Top rated Shower Caddies in 2019


Has your daily shower been disrupted by your bathroom essentials suddenly falling all over the floor because your shower caddy just won’t stay put as it should? After reading tons of best shower caddy reviews, that has happened to me so many silly times. An accidental elbow slamming into the shower caddy or a soapy hand reaching for a shampoo bottle placed too near the open edge. These have caused me to consider the many shower caddies I have bought as mere nuisances that make them very inconvenient bathroom fixtures. After going through dozens of catalogues for bathroom fixtures, I have found these products as the most dependable of all.


 simplehuman Adjustable Tension Shower Caddy


Best Shower Caddy ReviewsThe exceptional aluminum and stainless steel construction makes this a sturdy yet light best shower caddy in 2019. It may not be completely rust resistant, but it is rust proof to last a particularly long time. The trays are made secure and roomy enough to hold those bathroom essentials. The product is space efficient so you can have your bottles, bars and jars to fit onto the shelves. The pole and spring combine to make excellent fit in the bath or shower, between the ceiling and the floor. Just extend the pole till it touches the floor and the ceiling securely and you’re all set. The shelves slide up and down really easily. There are also well-placed storage hooks for bathroom accessories.

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simplehuman Adjustable Corner Stainless-steel Shower Caddy


The adjustable shelves on this best shower caddy in 2019 have a generous depth and width so tall bottles can be accommodated with ease. They can be slid up or down too. The soap dish on the caddy is a thoughtful element, as are the pair of hooks for sponge or washcloth storage and the razor-and-toothbrush holder. The pronged feet make shower or tub placement easy. It can fit outstandingly in corners so it doesn’t take up space unnecessarily. It is constructed sturdily of rust-proof materials that will not discolor so easily. You can have pump dispensers on the shelves, and the caddy still remains secure.

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Better Houseware Deluxe Chrome Shower Caddy


This is a quick fix for your bathroom dilemma on how to manage having your bathroom essentials close by when you shower. It hangs conveniently on the shower head. It can carry fairly large bottles or jars and even wide handle razors. It saves space in the shower. It also has a fairly solid construction. Putting the pair of suction cups onto the caddy provides extra stability, as they can prevent things from knocking each other around. The tiers on the shower caddy are of the right size for an average type shower or bathroom.

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Zenith Products E7803STBB Caddy, Stainless Steel


This product, which has rightfully earned its place in the best shower caddy reviews, is made of stainless steel. It has two adjustable shelves that give sufficient room for larger shampoo bottles. The hooks provide good hanging storage of washcloths, loofahs, razors, shower puffs and similar items. The soap tray located at the bottom is a convenient feature. You can hang this caddy over the top of your shower door that’s built to standard. The integrated suction cups keep the ensemble secure against your shower door. The metal hangers will not leave a mark on your shower door.

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simplehuman Adjustable Stainless Steel Shower Caddy


Great design and sturdy look make this the top rated shower caddy in 2019. There is an open hook for your body scrubbing materials and a closed hoop for your razor. The shelves can be adjusted to slide up or down and even sideways to accommodate large bottles. For a secure fit, there are rubberized clamp screws to fit firmly onto the showerhead. The suction cup is adjustable and pivots to provide a solution to uneven tile work. The premium materials used in this caddy are strong and made to resistdiscoloration or rust for a relatively long time.

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