Although radios have been surpassed in the past years by more advanced technologies, they still remain the number one source of information in critical situations. They are still preferred by hundreds of millions of people in the entire world, which makes them as popular as they were more than one century ago when they first appeared. However, finding a good shortwave and portable radio seems quite a challenge nowadays. But, after going through plenty of online reviews, we have concluded that one of the best items you can purchase on the market is the LCJ Portable because it provides the perfect blend of the old and the new – a USB driver, an MP3 player, a USB charging cable, and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. If the LCJ Portable is not your cup of tea, we suggest considering the TIVDIO V-116 item as a proper replacer in price/ quality ratio.



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For a hundred years, shortwave radios have been used to help people connect with one another over long distances. This technology has paved the way for communication that we know (and some would say we cannot live without) today.

Many people prefer listening to these shortwave radios for talk radio, emergency broadcasting and other tidbits from around the world. While we cannot tell you what is the best shortwave radio available, we can offer you some information that may help you decide which device is right for you.

Shortwave radioDigital vs. Analog

When you think of shortwave radios, you may not think you can find them in a digital form. Ah, but you can! In fact, some of the best rated shortwave radios are digital. This is because you have the ability to fine tune the station list and hone in on an exact station, rather than trying to fiddle with the dial to get a clear station. Of course, by choosing to go digital, you may find it difficult to stay under your budget.



If you do choose a digital radio, you will want to be aware of how much power they require. The more features like clocks, LED screens, alarms, they all take extra power to function. If you are relying on batteries to keep your radio powered, you will want to stock up on the batteries! Of course, if you keep the radio plugged in, you will have no problem. If you are keeping a shortwave radio for an emergency, you may want to go with a simple style, as they do not require a lot of power.


Frequencies and Antennas

Some radios only use a common range of a maximum 30 MHz, whereas the more advanced radios cover all areas of shortwave. These facets are called SW1 and SW2, and they also include AM, FM, weather band and long wave—among other ranges. The vast range is more versatile, but it will take more power for it to function. This will not be a problem if you are keeping the device plugged in. This is just something you will need to consider prior to purchase.

A shortwave radio is one of the top ten devices for people who are preparing for natural disasters because they can receive broadcasts from all over the world. Whether you are a prepper or you just want to know what is going on in the world around you, you will want to choose one of the highest rated shortwave radios.


Products for specific needs


Best Shortwave Radio for Number Stations



Sony ICF-SW7600GR


If you are looking for a shortwave radio that has the ability to receive longwave radio stations, this radio by Sony is considered to be the best shortwave radio for number stations. You can use the “My-Memory” tuning to memorize and scan up to 100 different frequencies. This will give you the opportunity to experience new stations. There are four tuning methods on this device: direct tuning, manual tuning, scan and preset stations. The radio features a world clock and dual clock functions, and it is also has a built in timer that will help you keep time. You can label preset stations with six alphanumeric letters. It has the ability to scan up to 100 frequencies.


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Best Shortwave Radio for the Money


Grundig Satellite 750


The Grundig Satellite Shortwave Radio provides you with complete functionality as well as being able to function as a shortwave radio in a classic radio design. This is the best shortwave radio for the money because it combines AM/FM stereo with shortwave, longwave, SSB and aircraft radio frequencies. You have the ability to program 100 stations into the device. You can also use it as an alarm clock, plus it features a line in and line out sockets to make it usable between devices. This device is also compatible with your MP3 player, which allows you to listen to your own media through the speakers.


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Best portable shortwave Radio for Preppers


Tescun PL-660


This dual conversion radio has the ability to give you access to six different frequencies: AM, SW-SSB, AIR, FM, LW, and SW band. The Sync detector is used for AM which becomes a selectable sideband that reduces interference from channels that are close. This technology limits the fading distortion during the night, giving you crisp reception. The radio has a built-in DC 5-volt USB jack, an earphone jack, as well as a built-in charging system that is ideal for charging the rechargeable batteries that are included with the device. Because the radio uses rechargeable batteries, the Tecsun is one of the best shortwave radios for preppers.


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Top rated shortwave radios in 2021


When you go camping or on a trip in the middle of nature you need to have a bit of technology with you and this can be a shortwave radio, keeping you in touch with what is happening in the world and with the weather which is coming your way. To help you choose the right shortwave radio we have devised a list composed of 5 different models which are all well reviewed by satisfied customers in the best shortwave radios reviews.



LCJ Portable 1000MAH


This is a very affordable and portable small radio which you can take with you anywhere you go. The integrated headphone jack enables you to listen to your favorite radio shows anywhere you are, without disturbing the others.

What we like about this small product is that it has a playful design, and it can be purchased in a variety of colors, including blue, gold, and red.

Depending on the volume on which you listen to the radio, this device will provide a maximum broadcasting time between 2 and a half hours and eight hours.

The product can be used internationally too, allowing you to hear AM, FM, and SW frequencies.



It comes in five different color schemes so that you can best express your style and personality.

The small dimensions can help you easily store and use the item wherever you are. In addition, the integrated headphone jack is perfect for those who need privacy while listening to their favorite radio shows.



Some of the customers who have purchased the product claimed the sound quality on this item is mediocre and that it doesn’t necessarily pay off.

Be careful when ordering and verify your purchase before signing the delivery papers. Some customers didn’t receive the radio’s battery.


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This radio and mp3 player represents the perfect hybrid between the old and the new tendencies in music and portable devices. Ideal for travel, this small radio will easily fit in your shirt pocket, making it extremely lightweight and easy to carry around everywhere you go.

The product comes equipped with a variety of useful features, including an international 24-hour alarm clock, a built-in LCD backlight, as well as a rechargeable Lithium battery.

You can easily include a flash card memory of up to 32GB and listen to your favorite tunes anywhere you go.



This is one of the few items on the market within a reasonable price range that has an MP3 player function also, which definitely appeals to youngsters who are more connected to music nowadays.

We liked the real small dimensions that can help the product to be almost untraceable. It fits in a regular shirt pocket, so you can take it anywhere with you.



Most of the customers complained about the real low battery life on this product. When fully charged, the radio won’t provide more than four hours of use, according to some users.


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Sangean ATS-405


This product respects the quality imposed by all other Sangean items, delivering a highly functional and operational mini compact radio.

This multi-band world receiver comes with 108 presets that can be changed and interchanged according to your own preferences.

In addition, you will benefit from five different tuning methods, including auto scan, manual tuning, and memory recall. The product is shipped in a matching carrying pouch for improving protection and extreme portability. We suggest purchasing this particular Sangean radio if you’re a true retro person with no requirements of more modern means of communication.



The easy button menu on the front part of the device helps you perfectly understand every function of your newly acquired item, as well as making you browse through different modes, frequencies, and other features.

What we truly liked about this Sangean radio is its small dimension, weighing only 12.8 ounces.



The 4 AA batteries on which this device runs are not included in the shipping cost and package.

In addition, the product doesn’t provide the possibility of listening to your own music choices, as it doesn’t come with a microSD card slot.


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Eton Grundig NGSAT750B


Best Shortwave Radios reviewsA complete and reliable shortwave radio is the Grundig NGSAT750B which will always be there by your side wherever you go thanks to its compact size. It is able to capture AM, FM, Aircraft Band and shortwave so you won’t miss out on anything. With it you will be able to pick out even the slimmest of signals with its 360 degree rotating AM antenna. It is equipped with a huge internal memory as well so you can save up to 100 stations on each band. The top shortwave radios reviews are very positive when they analyze its features.



Great tabletop shortwave radio, may be the best shortwave radio under $100 thanks to how it brings portable yet complete coverage of all shortwave, medium wave and long wave frequencies

Also pulls in FM stereo via the earphone jack, plus VHF aeronautical band from 117 to 137 megahertz

Shortwave coverage includes reception of SSB or single side band mode to let in transmission from shortwave aircraft, maritime and ham radio operators

With enhanced sound fidelity from separate treble and bass controls plus long distance medium-wave or AM band reception through built-in directional ferrite antenna



May not carry the bells and whistles of more expensive models but does its job efficiently

Plastic-like casing deserves care in use, as do all other appliances that have high level of functionality


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Sony ICF-SW7600GR


One of the most popular shortwave radios you can find on the market today is the Sony ICF-SW760GR, and it is so popular because it has proven to be extremely reliable and useful. It is equipped with a PLL digital tuner which allows it to receive even the faintest FM, MW/AM, SSB, shortwave and longwave radio signals. You can memorize up to 100 different frequencies on it and then scan them immediately. There is no doubt why the Sony ICF-SW7600GR is considered one of the best shortwave radios in 2021.



Pulls in various FM and AM stations on a global scale, a superbly portable radio that pulls in the world with well-engineered precise tuning capability

Frequency-synthesized tuning with PLL quartz allows a convenient and accurate system of locating just the right stations no matter where their location is on the dial

Telescoping antenna built into the unit made of ferrite enables fine tuning of radio waves, with accurate reception of a wide range of frequencies including Medium Wave  or AM, shortwave, FM, and Long Wave, with a 10-key direct access tuning that allows capturing of distant stations with just a touch of the tuning pad

LCD digital display shows the selected station frequency plus other essential data



Priced higher than some best shortwave radio under $100 units but packs a punch for the extra cost

No handy snooze button for the dual/world time clock


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Kaito Tecsun PL-660


The best shortwave radios reviews suggest getting the Tecsun PL-660 because it has all the features you would expect from such a radio. With it you can have AM, FM, SW-SSB and AIR band reception everywhere you decide to go. With it you will also get a charger for its Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries, earphones, a wire antenna and a carrying pouch which makes it easy to take it with you on your various incursions into nature. All these features and more you will get for a very reasonable price, making it affordable for almost anyone.



High sensitivity with dual conversion, able to capture AM or medium wave, short wave-single side band mode and air band transmissions

Offers SYNC detector for AM while reducing adjacent channel interference thanks to the selectable sideband that also eliminates fading distortions at night

Has Auto Tuning Storage Function to remember MW, FM, LW and SW bands frequently pulled in, with six tuning modes in all via the convenient rotary dial

Unit has built-in DC USB jack, FM and SW antenna jack, charging system for the included Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries, and earphone jack



Needs a quiet RFI environment to help capture zero interference because it is a Software Defined Radio

LCD display can’t be turned off, with timer icon flashing continuously


“This is a good radio to have around while working. I listen to my favorite radio channels, catch up on news from my town, all to have a good working atmosphere. I bought it for a very low price because it had a Black Friday discount.” – Mike J. Foster


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Shortwave Radios – What to Look For:


From time to time a good radio program will delight anyone listening. Today, more and more people want in their homes a high quality shortwave radio. Designed as the ideal portable radio, shortwave models offer a smooth audio experience. Just think of going fishing or camping without a great shortwave radio. You can’t do it! This is why you need to consult the present best shortwave radios reviews and discover more about these devices. Shopping for a brand new radio may take a while if you are not properly informed. It is vital that you know what to look for. With a high quality shortwave radio you will be able to access all your favourite radio shows. If you are new to the world of shortwave radios there are some things that you need to take into consideration.

How can you find the best shortwave radios in 2021? Well, you have to find a radio with the following features: wide frequency coverage, sensitivity and ability to receive single sideband. A good radio with wide frequency coverage can help you listen to some of the most popular shortwave and amateur radio bands. Single-sidebands can help listeners to hear amateur military and radio transmissions. Portable radios are great for people that don’t stand still in one place for long. People with active lifestyles, love to have around with them radios and a solid connection with interesting radios. The market is packed with a lot of radios, which give you access to everything you love to hear on the radio. Since there are so many products available on the market, you’ll find it very difficult to pinpoint just one product to use.

As the best shortwave radios reviews pointed out, the first thing that you have to do is determine which one to use. You have to go through the seller’s history and take in customer feedback and rating. It is important invest in a product that won’t let you down. After reading some of the latest user testimonials, you will have the much needed guarantee that the product won’t let you down. In order to consolidate your decision, you should also look at pictures of the product. You should look closely at the pictures and determine whether or not the radio deserves to be yours. A good shortwave radio needs to have a lightweight design which can be installed and used with ease on different occasions. In addition, it has to perform well every time you turn it on.

You will notice that some of the best shortwave radios in 2021 come with different instruction manuals. Don’t throw them out! You need to go through them and read page after page in order to set the basis for a pleasurable audio experience. Most shortwave radios come with a front speaker that is excellent in streaming precise audio performance. Beginners and seasoned radio listeners will love going back and forth from one program to the next. It is a type a radio that simply never gets too old.



Unavailable products



Grundig NG3B Globe Traveler


The Grundig NG3B is another reliable shortwave radio which will work no matter which part of the globe you are on. The quality to price ratio is excellent, giving you access to a whole lot of possibilities for a very decent price. The digital display shows you clearly the frequency you are using, plus the time, no matter the time zone. The RDS also comes in handy so you can pick up shortwave frequencies from your location.



Synchronous Detector feature provides selectable side band line-in and out to capture up to 700 programmable memories for a variety of frequencies

Wide range of features including AM/LW/SW/FM with SSB tuning capability, VHF Aircraft band and a dual conversion PLL digital tuner, all meant to give users the world for total communications service

Has Radio Data System functionality that displays not just the frequency but also the artist, song title, messages in display, date and call letters when available

Comes with a telescoping antenna for SW and FM reception plus a 3.5-mm headphone input jack



Unit requires 4 AA batteries to run, including rechargeable Ni-MH types

Buttons are not backlit, but that’s all just a matter of taste


“I have no idea which shortwave radio is the best, but I positive my new Grundig NG3B is as reliable as they come. It was quite cheap too and the excellent reception it has makes me believe it was the best deal I could have made for the money I paid. If you ask me who makes the best shortwave radios, I respond with Grundig.” – Steve Lawson





Getting the C Crane CSW-TCF means you will have access to AM, FM and shortwave radio frequencies in any part of the world you are in. It also has a clock radio with an alarm so it wakes you up and you don’t over sleep. In total you can save 50 radio stations so you don’t go searching for them when you turn on the radio. The most innovative thing about the CSW-TCF is the built-in charging circuit which will make sure the radio`s NiMh batteries are always charged.



Portable radio that packs a good punch, with a built-in Twin-Coil Ferrite® AM Antenna that pulls in AM reception very well

Delivers outstanding performance in terms of FM capture, enhanced further by its ability to seek and locate shortwave radio frequencies via the whip antenna

Offers an incredible blending of audio performance, sensitivity and selectivity not quite expected in a radio of this size

Easy-to-read display built with large size plus a clock radio functionality with snooze alarm and the required adjustments for exceptional performance under various conditions



Not engineered to provide single side band tuning

Small function buttons may be a bit difficult to read


“I got this shortwave radio around Xmas and it works without any problems. It receives a strong signal and I can hear loud an clear all the radio channels I want. I would definitely recommend this reliable model.” – Thomas Morgan