Celsius temperature. With its very well thought out design and structure, the Kelty Cosmic 0 degree sleeping bag can keep in the heat inside the bag, and prevent it from escaping, so you are always kept warm and kept away from any dangers. This is definitely perfect during chilly mountain hiking or winter backpacking adventures. With its power to keep its users comfortable and safe, the Kelty Cosmic 0 degree sleeping is truly deserving a place in our best sleeping bag reviews.



Reminds you of a tranquil evening by the ocean with its bright shell design that calls forth  a feeling of warmth, in a shell/cocoon of complete comfort and soft bliss

Able to keep warmth in and keep the user insulated against the cold, with its exceptionally padded draft tube, form fitting hood and full coverage collar

Cold spots will never be a bother thanks to this  sleeping bag’s innovative design, box-baffle construction and ground level seams

With 50D Polyester taffeta as the shell and liner material and 550-fill power down as the insulation element, this is the perfect choice for the best compact sleeping bag 2022



Genuine comfort always comes with a premium price

Sized smaller, requiring correct assessment before ordering


I love hiking so I bought the Kelty Cosmic 0 degree down sleeping bag for my activity. This sleeping bag is comfortable and soft so I don’t have to worry in resting anytime of the day during my hiking activity. Aside from that, I can also bring it with ease because of the lightweight the bag exhibits.”  Suzanne Heredia


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Kelty Cosmic 35413611 Sleeping bag


The Kelty Cosmic 20-Degree Sleeping bag successfully combined great design and functionality. This sleeping bag boasts one of the most modern and stylish designs seen from such product. With this alone, the Kelty Cosmic 20-Degree Sleeping bag is fast gaining popularity, especially in the United States. Aside from its bankable construction, this sleeping bag carries amazing features that makes it one of the best sleeping bags available now.  It has Kelfy CludLoft Pro, Shell material, and NR250T nylon diamond ripstop. Added to these, it also has two layer and an offset quilt construction that ensures its users outmost comfort and protection.



Fits snugly like a glove with its anti-snag design and exceptionally crafted and insulated draft tube, to provide optimum sleeping coziness during chilly fall and cool spring nights

With 58-inch dual slide zipper to make effortless and hassle-free in and out into the cocoon of softness and warmth, making this the favorite in many best compact sleeping bag reviews

Easy hood adjustment using the Fatman-and-Ribbon mechanism draw cords of the captured cord lock

Liner held in place by secure internal liner loops so user sleeps in complete comfort, while security loops for the security pad hold the user in place



Pricier than other brands in the same product category

Light shows through the bag’s material, which can be a bother


The Kelty Cosmic 20-Degree Sleeping bag is very professional and easy to use. It has a sleek design which enticed me to buy the product. The bag has very soft foam which makes sleeping in it comfortable. The product is capable of making me warm anytime I encountered cold climate.”   Michele Bautista


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Ledge Featherlite +20 Ultra-light sleeping bag


The Ledge Featherlite sleeping bag is not only comfortable and warm, but it is also light weight. This is actually one of the key features why a lot of people love this particular sleeping bag model. it truly understands that sleeping bags are mostly used for outdoor activities, thus it should be easily transportable. With its weight, you definitely would not have any problem carrying it on your camping site or hiking trail. Other great features of this sleeping bag include Dobby Diamond Ripstop 250T lining and GTX Micro. It also has drawstring closure barrel locks thermo-shield that can be adjusted to fit your sleeping needs and other requirements.



Regular-sized Featherlite assembled with a special ultra-compact and ultra-light design in its full 84-inch by 32-inch by 20-inch frame

Constructed with size and weight restrictions of users in mind, with premium fill to address the need for comfort during chilly nights

Continuous Filament Fiber Fill weight is just 1 ½  pounds heavy, with Dobby Diamond 250T Ripstop Shell and Softech II 210 Liner

Sleeping bag is made to characterize Hibernate Extreme with Micro Denier components, in a T-8 Compression sack to enable the bag to hug the body’s form and give that feeling of warmth in a cocoon



Made for shorter people with its compression feature

Made better with use of a thick liner


The Ledge Featherlite +20 Ultra-light sleeping bag has a very nice design. The design is really attractive and comfortable. Based from my experience using this product, I can say that this one is the best sleeping bag. Compared to the other sleeping bags in the market, this one is the best.”  Ryan Davidson


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Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather Sleeping bag


The Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather Sleeping bag gives you everything you dream about in a sleeping bag. It is 100% made of polyester material, ensuring that it is breathable and bearable to our skin for outmost comfort. Moreover, Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather Sleeping bag is also an effective way to keep warm during colder weathers. It can protect and keep its users warm even at down 20 degrees Fahrenheit. With this, you are sure that you are not only 100% comfortable but also very much protected. More so, this particular sleeping bag has QuickCord system that requires no tying, so set up and disassembling are very easy. The Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather Sleeping bag measures 33 by 75 inches, which can fit campers of up to 5”11 in height.



Built to be the ultimate cold-weather sleeping bag, with 100% polyester fill to ensure hypoallergenic quality and keep sensitive users warm without the sneezing and allergy attacks

Keeps users warm even down to 20OF, with four pounds of patented ColeTherm Insulation and stain-proof polyester outer with soft tricot liner

Measures 33” by 75” to fit average camper builds with 5’11” height

Made to be easily washable in a heavy-duty washing machine, with clever design features representing legendary Coleman ComfortSmart



Can be difficult to fold into the carrying bag

Not designed for really tall users, with zippers that can get caught in the nylon outer shell


I don’t have to worry staying out of the house when I have with me the Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather Sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is made of good material which makes me warm and comfortable. I can lay it down in the floor with ease. The product is the one I recommend for the people. ”  Jeffrey M. Campbell


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Suisse Sport Alpine adult Mummy sleeping bag


One of the most powerful sleeping bags around, the Suisse Sport Alpine can keep its users warm even at 5 degrees Fahrenheit. With this, you are sure to be protected no matter what season or weather you have to endure. This is definitely an amazing feat for a sleeping bag, making Suisse Sport Alpine a great investment especially for people who love going on extreme outdoor sports. This particular sleeping bag model is perfect for people going on hiking and camping on extreme cold weather. Aside from this, the Suisse Sport Alpine carries a double layer offset quilt design that gives above average comfort to its users.



With three pounds of patented Hollowblend MicroTekk Z1 synthetic fill, a type  of insulation that is not only cozy but also keeps users warm even in extremely cold 5OF

With comfort range from 5OF to 40OF plus double-layer offset quilt construction to eliminate cold spots

Has a drawstring hood to keep the head all warm and cozy as the rest of the body

Sleeping bag dimensions of 84 x 24 x 33 inches (W x H x D) and weight of five pounds



May require use with a cover blanket to enhance insulation in extreme cold

Not really made for heavy/big users


The Suisse Sport Alpine adult Mummy double layer sleeping bag is the best sleeping bag I have at home. I used it in my camping activity and hiking. This product has a cool and effective lining which enables me to sleep with ease even if I am away at home.”  Amy Bartels


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