Best ski helmets under $50


Cheap ski helmets for sale


“Safety first in no matter what you do” is the first thing that you should keep in mind. The most sensitive part that should be giving priority on the first hand is the head; and when you go for skiing, the first that thing you should look for is helmet. Look at the best ski helmets under $50.


Giro Sestriere ski helmet


Best ski helmets under $50

This helmet from many best ski helmet reviews gives you the finest security along with providing a stylish look that most of the helmets will fail to give you. The product is available in 6 sizes and thus there will never be a problem in case of adjusting with your size. The Stalom Chinbar gives a better grip and does not make you feel uncomfortable when harnessed. It definitely should be tried on, and because of these features, it has made it to the top of our list.

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“Skiing is one of my favorite activities and just to be safe while I’m doing it, I bought the Giro Sestriere helmet. I find it to be very comfortable on my head and so far it has protected me when I have taken a high speed fall.” Henry Watson


Smith Optics Maze ski helmet


Your concern for your children can be brought to an end during skiing if they are equipped with this helmet. The one-sized fit is just perfect for any young kid and the Bombshell Construction ensures the highest security for them. The Bombshell Ear Pads helps to keep the children safe and they also act as a shield from cold. The design is such that it keeps you warm throughout and so the little price wouldn’t hurt your pocket for the safety of your kid.

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“I wanted my child to start learning skiing and in no time he really took to it. But safety must come first like in all activities and this is why I bought him the Smith Optics Maze helmet. I feel more at ease knowing that he has all the safety features necessary so he can ski as long as he wants.” George Murphy


Giro Surface ski helmet


The next product that we have in our best ski helmets under $50 is something that you do not find on regular basis. The helmet is of a superior design and the hard shell that covers up the whole body of it maintains a high and impenetrable security. You can use it for a family run or the product is can also be used in a professional race as it is fit for it. Professional or starter, this will surely be one of the best options.

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“I read a lot of good reviews about its safety features so I decided to get this Giro helmet for my own protection while I am skiing. So far it does its job just like a reliable helmet should and I feel very confident with it on.” Rebecca Keith


Giro Slingshot ski helmet


Giro in this product gives away the finest quality of helmet to the kids out there and giving a sign of relief to the parents. Due to fitting issues, the helmet comes in two different sizes. The metallic sleek style is sure to be liked by the children and along with the cool design, it ensures top security too. The inner soft cushion makes it more comfortable for the kids to use it for the whole day. One of the bests helmets, indeed.

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“I bought this helmet for my son whether he goes down the slope with his snowbord or his skis. Protections always comes first that is what I always tought him and I am very happy when I see that he never forgets to put it on.” Sandra Collins


Lucky Bums ski helmet


It is yet another fine addition to the best ski helmets under $50 for the kids. The helmet is certified so it is one of the best when the question drops down to the security of your kids. The helmet comes in various colors so that it can keep up with the choice of your loved kids. The helmet is a perfect choice if you have a sporty kid at home and is willing to put the gear to test.

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“I did a bit of research before I went ahead and bought this helmet for my daughter and the reviews all said it was a very good choice. My daughter as well says it is very comfotable for her to wear, plus she has her share of falls and she seems to be very well protected by it, because she hasn’t had one injury yet, thank God.” Jane Madson