If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best shaving brush money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered plenty of information about the best shaving brush for sale by researching on the products featured in numerous review sites and comparing the reviews and ratings there with what actual owner feedback says. Out of all the products we have looked at, we believe the Parker Deluxe “Long Loft” is the best because it features genuine pure badger bristles that are extremely dense yet soft, allowing the production of thick, warm and rich lather when paired with a premium quality shaving soap or cream, which is essential for lubricating the skin and lifting and softening the facial hair off the face. A genuine Parker Safety Razor product, this shaving brush has a thick knot that indicates more bristles packed into the handle, for quick and luxurious lathering over a large area of the face. Store the brush properly and ensure hassle free drying on the lucite brush stand provided in the package. If the Parker Deluxe “Long Loft” is unavailable, we highly recommend the second best option made just as good, the Ambroley Best.



Buying Guide


Buying a shaving brush is just as important as picking the right shaver or blade. It can make or break your everyday grooming or shaving experience. With the variety of options on the market, you might think there’s not going to be one perfect shaving brush for your needs. Now how do you pick out the best shaving brush from the regular ones out there?

1.Parker Safety Razor

Suitable type for your needs

A boar shaving brush features boar-sourced bristles that are tougher than badger hair and can be quite coarse at the onset, which may not be suitable for use on extremely sensitive skin. That being said, the coarser texture enables easy lathering of shaving soap thanks to the ability of the bristles to rub on the soap surface effortlessly. The bristle tips will soften with time to provide a more broken in feel but will never be as soft against the skin as genuine badger hair. Choose from color options of yellow to white, usually with a decorative black imitation band. A decent boar brush is incredibly affordable, too. Italian barbers prefer boar shaving brushes.

Synthetic brushes have undergone significant improvement through the years. Cheap ones utilize relatively thick nylon bristles that may not be comfortable enough for some users. However, some decent synthetic brushes do come with good quality synthetic fibers comparable to good badger hair. The tips can be softer than any animal hair brush while drying faster compared to natural hair.

Badger shaving brushes have been popular for over two centuries, with four different grades ranging from pure, best to super and silver tip. Take note: the category name may vary from one manufacturer to another.

The least costly is pure badger hair shaving brushes, with colors from brownish-grey to black. The bristles of pure badger brushes are more flexible as opposed to boar bristles, but typically have coarser textures compared to badger hair brushes of higher grade. Great as components for wet shaving, pure badger varieties provide a massaging feel as you prep for shaving, with an average life of three years.

Super or fine badger grade brushes are soft on the face and generate little to no scratching on your skin. The color pattern features a black banded midsection and whiter tips compared to other bristle categories. There is a remarkable difference in performance with super badger bristles because of their water holding capacity and density. Super badger brushes cost more than best badger versions.

Silver tip badger shaving brushes command the highest price among this variety of shaving tool. They have a characteristic color banding and often, a more distinctive color contrast between the white-silver and black color bands. Luxurious and gentle, silver tip badger shaving brushes feel like a soft sponge that generates lather on the face while lasting for a decade or longer.

Horsehair brushes have a finer and softer texture compared to boar ones, yet are relatively stiffer as opposed to badger bristles. Horses come in many colors and so do horsehair brushes. Shavers and barbers in Spain prefer this type of shaving brush.


Your preferred knot size and loft height

Brush dimensions are categorized based on loft, knot and overall height. Shaving brush knot size is measured in millimeters. The loft height is the distance between the base and the top, or the length of the bristle from the base of the knot to the hair tip. Longer hairs generally offer a softer feel, but the thickness of the bristles can also determine this factor. Some users go for small lofts while others prefer a big loft. It all boils down to personal preference. Big diameter knot brushes with high lofts feel softer and are pricier compared to smaller ones.

Serving as an indication of the amount of hair packed into the brush handle, the knot aspect can be a tricky one because some can be tightly packed while others are not so. The average knot is approximately 20 millimeters while the average loft is around 50 millimeters. Be wary of excessive shedding in a new shaving brush, as newly purchased good ones do shed at the beginning but only up to the first 10 to 15 shaves.


Good quality handle

The overall height of the shaving tool also includes the handle length. The maximum length of the handle should not exceed the distance between the palm of your hand and the pad of your thumb. Resin or acrylic handles are common, as are metallic and wooden ones. High-end artisan shaving brushes come with handles constructed of exotic materials including buffalo horn that is used in horn handles, which have a distinctively durable build and exceptional durability. Handles built from synthetic material are also durable.

Often made of brass, metal handles are commonly chrome- or nickel-plated for enhanced durability. While nickel looks warm and dark, chrome has a shiny appearance. Aluminum is anodized for surface hardness and also to increase water and scratch resistance.

Wood handles can be of sycamore, pine, beech, ash, and olive wood, or exotic wood varieties such as bog oak. While some wood varieties like the Thuja and African Blackwood are water resistant or sealed to be so, wood handles tend to degrade more quickly in time and with continued use, especially in high moisture settings. The bottomline: you want a well-balanced shaving brush handle that offers a solid, firm grip and an ergonomic fit in your hand.


There are undoubtedly plenty of shaving brushes on the market, and this can somewhat complicate what should otherwise be a simple buying decision. We urge you to check out the information in the above shaving brush buying guide to facilitate your buying process. Better yet, check out the best selling products we have showcased below for a smoother shopping journey.



Top rated Shaving brushes in 2021


Every man wants to experience a comfortable and pain-free shaving experience. With the right shaving utensils men can handle different facial hair follicles within a short period of time. Recent statistics showed that men display a growing interest in shaving brushes which they can use in order to apply shaving cream easier. We decided to help people identify the most efficient brush by attentively analysing the market. After 80 hours of extensive research on 30 top rated products we drafted the best Shaving brush reviews on five unique products presented in the following rows. Men need to use a professional shaving brush designed out of high quality materials.



Parker Deluxe “Long Loft”


Best Shaving brush reviewsIt is important to own a reliable shaving brush designed to enhance the overall experience. This is why it comes as no surprise to see so many men use Parker Safety Razor shaving brush. Considered the best Shaving brush in 2021 this product is designed out of handmade pure badger bristle. The brush includes a unique set of bristles which are very soft and deliver a stunning lather on every part of the face. It can soften the beard for an enhanced close shave. Thousands of men consider this shaving brush from Parker as the ideal companion for any safety razor.


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Ambroley Best


1.AmbroleyEasily the best shaving brush for men, the Ambroley Best provides an incredible shaving experience every time. This quality shaving brush is made of premium quality materials, which ensures genuine value for money. It can outperform a pure badger brush at the same price range. This best badger hair shaving brush makes an excellent gift and a great addition to your shaving gear collection. The bristles are finer and more pliable thanks to its being made of 20 percent badger hair. Providing the same feel and characteristics as more expensive shaving brushes, this product also boasts a classic wood handle for easy handling and maneuvering around your face. It offers superior performance for generating a rich lather with your shaving cream or soap. The bristles lift and lubricate the hairs on your face to ensure a close, clean shave especially when used with a top quality shaver. It makes grooming easy! One or two users have commented about the shedding issues with this shaving brush, but the performance is still excellent just the same.


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GFT Escali


The current best Shaving brush reviews emphasize on the sublime design of GFT Escali, a very efficient shaving tool. Used by thousands of men, this brush is made of 100% badger hair bristles for soft shaving experiences. This shaving brush can gently exfoliate the skin layers by applying cream in the right places. Men can use the shaving brush in order to deliver a rich lather for a smooth and close shave. Comfortable and very easy to use, this brush is very soft and can safely hold lather. The brush works perfectly with different safety razors, helping men experience comfortable shaving experiences.


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SimplyBeautiful Basic


Thousands of men use in their bathrooms SimplyBeautiful Basic shaving brush, a great tool which add comfort to every razor slide. Regarded by many people as the best Shaving brush in 2021 this model is made out of 100% pure badger bristles for superb shaving sensations. It is a great shaving tool! Easy to manoeuvre and pretty affordable, this shaving brush won’t let men down. The brush delivers a comfortable and close shave, for precise results. In addition, the brush manages to exfoliate the skin in order to deliver rich lather. Due to the densely filled brush head, this tool is a great addition to any man that wants to remove facial hair follicles.


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Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush


Thousands of men want to invest in a high quality shaving brush designed to improve the overall shaving experience. Searching for a reliable brush can take time without proper guidance. We recommend the 2801 shaving brush from Tweezerman, a special product which delivers impressive lather. It is made of 100% badger hair for impressive softness on the skin. The premium bristles deliver a rich lather which is needed for close shaves. It has a dense brush head that significantly distributes lather. In addition, the shaving brush has a solid construction which is very easy to use on the face contour.


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Luxor Pro Badger Model No. 0216P


Finding the most efficient shaving brush takes time without consulting professional reviews. One of the best Shaving brush in 2021 was released by Luxor Pro, the No. 0216P model. This premium brush is made of high quality grade badger hair for a special lather. It can help the user add proper amount of shaving cream and soap. The shaving brush manages to lift each whisker thus safely preparing the beard for an enhanced shave. It is the ideal shaving companion to any razor. Men need in their bathroom a reliable shaving brush which improves the overall results. This is where Luxor Pro delivers the ideal assistance!


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