Top rated Security Lights in 2019


Security lights are being installed to illuminate dark lawns and porches. Aside from that, it also serves as preventive measure against intruders. Some security lighting systems nowadays are also used as flood lights for commercial, residential, and industrial use. There are new innovations for the existing security light systems on the market today, such as utilization of solar power. Here are some of the products that stood out in the best security light reviews, which our team has gathered to provide convenience to interested buyers who don’t have the time to go through every customer feedback.


Lithonia 2-head LED Security Light Motion-sensing Flood Light/floodlight


Best Security Light ReviewsFeaturing rugged cast aluminum housing with corrosion-resistant properties, the Lithonia LED security motion-sensing light is, according to the best security light reviews, an excellent light for both residential and commercial use. This 2-headed security light produces 1700 lumens using only 22 watts of energy – an impressive energy saving quality that not all LED light products on the market possess. The motion sensors can be adjusted up to 180 degrees orientation that allows at most a 70-foot perimeter protection.

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Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell


With almost 2000 5-star ratings in a popular product review site, the Mr. Beams MB360 LED spotlight is undoubtedly the best security light in 2019. It is motion sensor activated, and is efficient enough to detect motion from 30 feet away. The can rotate up to 180 degrees angle for maximum area coverage. It is made of weatherproof materials, making it a good outdoor security light. The MB360 also features an impressive energy-saving property that automatically shuts off the light when there is no motion detected after a 30-second time frame.

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Home Zone LED Outdoor Security Floodlight with Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor


Producing 2000 lumens of light using only 25 watts, the Home Zone LED outdoor security floodlight is the best security light in 2019 in terms of brightness and energy-efficiency. With this brightness it can illuminate really large areas, which is why it is a very ideal outdoor security light. It is also made of aluminum housing with corrosion-resistant properties. Its motion sensor can be adjusted up to 180 degrees and is effective from 32.8 feet distance, designed for maximum movement detection abilities.

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Sunforce 82156 60 LED Solar Motion Light


With its powerful motion detection as well as unique energy-efficient  properties, the Sunforce 82156 60 LED Solar Motion Light has created quite a reputation on the market. It is considered as a good solar security solution that uses the energy from the sun to power itself during the night. The solar panel harvests energy delivered by the sunlight and converts it into an electric current before storing it for later use. Aside from its solar-charging mechanism, it is also powered by AA rechargeable batteries.

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Heath Zenith SL-5411-WH Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Security Light


Providing convenience, safety, and security, the Heath Zenith SL-5411-WH Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Security Light is designed to give peace of mind to home and business owners for a very affordable price. It has an impressive 70 feet distance range, which is really impressive for a security light unit at this price point. It can be adjusted within a 150-degree range for effective motion detection. For only 120 watts, it produces light bright enough for  an efficient outdoor security light.

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