Sewing machines – What to look for:


Who makes the best sewing machines? That can be a pretty tough question, especially now that there’s plenty of manufacturers of such appliances. The manually-operated sewing machine has been eased out slowly by automatic/electronic/computerized models that are the highest rated sewing machines in the market. There’ so much to consider when you’re in the market for a machine that will enhance your creative side.


User and Project

Basic stitches on a new and affordable sewing machine will serve a beginner sewer well until they’ve progressed to advanced, more complicated sewing ability. Experienced sewers may go for more features and more elaborate stitch selections. One can choose from models that provide ten stitches, to advanced models that offer up to 300 stitches. That number (300) can seem overwhelming, but seasoned project makers can find lots of uses for such a versatile machine. Computerized models even allow users to download designs from the web, which can give repairs, dressmaking and alteration projects just the kind of zing they need. Quilting, embroidery, crafts, upholstery and home furnishings can get that customized look achievable with a hardworking machine.

Frequency of use

The best sewing machines for the money that offer a huge variety of stitches will just be a wasted investment if they’re left unused for extended periods at a time. Also, a large variety of stitches is useless if all you ever use are straight stitches and back stitches. Should you use the machine on a regular basis, choose a model with a metal frame and sturdy build. Invest in an electronic model that will not only enhance your sewing experience but also encourage you to start sewing on a more frequent basis. Time will come that you will be confident enough to try out more advanced models in the market. Just make sure the learning curve for such machines is not too steep, or whatever sewing bug that has hit you may just disappear in the horizon.


Sewing machine type

What’s the best sewing machine type to get? That depends on the buyer, naturally. Computerized sewing machines are perfect for beginners as well as seasoned sewers. They are amazingly easy to use and quite versatile also. They are driven by a number of motors that control their multiple functions, which include needle up/down function, automatic lock-off and precise speed control. Electronic models are driven by a single motor that delivers an electrical impulse to power the needle. Operated by a foot pedal, such a machine has a feeding mechanism that allows the user to have both hands free to guide the fabric along and to adjust the speed. Stitch selection is through a dial. Finishing machines are also called overlockers, which are normally used for seams and hems but also offer decorative stitching features.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product No. of stiches  Price Easy to use Thread tension Customer Rating Where to buy

Singer Superb 2010CL

220 $$$$$ YES Automatic B AMAZON

SINGER Fashion Mate 7258

100 $$$ YES Automatic A+ AMAZON

Brother CS6000i

60 $$$ YES Automatic A AMAZON

Brother XL2600I

25 $$ YES Automatic A AMAZON

Brother LS2125i

10 $$ YES Automatic B+ AMAZON


Under sewing machines product category, one can find an overwhelming number of choices. What makes the decision easier is to determine one’s preferences, sewing requirements and expectations. From there, it becomes a lot easier to see which machine really covers your needs adequately and to know if your creative side can be encouraged to develop and grow as time goes by.


Professional buying guide on how to choose a good sewing machine


brosewToday a growing number of people that work in various segments of tailoring and need to find quality sewing machine want to consult professional information. We are not surprised to see the sudden interest for high quality sewing machines capable of creating beautiful and carefully designed clothes. How can you find the most efficient product, since so many people underline that one or another one? Well, consult with attention the best sewing machine for beginners reviews and reduce your search down to one product. With the ideal machine, you will be able to create different pants, shirts and other pieces of clothes without dealing with technical restrictions. People that just started to sew should use a user-friendly sewing machine, designed to make every operation easier than ever.

During the early months of sewing operations, you need a product that responds well to every command. In the first months, you need a machine that incorporates straight stitches and can be pretty easy to operate and thread. Once you find the best sewing machine for beginners in 2018, you will be able to safely go through one clothing project to another with ease. Every beginner needs to start learning how to sew, just by appealing to advanced sewing machine.

Present and future stitching should register a high precision whenever you begin learning the trade. With more information on top machines you will be able to upgrade your sewing abilities. So, pay attention to a couple of things while browsing for a brand new product, capable of sewing better different clothes.


Best sewing machine for beginners making clothes


SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing-Machine


If you’re looking for the best sewing machine for beginners making clothes, look no further than the SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine. It combines smart technology with sophisticated functions, giving you 600 built-in stitches that you can use for a huge variety of clothes-making projects. With its special buttonhole sewing, the sides of the buttonholes are sewn in the same direction. This ensures prevention of gaps in stitching or fabric distortion, so you can confidently sew using even delicate fabrics without worrying about flubbed results. Threading is made easy, with average threading time pegged at just six seconds. You won’t be lost in the threading process as instructions are printed on the sewing machine.

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Are you ready to learn more about sewing machines, designed to fully to improve your tailoring skills, present or undiscovered?  If you are then find the best sewing machine for beginners in 2018 and develop the proper skill to sew. Still, in order to narrow things down from the very beginning you should start your using a mechanical sewing machine which incorporates basic design elements. With primary designs incorporated in the machine, you will be able to learn faster than ever how to make something beautiful out of materials. It is important to have in your home a professional sewing machine that features some of the following functions: pedal control, stitch selector, tension adjuster, bobbin winder and also speed setting control. These are some of the basic functions which can help out during the early learning period.


Best sewing machine for beginners quilting


SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing/Quilting-Machine


Designed for both beginner and skilled quilters, the SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing/ Quilting Machine is the best sewing machine for beginners quilting. Have an exciting time exploring your creative side with this machine’s myriad of advanced features. It offers 98 built-in stitches so you can perform quilting, fashion sewing, crafts, heirloom, construction, decorative sewing and home decorating with just a single appliance. Get the perfect stitch every time when you’re quilting, thanks to the programmable needle up/down feature, which quilters find valuable when putting together patchworks. Pivoting fabric, doing appliques and quilting get that much needed attention using the needle up/down feature. The machine even comes with four additional quilting feet that broaden one’s sewing and quilting potentials.

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Now, the pedal control is usually attached on the sewing machine through a special cord. This particular component sits on the floor and ultimately stops when you press down. The control is essential, in order to adjust better than ever material management. Thread tension control is usually located on top or front of the device, marked with numbers. The sewing machine has a built in inner disc which loosens and tightens thread tension. Furthermore the stitch selector is more than useful when it comes to the early learning periods, where everything seems new, interesting and worth taking in, mistakes and all.


Best sewing machine for beginners under $100


Janome Purple Thunder Portable Sewing Machine


Built in a slightly smaller size than topselling full-size Janome machines, the Janome Purple Thunder Portable Sewing Machine is the best sewing machine for beginners under $100. The budget-friendly machine weighs just five pounds, making it easy to take the machine along when you travel. Even a child will be delighted to own this superb machine, which is by no means a toy. It can create fantastic results for various children’s sewing projects. It is perfect as a travel or beginner sewing machine. Create simple garment fixes, hemming, furniture stitching, construction and quilt piecing. Ten easy stitches are available for a most unlikely mix of utility and fun. A finger guard on the sewing foot ensures finger protection for inexperienced sewers and young users.

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Things to consider:

–  Beginners should use entry-level mechanical sewing machines, which can provide real assistance during the learning period.

–  Sewing machines can be used for constructing clothing and other household matrials.

–   They should include important beginner functions such as pedal control, stitch selector and pedal control.


Top sewing machines for beginners in 2018


Finding an affordable sewing machine is not as hard as it looks. It may take you to visit certain retailing shops as well as online shops. There are various sewing machines that cost less than $150 and it doesn’t make sense if you invest on a higher priced machine with lots of cool features which you don’t require. So, considering the price tag and durability we have combed through the online stores and found the best sewing machines out there with a comfy price tag of $150 and prepared the list of best sewing machines under $150.



Singer 7258 sewing machine


Singer is one of the top brands in sewing history and 7258 won Consumers’ Digest Award. It features 100-stitch patterns with adjustable sewing speed. It also provides automatic needle threader with Push button stitch selection. With 25 years of limited warranty, it offers 10 pressure feet creative sewing as well as programmable needle up/down. You can reposition the needle in 13 different positions with optimum power control and six-segment feeding system. We hope you’ve loved our best sewing machines for beginners reviews.



Computerized sewing machine with free arm and automatic needle threader to make sewing jobs much more convenient and creative

100 stitch sewing machine gives more variety in sewing with 10 Presser Feet, giving greater versatility in sewing, crafting and quilting

Top drop-in bobbin system with clear cover and made easy to load for faster project completion

LED display screen shows programmed automatic stitch width and length



Steep price point for products in this category

Foot press control may need to be more responsive/sensitive


“Reading all the excellent reviews about its performaces, meant  there was no way I could have passed on the opportunity to buy the Singer 7258 sewing machine for myself. I found all the featuers that I needed in it, so I really didn’t see no reason why not to buy it.” – Katie Moss


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Brother CS6000i sewing machine


Best sewing machines for beginners reviewsBrother products are really great to use and CS6000i is a lot more versatile, value packed and a perfect product for doing home-based sewing projects. It provides options for you to select stitches as well as help you with stitch length and width via LCD display settings. It features foot control but start/stop button will work without using foot. You can also adjust your sewing speed according to your needs. It provides 25 years limited warranty but costing little more than $150.



Versatile, value-packed and feature rich, loaded with 60 built-in stitches, seven styles for 1-step Auto Size buttonholing, a hard cover and quilting table

Select stitches and adjust  length and width of stitches with settings that can be easily viewed on the LCD display

Start/stop button activates machine even without using foot control while sewing speed easily adjustable with variable speed control

Top drop-in bobbin is jam-resistant and engineered with quick set-up so accessing bobbin thread is made easy



Supports 120V AC ratings

Works optimally with top quality thread


“One of my hobbies is to create my own clothes and for this I needed a reliable sewing machine. After checking out different models I finally settled for the Brotehr CS6000i which has really proven to be a very good investment, helping me a lot with my hobby.” – Fiora Moore


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Brother XL2600I sewing machine


This is more versatile product from Brother but costs a little lower. It features free-arm based sewing machine with 25-built in sewing templates. If you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start, then it’s really great for your various projects. It provides a small bulb for illumination with foot-pedal.  But, the problem is the AC volt supply. It requires 110-volt, so, countries that don’t support that, it shouldn’t be bought there. It provides 5 accessory pressure feet.



Truly helps searchers for where to buy a cheap sewing machine for beginners due to its matchless price

Offers advanced features while helping users to complete projects in less time and with less effort

Workspace illumination provided by light bulb and accessory storage located at free arm

Has drop-in bobbin loading and auto bobbin winding, thread cutter, needle threader and one-step auto-size buttonholer



Operates as a 110-volt sewing machine and requires voltage transformers in countries with different AC rating

Can’t be used for working on heavy fabrics such as denim


“This Brother sewing machine has been in my possession for a few months and so far it has worked like a charm, helping me sew a lot of different things, from dresses to bed sheets. I have managed always to do a great job with it and to this point I am pleased with its performances. Black Friday is the best time to find this best rated sewing machine for beginner discounted.” – Emma Hayden


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Michley LSS505 sewing machine


Michley LSS-505 is one of the cheapest products in our best sewing machines for beginners reviews. It features a multi-purpose sewing machine with 8 built-in stitching patterns. You can also set forward, reverse as well as double speed functions with this machine. It provides 2 bobbins, 2 thread spools, foot pedal and an AC adapter. It has a built-in sewing light with the capability of sewing sleeves. You can use both hand switch or foot pedal to start the machine.



Perfect hobby machine with multi-purpose system, can be the answer to where to buy a cheap sewing machine for beginners

Features double speed and double thread supplemented by other functional capabilities that include forward and reverse sewing, 8 built-in stitch patterns and automatic thread rewind

Starts with either the foot pedal or hand switch, giving versatility to the user

Has LED sewing light and comes with two bobbins, two thread spools, foot pedal, needle, threader and AC adaptor



Made for light jobs but not for heavy or industrial use

Foot pedal is smaller and stitch lengths can’t be adjusted


“I didn’t take my much to realize that in front of me I had one of the most reliable sewing machines in the Michley LSS505. Sleeves are very tricky to sew on, but with it I haven’t had problems  doing this so far. I honestly think it is one of the top 10 sewing machines for beginners.” – Alice Parker


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Singer Superb 2010CL Computerized Sewing Machine


There are some sewing machines which are better than others for entry-level users and one of those models is the Singer Superb 2010CL. With 220 stitches that it can do you will have a very wide variety from which to choose from so your finished creation looks like you pictured it in the first place. Many other helpful features make it one of the best sewing machines from beginners in 2018.



Programmable up/down needle mechanism that’s perfect for creating appliques and quilting, plus drop feed made for free motion sewing

Stitch editing with stitch elongation functionality and mirror imaging for convenience and  with 4 memory modules

With 220 built-in stitches, 9 fully-automatic  1-step buttonholes and 2 built-in alphabets in script and block

Offers automatic tension and extension table, top drop-in bobbin with clear-view cover, automatic needle threader and  automatic stitch length and width that allow seamless machine usage



Designed as a starter sewing machine

Expensive price for this product type


 “I like making my own dresses and for this reason I invested in the Singer 2010CL. Now I have full control of what I create and this makes me more than pleased about my investment. There is no doubt about which sewing machine manufacturer is the best, it’s Singer.” – Elisa Michelson


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Brother LS2125i sewing machine


When it comes to light-weight sewing machines, LS2125i is one of the best products under low-budget. This product is really amazing for alterations and regular sewing. It has 10 built-in stitching patterns which includes zigzag, blind hem etc. Fitting your specific buttons with customizable options may look appealing and it provides 4-step buttonhole feature. With the help of carrying handle, 3 pressure feet, built-in storage and flatbed usage you’ll be largely benefited. It provides 25 year limited warranty like other Brother products.



Built-in ten stitches including zigzag and Blind Hem plus 4-step automatic buttonhole

Lightweight yet with full size, a portable sewing machine that works great for everyday sewing and alterations

Offers flatbed usage and free arm, easily portable with convenient carrying handle, comes with three functional presser feet

4-step buttonhole capability gives versatility in creating customized buttonholes to fit different kinds of buttons



Not usable in countries not carrying 120V AC rating

Less variety than other computerized sewing machines as an everyday sewing equipment


“For me this cheap sewing machine has all the requirements I could possibly want from one. With its features I can sew the clothes I create together, fast and with professional accuracy. I really recommend this sewing machine if you like making your own clothes like me. Getting it as a gift or Xmas is always welcomed.” – Rachel Hedger


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