Best sewing machines for the money


When looking for a good hobby, which can also be a good small business, sewing is one that can be taken into account. If you want to get serious with this activity, you should own one of the best sewing machines under $150. Below are some of the best choices that you can consider.


Choose the most appreciated sewing machine for the money


Tailoring represents for thousands of Americans a chance to create beautiful clothes. In order to enhance the quality of your craftsmanship, you need to use a professional sewing machine. Investing in a brand new sewing machine ensures that you will be able to perform complex sewing tasks. Well, it can be pretty daunting to identify the best sewing machines in 2019 given the multitude of products available on the market. Fortunately the wide range of products available on the market makes sure that you will have access to quality sewing machines. A good sewing machine can improve your tailoring skill and ultimately create beautiful clothes, from small to bigger items. It all depends on what you want to create and the amount of time you’ll spend working on the machine.

The first thing that you need to do is consult with attention the best sewing machines reviews, written by professionals. Now, there are a couple of things to take into consideration while browsing for a brand new machine. The first thing that you need to take into consideration is budget. You need to find a machine that respects a specific budget. From $80 to over $200, you will find sewing machine models that can become your daily tailoring assistant. Another important thing to take into account revolves around number of stitches present in the sewing machine. In order to successfully sew different clothes, you need a machine that offers types of stitches. Fortunately, most of the present top sewers offer different types of stitches, over 200 to be more exact. This multitude of stitches ensures that you can tap into tailoring creativity and create something beautiful.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product No. of stiches Price Good for beginners Needle Threader Type Our Rating Where to buy

Brother CS6000I

60 $$$ Easy to use Automatic A+ AMAZON

Singer 4411

11 $$$ Easy to use Automatic B+ AMAZON

Singer 4423

23 $$$ Easy to use Automatic B+ AMAZON

Brother XL2600I

25 $$ Easy to use Automatic B+ AMAZON

Brother LS2125I

10 $$ Easy to use Automatic B+ AMAZON


As the best sewing machines reviews point out, adjustability during stitching is more than important when you start a tailoring project. It is important to adjust the width and length of each stitch in order to finish different projects with more precision. The sewing machine should give you the possibility to set the proper length of each stitch in order to design different clothes with heightened precision. This particularity relates to actions like applique or finishing edges. Cheaper sewing machines don’t offer users the possibility to adjust stitching length or girth. Some of the best sewing machines in 2019 come equipped with different attachments, which improve your sewing day. It is very important to have in your future sewing machine a vision or high performing tailoring.

A high quality sewing machine should come equipped with a wide selection of attachments, standard and special for more complex sewing projects. Another thing to consider is motor size present in the machine. With a heavy motor, you will enjoy a powerful machine that can cope with different fabrics types. For example: upholstery-weight fabrics and special denim fabrics need a bit more force from the machine. It needs to withstand advanced sewing projects. Furthermore you will have the possibility to choose from manual and computerized sewing machines. One thing is absolutely certain: with a reliable machine, your tailoring skills will significantly improve.


Brother CS6000I Sewing Machine


Best Sewing Machines under $150

One of the many reasons on why people consider this to be one of the best sewing machines under $150 is because it is very easy to use. It is loaded with features that promote the convenience of the users. For instance, it comes with a stitch selector. Additionally, it is also designed with automatic needle threader, easy bobbin winding, and an oversized table that will provide you with additional space when you are working on a large project.



Included in many best affordable sewing machine reviews due to its bestselling features that include the LCD display stitch selector that can be used with the simple touch of a button and lets the user see the chosen stitch on the display

Easy bobbin winding and threading through the display of simple-to-follow diagrams printed on the machine that shows the user just how and where to place the thread

With adjustable sewing speeds, this machine gives control over how slow or fast the user wants to sew

The oversized table offers extra space on which to maneuver the sewing project, whether it’s a quilt or other larger sewing project



Machine will not save stitch settings on memory, so the user has more freedom to choose the correct stitch before every use

Included hard cover case does not serve as a carrying case but machine is lightweight enough to be easily carried around


”When I already have the Brother CS6000I Sewing Machine at hand. It became easier to me to sew whatever I want. The convenience brought to me by this sewing machine is undeniably perfect and effective. I have the ease in sewing anything I want to without facing any problem at all. ”  Deborah C. Nance


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Singer 4411 Sewing Machine


Singer is another brand that can be considered as a staple in the list of the best sewing machines under $150. One thing that makes this specific model a favorite is its heavy duty construction, which equates into having longer functional life than other models. It is also equipped with high speed motor that has the ability to make up to 1,100 stitches in 60 seconds. Such makes it ideal for those who are sewing for commercial purposes and those who have a lot of sewing tasks to complete in a short period of time.



Machine lets the user create artful sewing even through multiple layers of fabric while using stitches of high quality, making any project a true work of art

Setting up buttonholes will always look like it’s been done by a professional seamstress with this straightforward and simple-to-use sewing machine with dials that are not complicated to employ and the four-step buttonholing capability

Winding the bobbin is not at all complicated with the top drop-in mechanism that makes it easy to remove and insert plus monitor the thread supply

Metal frame is constructed with heavy duty material to ensure rigid support, keeping all the mechanisms perfectly structured together in alignment so users can enjoy skip-free sewing



Needle position may be hard to turn and needs care in use, as with any other heavy duty sewing machine

Holding the ends of the thread at the beginning of the seam prevents tangling


”To those who make sewing as their business, I recommend the Singer 4411 Sewing Machine. This is because you can make several stitches without limiting you to do more. The product can sew anything in just a matter of time. You will no longer feel any stress after using this product. ”  Lauren J. Snowden


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Singer 4423 Sewing machine


With this professional-grade sewing machine, you will be able to explore more of you creative side as you experiment with the different stitches and patterns that can be incorporated on the work that is being done. Aside from these patterns, another thing that should be highlighted is the bedplate that is made from stainless steel, making it possible for the fabric to be fed smoothly into the machine. Lastly, this sewing machine is housed in a heavy duty metal frame to make sure of its extended functionality.



Extra high sewing speed helps complete the most complicated quilting projects in quick time, at 1000 stitches per minute

User can sew through thick materials like denim or canvas, perfect for updating an old pair of jeans or doing appliqués to make an old bag look like a new one

Lightweight construction makes it easy to transport the machine from one location to another so the user can work on the machine where inspiration hits

Automatic needle threader makes it easy to pull the thread in through the needle



Not designed for professional use but makes a great beginner machine

Tough machine calls for the appropriate type of needle for every project


”This new Singer 4423 Sewing machine has proven to me it’s one of the most reliable models on the market. It helps make all sorts of stitches and I find it very easy to use. The product is really an essential tool for me because I can do whatever I want without consuming time. Instead, I can do other things because I can easily finish stitching and sewing.  ”  Laurel G. Patterson


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Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine


If you are looking for a sewing machine that will prove to be great for those who are just beginning to learn the craft, this is one model that is often recommended in the best Brother sewing machines reviews. Most of its functions are basic, being easy to use and follow. It is built in such a way that it will not be a headache to complete any sewing task. Like any of the Brother sewing machines, it is packed with wide array of features that will make you love sewing more and more every time this machine is used.



Loved by many expert and beginner sewers alike for being the Best affordable sewing machine 2019 thanks to its feature-packed construction

Loaded with 25 different pre-set stitches to help complete any project imaginable, with a conveniently located dial so the user can employ a variety of stitches for quilting, decorative, heirloom and garment-sewing jobs

Built-in free arm helps make effortless sewing of sleeves and cuffs on clothes

Comes with five presser feet that include a narrow hemmer foot, a zipper foot, a blind stitch foot, a button sewing foot and a buttonhole foot, all easily changed by using the supplied screwdriver



Bilingual instruction manual is not very well laid out but still manageable

Sews perfectly when everything is threaded in the correct way


”Because of the the numerous useful features the Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine has, I can say that it is the best sewing machine I have ever worked with. Compared to other sewing machines I bought before, this one proved to make things a lot simpler. Singer is the manufacturer who makes the best sewing machines and I’m glad I’ve bought one of their top ten models. I didn’t cost much either because I bought it around Xmas time for a considerable discount. ”  Mary B. Freeman


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Brother LS2125I Sewing Machine


This is recommended model for those who are looking for a sewing machine that is good in terms of portability. Because it is compact and light, it is easy to bring such in different locations, such as during your sewing classes. This will also prove to be the best for novice sewers. It is abundant with features that can provide beginners with the assistance that is needed in order to successfully complete a specific sewing task.



Ability to assist with sewing any beginner or basic sewing project on a variety of fabrics, perfect for costumes, basic apparel, and everyday sewing jobs

With ten built-in stitch patterns to help the beginner sewer grow their sewing project repertoire

Two speed settings enable the user to choose their sewing pace without sacrificing quality

Comes with a fold-down handle so carrying the machine to any location is made easy, plus automatic bobbin winding to make the sewing process much easier



Will not work for thick materials such as upholstery and leather

Availability of stitch patterns not designed for more experienced seamstresses


” I am very happy to have my own Brother LS2125I Sewing Machine. This product is highly recommended by the best rated sewing machine reviews. It is lightweight and portable. In this case, I can bring it anywhere I want to. The product is very helpful for me as a sewer and I don’t think it costs too much. I think it has a good price even if it doesn’t have a Black Friday discount.”  Lillie G. Cuellar


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