How to Select a Top Sharpening Stone


There are many situations in life when you will find yourself in need of a good and reliable sharpening stone. Not only kitchen knives need sharpening once in a while, although they are the most common candidates for re-sharpening. Other tools in your shed may take advantage of the use of a sharpening stone, since everything with a blade can get dull with time and become in serious need of sharpening. If you are looking for such a product, reading many of the best sharpening stone reviews written by other users can help you a great deal. However, if you do not have time to wade through all the information available, try the following guide that offers all the needed details in an easy to remember manner.

Best Sharpening Stone


First of all, ask yourself this question: what kind of sharpening stone do you need? Oil stones are very common in the Western world, and their name is given by the type of solution needed to remove swarf from the stone, after each use, and for lubrication purposes. Water stones are growing in popularity and they come from Japan; as you may have already guessed by now, they can be cleaned and lubricated with water, which is much more convenient than oil. Last, but not least, diamond stones are made with industrial grade diamond particles and they are the most durable; however, they are on the expensive side, so you may not want to spend this much on a sharpening stone.



While you are shopping for a sharpening stone, you will notice that there are numbers mentioned in relation to something called grit. Basically, this number tells you what kind of sharpening jobs the stone can handle. The grit number can vary from a couple of hundreds to thousands. The lowest grit numbers are for stones good for repairing chips. A 1,000 grit sharpening stone, for instance, is most recommended for sharpening knives fast and easy, but traditional Japanese knives require a superior grit.



If you are planning on using your sharpening stone for a long time and frequently, you may also be interested in what kind of maintenance is involved. As mentioned above, this depends on what kind of stone you intend to purchase. When you are sharpening knives and other blades with the sharpening stone, there will be swarf (metal filling) sticking to the surface. In order to remove it, you will have to clean the stone very well, using the manufacturer’s instructions.



There are many kinds of sharpening stones on the market, and they vary in pricing, too. If you just want a sharpening stone to occasionally sharpen your kitchen knives, you should not pay more than 50 bucks. A professional set of sharpening stones can be sold for several hundreds of dollars, though.


Top Rated Sharpening Stones in 2018


Are you looking for a sharpening stone? The following models are the top rated sharpening stones 2018 selected by consumers and they stand head and shoulders above the competition because they are really dependable and they offer great results with each use. They are more than reasonably priced, as well.


Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE


1.Smith's TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONEIf you have plenty of knives and tools to sharpen, getting an entire sharpening system instead of just one stone is highly recommended. A good recommendation is the Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening Stones System that includes a medium Arkansas stone, a fine Arkansas stone and a coarse stone made of synthetic material. The stones are mounted on plastic base that comes with handles so you can rotate the stones between them, depending on what kind of sharpening job you have in mind. The system is sold together with a bottle of premium honing solution and a guide on how to use the stones.

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King 7439ah


2.King Two Sided Sharpening Stone with BaseHaving the right grit is important for obtaining the results you want. The King Two Sided Sharpening Stone with Base comes with a combination of 1,000 grit and 6,000 grit. The face with 1,000 grit is used for sharpening and smoothing the blades of your knives; the 6,000 grit is used for honing the blade for simply outstanding results. Named by many the best sharpening stone 2018 for sharpening all kinds of kitchen knives, this product is recommended because of its decent pricing and great results it delivers each and every time. This whetstone is superior to most oil stones and it works for finer blades, too.

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Whetstone Cutlery 20-10960


4.Winco Fine-Grain Knife Sharpening StoneAnother water stone included in this selection is the Whetstone Cutlery Two-Sided Whetstone Stone. The advantages of a softer stone are great, compared to harder ones; knives can have more delicate blades and they need proper sharpening and polishing, but only using the right tools. You will notice that caring after this whetstone is not difficult; the stone does not retain as much swarf as harder stones and you can clean it using either oil or water. Lubricating the stone with water instead of oil is also possible, and makes the entire process less messy.

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Winco SS-1211


4.Winco Fine-Grain Knife Sharpening StoneIf you are looking for a no frills solution to all your sharpening needs, choose the Winco Fine/Grain Knife Sharpening Stone. Offering a combination of fine and medium grit for a large variety of sharpening jobs, this stone is ideal for sharpening almost all the knives and tools you have at home or in your shed. The stone does well with many different materials, including stainless steel and carbon steel. This makes it a good choice not only for sharpening your knives, but also for your tools. The Winco Fine/Grain Knife Sharpening Stone is 1.5 inch thick and it is very handy for your various sharpening projects.

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Bora 501057


5.Bora 501057 Fine-Coarse Combination Sharpening StoneAnother product often mentioned by the best sharpening stone reviews is the Bora 501057 Fine/Coarse Combination Sharpening Stone. As its name indicates, it is a combination of fine and coarse grit, so you can use the stone for a large variety of sharpening jobs. The 150 coarse grit side – which is the darker one, for easy recognition – is good for doing all the basic sharpening, and removing chips and nicks. The 240 grit side – the lighter in color – is used for the final honing and polishing. You can use this sharpening stone for all kinds of tools and knives and the stone is a good solution for bench work.

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