How to purchase a top shower shelf:


If you want your bathroom to reflect fine taste when you’re remodeling, reading the best shower shelf reviews may help you a lot. From a simple shower caddy to a built-in unit with a support bar, the highest rated shower shelf is a pretty utilitarian structure that should be able to carry shower essentials, such as every family member’s own brand of shampoo, soap, shower or bath gel, hair conditioner, loofas, in-shower skin moisturizers, etc. As each member is entitled to enjoy every shower as personal time, the shower shelf should be able to provide a stress-free bathing experience at all times by making each item easily accessible.


Material and Construction

Since even the best rated shower shelf will be in constant contact with water and steam, it needs to be made of premium quality materials that are resilient to rust and corrosion. Stainless steel shelves or those constructed of brushed nickel or chrome are popular. Water and the soap or various alkaline/acid elements in most shower care products can cause chipping, scaling, or oxidation so getting the best product for the money is an investment that’s worth the effort. Do not just settle for a product simply because it will look nice with your shower tiles. Make sure the unit is durable, with thick wires and reliable partitions that will not develop ugly spots of rust after some time.


Distance and Size

Who makes the best shower shelf on the market? Unfortunately, that is a bit difficult to answer right away. The product should not overly protrude into the shower space to take away significant amount of elbow room when you are under the shower. The vertical space between each layer should be sufficient to allow easy placement of bottles, jars or large containers of bath essentials. Ideally, the height of the shelves should be adjustable. The design should be simple but functional, giving you enough space to store your shower essentials and keeping items enclosed and steady, not falling to the floor every time one item is removed. The most reliable product should be able to hold items well and sufficiently without overcrowding.



Putting up the new shower shelf should not require advanced expertise or any special skill. The product may come with its own tension pole with adjustable height, or be mounted easily using suction cups and/or tension plus friction mechanisms that grip tiles firmly. The unit should not fall off as long as its capacity is respected during use. The unit should be lightweight but strong, with a sleek design that is durable and appropriate for its purpose. Putting the unit up should not take too much time or effort.


Things to consider:

  • Ensure that the product is made of quality materials and is of premium craftsmanship, with no sharp edges and poor-quality components.
  • The layers should be perfectly distanced from each other, with enough room to get items out without everything on the shelf falling down or toppling over.
  • Mounting or attachment to the wall should be effortless and should not require special tools.


Top rated Shower Shelves in 2018


The best shower shelf in 2018 is not that easy to find but when you buy it from a reputable source, you are confident that what you get is what you pay for. Check for warranty and return policies to ensure that you are getting a great product that delivers as promised. Do remember that colors and unique design are only secondary to functionality and performance for the long term.


Moen LR2356DBN Home Care Grab-Bar W/Shelf


Built with a smooth brushed nickel finish, the Moen LR2356DBN Home Care Grab Bar with Shelf offersa lightly brushed warm grey metallic look that should look great in any bathroom, according to the best shower shelf reviews. It carries a sleek yet simple style, with smooth design lines that ensure easy cleaning. This 18-inch grab  bar includes an innovative integrated rack for your bath essentials. It is made of stainless steel to ensure resilience against chipping, corrosion or rust. The unit has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, ensuring secure hold for all your showering items. This durable product comes with the needed mounting hardware to make installation effortless. It is ADA compliant, ensuring safe and non-toxic use.

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simplehuman Adjustable Stainless Steel Shower Caddy


With adjustable shelves that slide up, down, and sideways, the simplehuman Adjustable Stainless Steel Shower Caddy ensures that there is always room to accommodate tall bottles. What makes this the best shower shelf in 2018 is the secure fit it provides via rubberized clamp screws that give a secure grip on the showerhead. The adjustable suction cup swivels to avoid uneven tiles. The product is built with convenient storage hooks that can hold a razor, loofahs, toothbrush or other accessories, so they are always within reach. The shower caddy uses rust-proof materials in its construction, ensuring a durable, long-lasting finish that won’t rust or fade.

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OXO Good Grips Press Sure Corner-Caddy


Combining friction and tension, the OXO Good Grips Press Sure Corner Caddy attaches securely to porous and non-porous surfaces to provide a convenient space to put your shower essentials. It is easy to install and removing it can be done by simply pulling or pushing the handle. The corner caddy requires no tools for secure set up. It has a metal bar where you can hang your washcloth, plus two metal hooks where you can stow loofahs, razors, toothbrushes and other accessories. The drainage slots do not let water pool on the caddy so it is always clean and free from slime. You can even store shampoo upside down thanks to small holes at the bottom, allowing easy dispense of liquid shower products via gravity. The product holds up to 10 pounds.

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Zenith Products 2132HB Tub-and-Shower Tension-Pole Caddy


Thanks to the oil-rubbed finish, this Tub-and-Shower Tension Pole Caddy from Zenith Products is resilient against rust and chipping. It cleans easily with a damp cloth. The caddy is composed of three shelves as well as a deep bucket shelf, hooks, razor storage and towel bar to hold your bath essentials in one sleek system. The integrated tension pole has non-marking end caps that allow you to fit the shower caddy into any space up to a standard ceiling height of 8 feet 1 inch. The support bars under the shelves enable storage of heavy bottles, effectively preventing the shelf from tilting. The shelves are made with a convenient into-the-corner triangular shape to transform an empty corner space into a functional storage area.

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InterDesign Classico Suction Silver Shower Shelves


Tired of your old, lousy shower shelf system? Update your shower’s look with the InterDesign Classico Suction Silver Shower Shelves. This product has a variety of hooks and level shelves where you can place your shower accessories, shampoo, bath gels and soaps. There are four suction cups that hold the caddy in place. The two large shelves and convenient towel bar accommodate your frequently used shower items. Slots on the shower shelf hold razors or toothbrushes. The unit installs easily when the attachment surface is cleaned with rubbing alcohol to ensure slip-free installation. You can store bottles in upside-down position to enable easy dispensing of bath care product via gravity.

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