Top rated Skis reviews


I love skiing. That being so, I have gone through nearly fifty models of skis. I have even checked out the many best skis 2019 reviews to find out if there have been product updates that I might not be aware of. First and foremost, before you go and buy a pair, make sure to assess your skiing ability,then decide on the ski type you want to get. You may want to get freestyle skis, all mountain or big mountain skis, race skis, piste skis, sidecut, rocker or camber skis, or maybe a pair of freeride skis. After consulting with friends, skiing enthusiasts and ski collectors, I have come up with my own list of the five most coveted brands in this category.


Rossignol Soul 7 Men’s Skis


Best Skis 2019Many ski reviews 2019 cite the Rossignol Soul 7 Men’s Skis for their enviable performance as  touring skis. Each has a Paulownia wood core that’s extra-light, which works well with the advanced Air Tip technology. The Soul 7 is pretty much comfortable in all kinds of snowy conditions. The ski measures 106 millimeters. It has a freshly redesigned powder turn rocker that not only enhances flotation but also enables trouble-free steering on variable snow, with responsive speed control. The Soul 7 also features a centered Sidecut for enhanced edge grip and underfoot power.

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Fischer Viron Force Fp9 Men’s Skis


The Fisher Viron Force Fp9 Men’s Skis have integrated RS 10 Bindings, which make them one of the best skis 2019 you can get for your hard-earned money. They come in dual no-nonsense colors of white and black, which is simplicity at its finest level. This pair rides on Fischer’s exclusive Full Carbon Jacket technology for skis. This advanced and novel structure ensures better balance between torsion and flex, with a significant weight reduction that hasn’t been achieved with current carbon ski platforms. Enjoy perfect edge grip plus exceptionally smooth riding with the ski’s wood core and tough shell.

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K2 Pure Luv Women’s Skis


Enjoy your days in the snow with the K2 Pure Luv Women’s Skis. The skis have integrated Tyrolia SL100 bindings. They are 163 centimeters long. The Adult Tyrolia bindings include 3-10 din. These skis are perfect for beginner to intermediate female skiers. They each have a composite Core Catch Free rocker, which means there is a well-balanced combination of camber and sidecut. The smaller sidecut radius lets you navigate successfully through tighter turns without totally sacrificing stability. The reverse camber styling ensures better flotation in powder snow at the expense of edge grip.

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Rossignol  Smash 7 Skis


These Smash 7 skis from Rossignol ensure superior skiing performance for intermediate to elite skiers. The Smash 7  is an all-mountain powder ski that superbly balances float and overall flexibility. The Smash 7 provides on-call agility and reinforced durability so you can freeride with confidence. Its Powder Turn Rocker guarantees effortless maneuverability, tireless steering and up-to-the-minute cruise control. Powder skiing is made more fun and a lot easier when you have the Smash 7 skis underfoot. The Centered Sidecut gives you versatility on any terrain plus superior edge grip.

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 Blizzard Entertainment 2019 Bonafide Skis


The Blizzard Bonafide Skis have a Sandwich Sidewall Titanium Construction, which makes them sturdy enough to withstand snow terrain of various sorts. Construction is thus: Woodcore/ISO-Core/Bamboo/Titanium, which means these skis are one of the toughest, as stated by the many ski reviews 2019 that have included these skis in their lineup. The sandwich titanium construction makes these skis strong and stiff. The Paulownia wood core enables unrestricted and responsive turns. The dimensions of this skis are 133/98/118, which means they are the fastest type of skis to use in even the deepest snow.

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