Top rated Shower Trim Kits in 2019


Taking a shower in the morning starts me on my day, which is why I have done the rounds of the best shower trim kit reviews to make sure I will be able to get the best product in the market. Unfortunately, that search has not only literally gotten my hopes wet, but also led me nowhere near getting what I really want: a lovely mixture of hot and cold water balanced perfectly to jumpstart my day. Material may be chrome, nickel or bronze. And if possible, the fewer the parts, the happier my wallet will be. Here are some brands that have proven to be pretty good choices.


Delta T14253 Vero Monitor Shower Trim


I just hate it when someone else in the house turns a faucet on and the shower jet suddenly turns from a powerful jet to a gentle trickle of water. But with this product, which has qualified with reason in the best shower trim kit reviews, that has easily become a non-issue. The pressure remains balanced, in cold and hot water, even when a valve is turned on or off in another location in the system. Although there is a need to get a rough-in valve separately, there is a wealth of choices out there so the resulting configuration is a sure winner. This unit is pretty minimalist and sleek, reflecting exceptional style. The showerhead is built with a rain can look, which is quite neat.

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Danze D510533BNT Reef Shower Trim Kit


This product has earned five stars consistently as the best shower trim kit in 2019. It goes ideally with specific Danze valves or pressure balance mixing configurations. The brass rectangle showerhead measures 6 inches and carries a classy finish. Durable for long term use, this unit has a 6-inch shower arm and sturdy brass construction. It has good water dispersion as it is tilted at forty-five degrees, which means you can get under the shower directly and without any trouble about having the water spray hit the bathroom walls instead of your body.

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Moen Eva T2132BN Shower Trim Kit


The elegant style on this product makes it an excellent choice for people who like contemporary products in their bathrooms. This has earned recognition as a top rated shower trim kit in 2019 because of the soft grey metallic look that it carries. The brushed nickel finish is guaranteed not to chip off, corrode or go all flakey and old-looking. The valve for pressure balance remains dependable at delivering good water pressure and even temperature for years to come. It carries an easy-to-operate lever design. The entire unit has a timeless yet modern appeal that speaks of sophisticated taste.

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Delta BT14496-OB Windemere Tub/Shower Trim


Sleek, clean curves and a great buy, that has made this the highly coveted best shower trim kit in 2019. Have a touch of whimsy in your bath with this product. It has a pressure balance cartridge geared for flawless uni-function. You should get a separate rough valve so this product can perform as designed. The lever handle is metal for extra durability. There are hot-and-cold indicators so you don’t have to figure out which is which. The lever handle is responsible for temperature adjustment. You won’t be sorry to be buying this set as the fixtures are of oil rubbed bronze for extra handsome, smooth finish.

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Delta Fundations BT14296-OB Series Shower Trim


Although this product leaves something to be desired when jet spray power is a requirement, it still performs well. There is no provision for a wide cone spread to deliver high water pressure, but if you’re quite happy with a “waterfall” spray, it’s pretty adequate. It combines modern shower technology with a classic design that can go well with the traditional décor in your bathroom. It requires a multi-choice adaptable rough valve. The construction is of solid brass, made to be reliable and premium quality. The rain can showerhead satisfies your need for a consistent water cascade that won’t waste water unnecessarily.

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