Top rated shoe benches in 2019


There are a lot of different places where you can keep your shoes and one of them is the old fashioned shoe bench. Why traditionally they have a classic design, nowadays you can find them in contemporary styles as well, so they integrate themselves perfectly in any hallway. To be sure you get one which has a superior quality, you have the option of going over the best shoe benches reviews which present to you everything you need to know about a certain model.


Winsome 92633 Townsend Bench


Best Shoe Benches reviewsA good place to keep your shoes is Winsome Townsend bench, which also has a very nice design. This bench will help you put on your shoes and it will do it with a high comfort level because it is fitted with a black cushion filled with soft foam. The hardwood design makes it very sturdy, so it takes on your full weight and also the cherry finish makes it quite stylish. If we add 6 storage places for shoes, we can see why it’s so well recommended by the best shoe benches reviews.

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Southern Enterprises Chelmsford Shoe Bench


Southern Enterprises Chelmsford shoe bench has one of the most eye-catching designs which you can find today on the market. Great looks are not its only quality, this shoe bench being durable as well, taking a maximum weight of 300 lbs. This superior durability is supported by the Asian hardwood, MDF or rattan, which go into its construction. Except the specially designed spaces for shoes, it’s fitted with 3 drawers too.

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PJ Wooden Shoe Bench


PJ Wooden shoe bench can be yours for a very low price and can hold numerous pairs of shoes. This simple bench will look excellent in your hallway and you can use it to change easily your outdoor shoes for your indoor slippers. The walnut finish gives it a certain style, making it very popular in the US and Canada. Our team of experts strongly believes this model can prove to be one of the best shoe benches in 2019.

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Kings Brand Shoe Rack Organizer & Hallway Bench


If you need a place where to keep your shoes in an organized manner, then a good idea would be to invest in the nicely shaped and very useful Kings Brand shoe rack. The combination of the black finished wooden frame and the chocolate finished micro fiber makes it have a very elegant design with a hint of modernism. The micro fiber cover is very soft, so it feels very comfortable when you sit on it to tie your shoe laces. The top shoe benches reviews recommend it for these features and more.

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Roundhill Quality Solid Wood Shoe Bench


Roundhill Solid Wood shoe bench can decorate your hallway and also keep your shoes, plus you can get it for a very accessible price range. You can have it in two different colors, either pure white or cherry. When the package arrives to your door step, you will have to assemble it, but don’t panic, because this is a very simply operation, that won’t cause any headaches. To protect your floor, its legs have plastic levelers. The hard wood construction means it’s solid and it won’t collapse under your body weight.

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