If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best skateboard money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best skateboard on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Punisher Butterfly Jive is the best model for sale because its concave deck is easy to control, and it is also covered in “cool” butterfly graphics. It is constructed from sturdy Canadian maple so the board won’t easily break, and the 5 inch trucks provide plenty of additional support. The wheels are also designed to roll smoothly over pavement so you can get the speed you need to pull of a variety of tricks. If the Punisher Butterfly Jive is not readily available you could consider the KPC Pro as it is the second best option.



Learn how to get a quality skateboard


Children love riding skateboards! This is a fact and thousands of parents know it. On Christmas day or birthdays, offering a skateboard to a child will definitely bring joy. Today’s growing demand for amazing skateboards is not surprising, given children’s desire to ride on different types of terrains without restrictions. Still, shopping for a brand new skateboard is pretty challenging since there are so many models out there. Experienced skaters or fans have a tendency of wanting the best model, designed with interesting colours or stripes worth showing around town. Every skater has its own riding style and for this particular reason there are so many models to choose from. You have to take into account a couple of things which can take you closer to an amazing product.

There are a couple of brands that release high quality models, worth investing in! We tested the structure and utility of 30 top rated skateboards, present in thousands of American homes. After one week of tests we were also able to safely draft the best skateboard reviews, important sources of information! Once you read professional information on top rated skateboards you will be able to identify the most efficient model. You have to stay away from cheap products because they will break at first use. It is important to own a skateboard that responds well to your riding skills. There are also $20 skateboards which won’t deliver proper riding assistance. As you can imagine such products don’t last very long and they usually end up in disappointment.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Length Price Wheels Deck Our Rating Where to buy

Punisher Butterfly Jive Complete

31 inch $$ 54x36mm PU Cast Canadian Maple A+ AMAZON

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan

44 inch $$$ Durable 70mm PU Hardwood maple and Artisan bamboo A AMAZON

Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Complete

22.5 inch $$ 59mm soft 78a Durmometer Injection molded plastic B+ AMAZON

Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete

31 inch $$ 54x36mm PU Ivory Canadian Maple B+ AMAZON

Roller Derby RDB-30K

31 inch $$ 52mm x 36mm Cast Urethane Laminated maple B+ AMAZON


Finding the best skateboard in 2021 is pretty challenging! Yet, with more information on the subject you will be able to narrow the search down to one single product. A good skateboard should be easy to assemble and respond well to the rider’s characteristics. First of all, skateboards need to look great and feel amazing. Furthermore the board should respond well to different terrains. Skateboarding is a sport that packs a lot of fun and exciting moments. The internet is more than willing to offer great insights on the sport’s hidden “treasures”. You should also know that colours and graphics are very important to skaters. There are big differences between 8 year old skaters and over 20 year old ones. You should also make sure that skateboards have proper size and shape to match the user’s corporeal features. You can take into account some standard recommendations regarding sizes and shapes.

With the best skateboard in 2021 skaters will be able to safely cover a lot of ground in style. It is important to have a reliable board that handles well on different types of terrains. You need a skateboard that has a deck from 7.5” to 8” wide, with slight variations. For people that have bigger feet, a wider skateboard deck is more than useful. With a reliable skateboard you will be able to safely experience amazing moments on any terrain. You have to skate without restrictions and challenge yourself at every turn! Choose a product which has an interesting design which stands out in any crowd.



Top rated skateboards in 2021 


Modern children and youngsters find skate-boarding a fun leisure, while others are more passionate over it. Either way, you need a heavy duty and stylish skateboard to perform your tricks, therefore the best skateboard reviews are the perfect place to look.



Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete


Is your daughter into skateboarding? If you want to make her the perfect gift, our experts recommend the Punisher Butterfly. The concave deck has a splendid bright-colored buttery design and has 31 inches in length. Furthermore, the deck is made out of Canadian maple to make it strong while not adding too much to the overall weight of the skateboard. The PU cast wheels offer the best traction on pavement and on skate parks. The ABEC bearings will not give in under the pressure of your child’s body mass and they also make the board highly stable. We conclude by recommending it as the best skateboard in 2021.



Produced by one of the best skateboarding brands 2021, the Butterfly Jive, is every skate girl’s dream mostly because of its great design.

It is an affordable skateboard with which you will learn the basics of skateboarding the proper way.

The Canadian Maple concave deck is incredibly durable, which makes this board perfect for skaters who don’t shy away from trying a trick or two every once in a while.

It comes with 5 inch Segaull trucks painted in metallic red so as to better fit the entire design.



Even though it looks like a professional skateboard it does not offer the same quality levels.

The paintjob will most than likely deteriorate pretty quickly.


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1.KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

If you are looking for fun activities for kids that can also help them get some exercise you might want to consider skateboarding, and the KPC Pro is a great way for them to get started. The board comes with a “Canadian maple construction” that ensures durability, and the aluminum trucks provide additional support on hard landings. Kids and adults will also love the black and white checkered graphics, along with the matching white 52mm wheels. The KPC Pro is perfect for beginners who are still practicing their balance and experienced riders who are looking for an affordable board that can handle all of their tricks.



The sturdy 7.75 inch concave deck is easy for beginners to control, even when they are practicing flips and other tricks.

With 7 to 9 ball bearings this skateboard from KPC is designed to provide you with a smooth ride, and give you the speed you need for more advanced tricks.

It also comes with rubber wheels that are ideal for beginners, and the larger 52mm size allows you to ride the board on the street and at skate parks.



There have been a few mentions about the grip tape chipping after a few hard rides. While this can affect your performance, the problem can be easily fixed simply by adding additional tape.


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Quest Super Cruiser


The designers of the Quest Super Cruiser have decided to give it a classic look finished with original abstract graphics. The deck is made from a combination of Artisan bamboo and maple, for a flexible yet strong construction. The 70 mm PU wheels are extremely durable and offer great traction when you cruise down the boardwalk. Although this skateboard has a considerable size compared to other models on this list, it doesn’t weigh much and one reason for this are the aluminum trucks.  The positive customer reports and reviews have convinced our experts to include it in our list.



Currently one of the best longboard skateboards on the market, the Super Cruiser stands out because of its bamboo deck which makes it an incredibly durable skateboard.

The deck is also made out hardwood maple which offers it stability and just the right amount of flexibility.

The 70mm PU wheels are durable and allow you to go very fast.

It is very maneuverable even at high speeds which is pretty amazing considering it is not destined for professionals.



Even though it is advertised as a perfect beginner’s board, it may be a bit too much to handle if you’ve never ridden a longboard skateboard.

It offers a smooth ride but it does tend to make you feel each and every small rock.


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Stereo Vinyl Cruiser


The Vinyl Cruiser from Stereo is bound to turn some heads on the boardwalk with its peculiar design which is a tribute to two history packed genres of American music, Jazz and Blues. The plastic deck can come in various colors from yellow to black and it’s finished off with groove tracks, making it look like a vinyl record. For increased stability this skateboard has Soft 90A bushings, 3,125 trucks and 78A PU tunnel wheels. Also, you will receive, free of charge, a sticker pack so you can customize the Vinyl Cruiser as you see fit. The best skateboard reviews have given this model high ratings and this is the main reason why we recommend its purchase.



The smooth ride and the speed this skateboard offers is perfect for any student wanting to get around the campus faster than usual.

It is made out of reinforced injection molded plastic which is flexible but very durable at the same time. It will handle a 210lbs. person without any problems.

The 59mm soft 78a durmometer wheels are long-lasting and provide a smooth ride even over tougher terrain.

As an added bonus, you will receive a pair of Stereo sunglasses to match the board and a set of stickers to customize the board as you see fit.



Not destined for beginners as it is too sensitive to banking right and left.

The wheels are a bit loud.


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Punisher Cherry Blossom


The Punisher Cherry Blossom has all the makings of a reliable and safe skateboard for children. While the deck pink design makes it a great gift to make for your daughter, the affordable price range makes it an even better choice. The low price doesn’t sacrifice a high quality standard, the skateboard being fitted with ABEC-5 bearings and New Seagull 5 inch allow trucks. The 54×36 PU Ivory wheels provide excellent traction and they add to the design with their carefully made graphics. The Canadian maple deck gives the Cherry Blossom stability and will prove to be extra durable.



Great floral design for girls who want to learn a thing or two about skating.

Durable because of the Canadian maple used to build the deck.

The ABEC-5 bearings are very silent and also durable which will allow you to use this deck for a long time without making any further investments.

It comes with new Seagaull alloy trucks that allow smooth banking.

The double kick concave deck will allow you to pull some pretty sweet tricks.



It is a bit heavy which will make it hard to learn new tricks.

The graphics, although very appealing, come with some minor flaws.


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Roller Derby RDB-30K Street Series


The successful Street Series from Roller Derby is famous for its top skateboards and its newest model is the RDB-30K. It comes in three different colored designs which make the skateboard have a truly street style. Even though it’s a relatively new model, it doesn’t cost much and it can easily be afforded by someone with an average budget. Only high-quality pieces have been used in the assembly process: a laminated maple deck, 5 inch aluminum trucks, Cast Urethane wheels and Bevo Silver 5 Race Rated Bearings.



It has one of the nicest designs on the market.

The deck is made out of 9-ply laminated maple which makes it extra durable and incredibly flexible during shock.

The deck comes with a kick tail and grip tape which are perfect if you plan on impressing your friends with a few basic tricks.

It is affordable and, according to most of the best skateboarding brands reviews, it offers incredible value for money,



This board is easily be scratched.

It is not destined for professionals or beginners, finding its way somewhere in the middle.


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Element Thriftwood


The risk of people losing their money to purchase the wrong skateboard is gone long ago, now that there are some of the most amazing skateboards available, like the Element Thriftwood model, which ensures that your child plays with something really special. Moreover, it comes with a trendy and fashionable design that steals the show. What is more, its deck measures 7.5x 31.5 inches, which is ideal for any young learner, while its unique construction and technology that is used to create it make it a very appealing skateboard that can easily be a great toy in the hands of your children, thus elevating fun and entertainment to other dimensions.


“It wasn’t hard to assemble my new Element skateboard and as soon as I got on it for the first time it felt so well balanced. The best rated skateboard reviews were right to consider it one of the top 10 models in 2021.” – Michael T. Jones


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Airwalk Unraveled


The Airwalk unraveled skateboard is another grand name among the best skateboard models that are highly ranked in 2021 and is greatly preferred by lots of professionals of this field, as it elevates the skateboarding experience to upper levels. It is perfect for riding in the street and it blends a famous classic design, like the double-kicktail, with a solid shape that bends inwards, in a unique way, thus making the Airwalk a board you definitely would want to showcase. Additionally, it comes with a deck that is constructed out of 9 layers of heat-pressed maple that are strongly glued, 50mm wheels made of cast polyurethane and a 2 trucks of 5 inches made of aluminum.


“Expert reviews showed me which was the best skateboard for my riding style. I purchased the Airwalk Unraveled for a Black Friday discount, so this made it very cheap. It feels sturdy, although it’s quite light and the balance is just right.” – Bryant Krause


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Zero 3 Skull Blood


For those who are a fan of gothic and skull designs, the Zero 3 Skull model is the perfect skateboard for them. It has been rated as one of the best skateboards deals models due to its unique style that are incomparable to any other brands. Moreover, it brings entertainment and leisure to completely different levels that your kids will appreciate a great deal, because of their designs and the manufacturing styles. It is definitely an ideal present especially for youngsters, who can benefit from its 7.75-inch structure and perform any stunt and trick they know and their mind can create. All in all, the Zero 3 model and its new designs will take skateboard companies to a new level of competition.


“This skateboard from Zero came highly recommended as one of the most popular models on the market so I decided to give it as a Xmas gift for my son, He liked it very much and he rides it as much as time allows him to. Because I see he’s so pleased with it, I recommend it as a great present to male.” – Charles K. Simpson


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Element 20 year Quadrant Twig – Not available


Element 20 Quadrant Twig has been appreciated by a huge number of users who have all given positive reviews on it. The wonderful features and great looks bring this skateboard highly rated among the best skateboard reviews of 2021. This skateboard has a great structure that measures 7.37 inches wide and has a handy set of features which will help you perform tricks with your skateboards in an experienced way. For those who are beginners, the Element Quadrant Twig skateboard can help you become better in skateboarding by using the stabilization wheels it comes equipped with and once you have become skilled at what you have been practicing, you can try out some stunts as well, as it never ends with the Element model.



Airwalk Uncontested – No longer available


Best skateboard reviews

People you are into skateboarding are also aware that Airwalk sponsors many great skaters, which means that the quality levels are extremely hard to be over-passed by others. In other words, the Airwalk model comes with a deck that measures 31 inches in length and 7.75 inches in width and is made from Canadian maple applied in 7 layers, for even more enhanced life span. Moreover, it is equipped with heavy-duty 53mm wheels that are made of polyurethane so as to get better control of the skateboard, no matter how flat or turbulent the ground is. Overall, it appeals to youngsters over the age of 16, while its trendy looks are owed to the metallic paint that is applied on its surface.