How to Select a New Shoe Organizer


What could be more annoying than having to deal with a bunch of mismatched shoes on a constant basis? If you have at least two pairs of shoes, you most probably know how important is to have plenty of space for your footwear. A good shoe organizer can make order in what you see as chaos now and help you keep things neat and easy to access. We want to help you get the best shoe organizer 2022, by showing you the basics to follow when you go shopping for such a product.

Best Shoe Organizer


The most important consideration to keep in mind when you are searching for a good shoe organizer is capacity. Be aware not to mistake a larger shoe organizer with one that has more capacity to store shoes. Some models of shoe organizers are quite bulky and they do not have good compartmentalization, which makes things quite difficult to understand. Always check how many pairs of shoes can be stored by a certain shoe organizer before deciding to make a purchase. Obviously, it all depends on how many pairs of shoes you need stored. If your needs are really low, there is no point in purchasing a really large shoe organizer. On the other hand, if you do not want your shoes thrown haphazardly all over the floor, go for a model that can really accommodate all your footwear.



It is important to envision where your shoe organizer will be placed and that before you actually start shopping for one. If the space available at your disposal is really small, there is no point in purchasing a shoe organizer that takes up a lot of room. Make sure that the model you intend to buy is easy to incorporate in your available layout, so you do not end up with a useless item on your hands and with your money spent.



This may not sound like an important aspect, but it actually is. The style of your shoe organizer must go well with the rest of your furniture and integrate with it. After all, this will be an item you will see every day, so it should look nice enough.


Top Rated Shoe Organizers in 2022


If you are currently shopping for the top rated shoe organizers 2022, here is a bit of help. We selected three of the most popular models available right now, based on what customers have to say. Offering you ample storage room and a good sense of style, these shoe organizers will help you keep all your footwear in the same place, with zero headaches.


Seville Classics Utility Shoe Rack


1.Seville Classics Utility Shoe RackWhat are you looking for in a shoe organizer? If you want an item that will take up little room on your hallway or in your closet, while keeping things neat and organized, you should look no further than the Seville Classics Utility Shoe Rack. It is very important to keep in mind that the main purpose of a shoe organizer is to offer you enough room for all your footwear. With three shelves available, you can organize your shoes based on season, or you can order them by color, how often you wear them and so on. It all depends on how you intend to organize your shoes.

An interesting aspect about the Seville Classics Utility Shoe Rack is that different units can be stacked together for increased available space. They can connect horizontally, provided that you have enough space at your disposal and you can remove some of the shelves, if you plan on storing higher boots there, as well.

The best shoe organizer reviews appreciate the minimalistic style of this model. It is easy to notice how well this unit goes with any kind of layout. Made of resin and coated with resistant epoxy, this is the type of shoe organizer you will find easy to accommodate about anywhere.

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Home-Complete Shoe Rack Organizer


2.Home-Complete Shoe Rack OrganizerThe type of materials used for a shoe rack is important, because it gives you a clear idea on how durable that item is. For instance, the Home-Complete Shoe Rack Organizer is made of stainless steel and durable polymer plastic, so you can rest assured that you will be using it for a long time. You will also find the pricing appealing, since this rack is sold for the same price as less durable items. In fact, the manufacturer has such great trust in their product that they offer lifetime guarantee, another great plus in favor of this particular model.

Next, the capacity of this shoe organizer is worthy of taking into consideration. Able to accommodate up to 20 pairs of footwear, you will find it easy to place all your shoes on it. Instead of opting for unsightly carton boxes spread everywhere, or for leaving your shoes all over your entryway, pick a good quality shoe organizer like this one and you will not be disappointed.

The rack is easy to assembly, as you don’t need any special tools. The assembly only requires you to fasten the rails to the stands and that is all. You cannot go any simpler than this.

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Whitmor 6780-3139-WHT


3.Whitmor 6780-3139-WHT Shoe RackAs mentioned earlier, picking a shoe organizer greatly depends on how much space you have at your disposal and where exactly you want to place it in your home. This model is great for any place you pick; its unassuming looks make it a fine choice for your home or your office. If you are in college, and you are staying in a dorm room, this simple, straightforward model will be exactly what you need.

Able of storing up to 20 pairs of shoes, the Whitmor 6780-3139-WHT Shoe Rack will offer you plenty of storage space for all your footwear. Made of durable resin, the shoe rack is built to last, and it will serve you for many years.

Another good thing about this shoe organizer is that you do not need any tool to assemble it. Easy to put together and easy on the eyes, the Whitmor 6780-3139-WHT Shoe Rack is one of the models often included by the best shoe organizer reviews in their selections. Loved by many users, this is more than just the run of the mill shoe organizer you can find right now.

If you are looking for a dependable model, just opt for a durable shoe organizer like this one and you will have no regrets.

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