Sewing Machines – What to look for:


Having the best rated sewing machine can spell success—or the opposite—when you want to pursue needlecraft as a serious hobby.  Although there is no shortage of choices to help you in your search for which sewing machine is the best, the quest is guaranteed not to be an easy task. In fact, even if you know your craft very well, getting the best product in the market is not that easy, specially when you’re ready to take your hobby further. There are some elements you should consider before making a purchase. Check that these components are available in the product you go for. When price is not an issue, better make sure your choice reflects your determination to succeed at what you do.


The right number of stitch varieties/patterns for your specific requirements

Basic sewing at home rarely extends beyond the zigzag stitch and straight stitch, so for normal household use, a cheap sewing machine with basic stitches may be adequate. You can accomplish basic household sewing with these two stitches, plus a few more if desired. Beginner sewers can work on simple and basic projects using simple stitch features. More advanced sewing hobbyists and sewers who want to explore their skills and sewing abilities can go for advanced machines, which generally feature a variety of sewing programs and stitching styles. These sophisticated machines offer over 200 stitch patterns that can look terrific on the fabric. They can have an array of quilting and embroidery functions too.


Adjustability of the length and width of stitches no matter what type they may be

Before deciding on who makes the best sewing machine, it is important to determine if your choice offers features that allow adjusting of the length and width of the stitches that are made. Short-length stitches are useful for finishing up on a design, for consistently tight execution of small stitches. Machine basting and working on new designs may require long stitches. The ability of the machine to adjust width and length on its stitches is important for finishing edges off and doing appliques. Low-priced models may not carry this feature, so it’s always worth checking into when you plan to handle a variety of sewing of jobs.


The right kind of attachments usable with the machine

Aside from having a standard presser foot, the best sewing machine for the money should offer versatility in its supplied attachments also. With a variety of presser feet on hand, you do not have to figure out how to tackle buttonholing or blind hemming, for instance. Do find out if the model you’re looking at has a zipper foot, a buttonhole foot and a blind hem foot. Quilts are a different matter, as you may need a walking foot for such projects. There are units that come with a 0.25-inch foot for that purpose. Users who do plenty of freehand quilting will do well to get units with a freehand embroidery foot. Should your choice not carry the type of presser foot you need, just make sure the machine’s clips enable easy switching of presser feet when needed.


What’s the best sewing machine? The answer really depends on how you intend to use the product. Finding the one that’s a perfect fit for your sewing needs is a personal decision that shouldn’t  depend on hype and extensive advertising.



Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Number of stiches Price Easy to use Manual/Automatic Needle Threader Customer Rating Where to buy

Singer 7256 Fashion Mate

70 $$$ Yes Automatic A+ AMAZON  

Brother SC6600

60 $$$ Yes Automatic B KMART

Brother CS6000i

60 $$$ Yes Automatic A AMAZON 

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty

23 $$$$ Yes Automatic C+ AMAZON
Janome 8077 30 $$$$ Yes Automatic A AMAZON 



Products for specific needs:


Best Sewing Machine for Lace


Brother SE400


Enabling you to complete projects on clothing, home décor and lovely gifts, the Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing/Embroidery Machine makes the best sewing machine for lace. Create a classy high-end look every time on your craft using this extraordinary machine that offers 98 stitch functions and 67 sewing stitches.  It includes 4”x4” embroidery capabilities, aside from boasting of a built-in embroidery design library of 70 decorative designs, plus 120 frame pattern combinations and 5 lettering fonts. You can even  import designs from your PC. The intuitive LCD screen display empowers you to get started on any embroidery project. Built-in tutorials help you get the assistance you need to get started, aside from being assisted by the quick start guide.

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Best Sewing Machine for Making Bags


Reliable MSK-588


Built with all-metal design from casting to finish, the Reliable MSK-588 Portable Blindstitch Sewing Machine is easily the best sewing machine for making bags. It features  1:1 to 2:1 true skip-stitch function, which allows you to go from fine sheer material to tackling heavier woolens. The adjustable stitch penetration lets you handle various types of fabric  easily. The powerful  1725-rpm maximum speed lets you work on fabrics for drapery as well as lighter materials. The adjustable thread tension permits easy control of tightness of stitches while the swing-away plate lets you work on flat pieces with little effort. Get flexibility no matter what you’re working on. Just make sure to get the right needle size and adjust to proper settings when changing type of fabric to handle.

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Best Sewing Machine for Straight Stitch


Juki DDL-8700


Searching for the best sewing machine for straight stitch? You’ve found it in the Juki DDL-8700 Industrial Straight-Stitch Sewing Machine! With a maximum sewing speed of 5500 stitches per minute, the Juki DDL-8700 lets you finish your straight-stitching sewing projects in less time than it would take an ordinary manual sewing machine. The machine creates stitches with maximum length of 5 mm. Sew light to medium-weight fabrics easily. This sewing machine is geared for reduced noise and vibration while in operation. It is optimized to provide comfortable operation and comes with a sewing light, which is magnetic and can be repositioned,  to provide better visibility of your material and overall work. All the components you need are pre-installed so you’re ready to sew right out of the box.

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Top rated sewing machines in 2019


Some of the models that have been given positive feedback in various best sewing machine reviews will be identified in the rest of this article. I will also provide you with an idea on some of their best features and functions in order to have the enlightenment that is needed in the selection of the best model among all of the choices that you will be confronted with.



Singer 7256 Fashion Mate


Regardless if you have just recently discovered your passion for sewing or if you have been doing such for a long time already, you can be assured that this sewing machine from Singer will prove to be a good choice, given the various features and benefits that have been lauded in a variety of best sewing machine reviews. It is housed in metal frame that is known to be heavy duty, and hence, giving you an assurance that it is meant to last for a long period of time.



 The machine for stylists on the job, with an advanced and computerized system and free-arm capability

 Offers seventy different stitch styles, five presser feet and an automatic needle threader

 Top drop-in bobbin system is easy to load and has a clear cover

 LED display screen shows automatic stitch width and length for easy adjustability



 Machine designed for Canadian and United States use only

 Clear bobbin cover can be distracting to novices as the bobbin movement can get attention while sewing


SINGER 7256 Fashion Mate didn’t cost me that much in the first place. I love the numerous stitching options I have with it, so I really diversify my designs. I must admit I’m not a really experienced user, but I think that for beginners this sewing machine is excellent. ”  Amanda Cooper


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Janome 8077


Although this model of sewing machine is more expensive compared to the other models that are available in the market, you will surely not regret splurging some financial resources on such. This is because you it can prove to be a satisfactory purchase since it is very functional and easy to use. It has a wide array of installed patterns in order to make your stitches more beautiful. It also comes with a properly lit workspace to help you achieve better results.




 Offers 30 built-in stitches that can be employed to complete a wide range of sewing projects from the simplest to the most sophisticated

 Automatic needle threader means no more eyestrains plus easy adjustments with stitch length and width

 LED screen is brightly illuminated to ensure accurate stitch selection every time

 Promises superior drop feed capability and feeding system



 Presser foot pressure is not adjustable but automatic , which may disappoint some users

 Diagrams in the manual may have to be reworked


I was lucky to find the Janome 8077 for sale. I immediately bought it and so far so good. It functions without any drawbacks and I get the job done every time. Already I am impressed with how easy I work with it, just 1 month after I bought it. ”   Ashley Baker


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Singer 4423 Heavy Duty


One of the most popular sewing machines in the US is the Singer 4423 model which has a reasonable price and some excellent features at the same time. With it you will be able to make 1100 stitches per minute for getting the job done fast and professional at the same time. Also you can choose from 23 different types of stitches for more decorative purposes, making it one of the best sewing machines in 2019.



 Metal frame and a stainless steel bedplate ensure that the unit is truly heavy duty and made for industrial-level usage

 Extra high sewing speed of 1100 stitches for every minute ensures rapid sewing results

 Interior metal frame is engineered with superior stability so the machine remains steady while doing skip-free sewing

 Smooth fabric speed plus even sewing



 Designed for use in Canadian and United States locations only

 Not the answer to what sewing machine can sew leather


“I am extremely pleased of having one of the most reliable sewing machine, which really helps me with my creation process. The diversity it offers is what I was aiming for, to make my creations that much better. Getting it with a Black Friday deal was definitely a bonus.” – Emily Upton


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Brother SC6600


The Brother SC6600 is a great solution for a sewing machine having some wonderful features which will give you numerous advantages. You even have access to a LCD screen where you will have displayed the different stitches you can use. Also have the option to make buttonholes to the precise size you want so that the final product will look exactly as you envisioned it.



 With multiple single-step automatic styles for button hole sewing

 Easily fits into a cabinet for easy portability and storage

 Has an electronic touch panel, an LCD screen, a start/stop button plus an impressive 25-year limited product warranty

 Has a power-on light plus an adjustable stitch width control and a manually adjustable dial for tension control



 Requires a certain level of expertise that first time users may lack

 Bobbin material is plastic and may be difficult to replace when broken


“It had a reputation as one of the highest rated sewing machines, so I didn’t think too much about buying it. The machine has a multitude of stitches and patters and this gives me a lot of creative opportunities. I find it pretty easy to use and with a lot very useful options.” – Alice Watson


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Brother CS6000i


Best sewing machine reviews

I personally think that one of the reasons on why this sewing machine has been recommended by many users is because of the inclusion of an LCD screen on the unit, which makes it easy to monitor the progress of their work and to enter the desired settings. In addition, it is also jam-resistant, which can give you an assurance that sewing will be continuous and no distractions will annoy you. It also comes with a work light making it easy to see your work because of the illumination that it provides.



 Feature-packed sewing machine with 60 different built-in stitches and 7 one-step automatic size buttonholing styles

 Comes with a sturdy quilting table plus industrial-grade hard cover

 Length and width of stitches can be adjusted as desired, thanks to the LCD display

 Start/stop button facilitates usage without requiring utilization of supplied foot control



 Not the answer to what sewing machine can sew leather

 Not designed for use with non-120-volt AC, as the machine is built for use in the USA and Canada


“The Brother CS6000i  is very useful to me. I take pleasure in sewing or creating new clothes and with it I have this chance. I bought for an affordable price and strongly believe it has quality. I had no major issues with it since I started using it.”  Mary Drain


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Singer 9960 Stylist


In various best sewing machine reviews, numerous great features have been given emphasis regarding this model from Singer. The most impressive are its various electronic controls, which make it easy to launch a number of functions, such as piloting and controlling speed. It also comes with an extension table, in case you need a bigger work area. Because of the experience Singer has within this product category, you can be assured that this model is reliable. The commitment of this manufacturer provides it with high quality.



 Offers multiple sewing functions with a computerized system that allows over 1,000 stitch functions and 600 different stitches

 Comes with many bonuses including special accessories, a unique extension table and a strong hard cover

 Quick and easy set-up thanks to top drop-in bobbin system and automatic needle threader

 Automatic thread cutter can be activated with one touch



 Machine of 110 volts specifically intended for use in Canada and USA

 Automatic thread cutter tends to cut thread too short


The SINGER 9960 is an under valued sewing machine. For my needs it has proven to be excellent. I feel very comfortable while I am using it and always do a professional job at the end. I recommend investing in it, based on my experience with it so far. I think every woman who is into fashion would love this model as a gift.”   Bobby Simpson


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Brother XL2600i


With this sewing machine, you will find it easier to finish your sewing projects, whether it is for home décor or for business purposes. Among other things, one that I like about this model is that it has 25 built-in stitches, which is a generous number of patterns that will trigger your creativity. Its ease of use should not also be forgotten, especially because of ease that it provides to its users when it comes to threading, choosing stitches, and bobbin winding, among other things.



 Designed to offer 25 built-in stitch styles, every one of which has multiple stitch functions, making this the ultimate free-arm sewing machine

 Complete everyday sewing projects and novice projects with a definite flair

 Free arm has integrated accessory storage built into it

 Has a light bulb to illuminate workspace



 Built for use as an advanced affordable free arm 110-volt sewing machine in Western countries

 Requires a foot pedal for easy operation unlike other electronic sewing machine models


I am teaching my daughter a thing or two about clothes designing with the use of the Brother XL2600I. Emily is quite into the whole thing and this is due to the easy operation of this model. She is learning more and more, so considering this, I recommend it. I would even go as far as to place it in the top 10 sewing machines in 2019.”   Sandra Hoover


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How to choose a new sewing machine in 2019 – Buying guide


Some women have the gift of creating their own clothes. The clothing they design is a reflection of their personality. For this they don’t only need a great imagination, they also require some top quality equipment and fabrics. No piece of equipment is more important than the sewing machine. It can be used for applying simple stitches, for repairing different pieces of clothing or it can have a central role in the process of making your own creations. We will emphasize on the things to look for in a sewing machine, so you get the best one for your needs. The best sewing machine reviews will also be a helpful factor because they point out the models that are worth buying.


The first thing you will realize is that the more features a sewing machine has, the more expensive it gets. If you are not going to do any sophisticated designs with it, obviously you don’t need to buy a state-of-the-art machine. Now if you want to sew on to different fabrics complex embroideries, then you might need to pay a few extra dollars for the sewing machine you are looking for. The more you want to create, the more you will need to invest in a top notch machine. A higher number of patterns, will enhance your creativity options. For this you need the new generation models that even have internal memories and a USB port. This way you can  upload more and more patterns, stitches of all sizes and embroideries.

We advise the inexperienced users to stick to what they know and slowly but surely build on their limited skill and knowledge. If you are just getting started, then it is probably better if you get a basic model. It will cost less and will also help you get used to different features. The good thing about this kind of sewing machine is the fact that it doesn’t cost that much and with between $150 and $300 you will manage to find the right one for you.

A normal sewing machine should have different types of stitches and reliable foot attachments. With these features, things like inserting a zipper, are extremely easy to do. After you have mastered these basic things, then you can expand to decorative stitches for examples. The brand of the machine is important, so you can buy afterwards different accessories. They will expand your horizons and allow to do new designs which you previously, couldn’t make. Mid-range models that give you a diverse array of choices, can be bought for as low as $300 and as high as $500. Dressmaking is possible if you want to own such a sewing machine.

The most reliable sewing machine reviews were read by us, to find out even more details to include in our buying guide. Depending on your expertise level, with this knowledge you can choose a reliable model.

Serious embroidery options will cost you something extra and the more patterns you want to do, the closer you will pay around the $1000 mark. But these expensive models have a great advantage of always being able to learn new patterns, being actually professional level sewing machines.

No matter what reason you buy a sewing machine for, you always need to find one with the right set of features for your level of expertise. Sometimes having too many features is not a good idea and can prove extremely confusing for an inexperienced user. Hopefully, the info presented above will quickly shown you which type of sewing machine is for your particular needs. We have conceived a list of best sewing machines in 2019 as well.



Things to consider:

A great piece of advice we can give, when looking for a sewing machine, is to go through a lot of customer reports, because the information they hold will prove very valuable.

–          Buy a sewing machine according to your level of expertise;

–          Have the possibility to make different sized stitches;

–          Buy a machine that can be upgraded with different accessories;

–          Embroidery options are essential as you get more experienced;

–          The learning process should be taken step by step if you are an entry-level user.