Top Features to Consider when Buying a Shower Seat:


After a long day, a shower is one of the best places to unwind; however, you can truly relax when you take a bath, you can sit down and really rest. With one of the best shower seats of 2018, you have the best of both worlds! We have created this guide to provide you key information to help you choose which of the top ten shower seats would be the most beneficial in your quest to relax.


Size and Shape

If you have ever looked at some of the best rated shower seats, you will notice that there are several different styles available on the market. When you are trying to pick out a new seat, you want to take into consideration the size and shape of your shower and if it will be large enough to accommodate the type of seat, you want. Suppose you want a corner only seat, but your shower does not have enough space for it.  If your shower is limited on space, a good option is a chair because when it is not being used, it can be taken out of the shower and stored for the next time. Of course, you want to make sure that when the chair is in the shower, you have enough room to maneuver while using the chair.



Some of the highest rated shower seats are made of plastic; however, you can find chairs made of rubber, metal, and even wood. Teak wood shower chairs are quickly becoming some of the most popular shower seats because they are comfortable, water resistant, and they look unique and very stylish. While plastic and rubber chairs may be considered cheap, they are very durable and lightweight. They also offer the user incredible stability because the legs are often slip-resistant. Metal chairs are generally lightweight and easy to keep clean.


The Features of the Seat

In the past, shower seats were primarily used for health reasons. If you begin your shower seat quest by thing of it as an accessory rather than a necessity, it can be a completely different ballgame. Think of the desired features you want in your seat. You may want some handles on the seat to help you move it in and out of the shower. Perhaps you would like for storage under the seat so that you can store soaps, shampoo and other shower necessities. Maybe you would like the chair to fold up for easy storage when it is not in use. These features can play a big role in what kind of chair you choose.


Shower seats are no longer only for home health care. People who endure a long day at work can enjoy relaxing under the hot water while taking a load off their feet. When you read the best shower seat reviews, you will see that the people who have invested in a shower seat are very happy with their purchase.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a seat that will fit in your shower and is comfortable to sit in.
  • The seat should be made of sturdy, non-slip material.
  • Look for a shower seat that has other features, such as storage under the seat, or have the ability to fold up for easy storage.


Top rated Shower Seats in 2018


A shower seat is something that people used to only purchase for home health care use. Instead, people are purchasing shower chairs to help them relax while bathing, especially if they do not have a tub that they can soak in. When you relax with a shower chair, you have the ability to let the water wash over you, essentially letting the stressed of the day go right down the drain.


Nova Ortho-Med Quick Release Shower Chair with Back


The Nova Ortho-Med quick release shower chair features a back with a handle. The back, arms, and seat are made of a heavy duty plastic that is molded to provide you with optimal comfort while bathing or relaxing. The legs of the chair features skid resistant rubber tips, which is essential for your safety. These rubber tips prevents the chair from moving when you are trying to sit or get up. The height of the seat can be adjusted between 16 inches and 20 inches, thus making it easier to sit in for those who have mobility concerns. The weight capacity of the chair is 275 pounds.

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Satori Solid Teak Shower Bench


The Satori model of shower benches is a patent pending member of the Decoteak Asian line. This particular model measures 12 x 17.5 x 17.5 inches and is perfect for the smaller showers. The fully functional shower chair can also be used as a footrest for shaving, but can also be used as a functional bathing seat. The water resistant teak wood seat features a slotted seat, which allows water to pass through. The included foot leveler pads allows you to adjust each leg for floors with a gentle slope. The rubber footpads provide the seat with a non-slip surface for optimal stability. The rubber pads not only provide you with a non-slip surface, but they keep the wooden legs out of the water. This ensures the longevity of the teak.

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Medline Guardian Bath Bench with Back


The Medline Guardian Bath Bench with Back increases the users comfort due to the high-density polyethylene seat and back. The angled legs help to distribute weight over a larger area and the suction cup tips on each leg provides the user with additional stability. Users now have the peace of mind knowing that the suction cup tips will prevent the chair from slipping, so they can sit down and get up with confidence. The durable aluminum frame is corrosion resistant and can be adjusted in 1-inch increments. This feature is ideal for those who have mobility issues.

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Ez2Care Adjustable Lightweight Shower Bench


This basic shower seat features an anti-slip seat with four drainage holes and handles on the side. The handles help make it easy to move the chair in and out of the shower. The slip resistant rubber tips on the bottom of the aluminum legs prevent the chair from slipping in the shower while you get up or sit down on the seat. The height of the seat can be adjusted between 12.5 and 16.5 inches to provide users with the most comfortable seated position. The chair can support weight up to 250 pounds and can comfortably fit inside any shower or small bathtub.

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Moen DN7025 Home Care Adjustable Tub and Shower Seat


Safety and comfort are not an issue with this shower seat by Moen. The seat is constructed from a combination of hard plastic on the seat and aluminum for the legs, thus ensuring both durability and stability. The rubber stoppers on the bottom of each leg is designed to protect users from slipping and sliding while sitting or getting up from the seat. The seat itself features a non-slip surface, making it safe to maneuver in the shower while in the seated position. You can adjust the seat’s height from 14 to 21 inches to accommodate most individuals.

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