Scuba diving watches – What to look for:


Making an investment on any of the top ten scuba diving watches can be significant, as you can use both your personal preferences and the innate professional value of every product that piques your interest. Picking the right watch, specially when it’s one of the most popular being sold in the market, should never have that morning-after regret, which makes it important to make a sensible decision.



The most common type is the analog dive watch, with a display that incorporates either a pair of or three hands pointing to numbers on the round dial face. A unidirectional bezel on such an accessory turns in a counterclockwise direction to show how long you’ve been in the dive. For individuals who want a cost-efficient product under scuba diving watch product category will appreciate the digital type, which ideally should be provided with a backlight that makes it easy to read the scuba diving watch underwater. Numbers should be large enough to facilitate dim light viewing at a simple glance. Stopwatch function helps you time the dive and any safety stops you decide to take as you go along. An automatic dive watch is a self-winding device that doesn’t need a battery to run. Wrist movements ensure that the watch keeps working. The mainspring is driven by the movement of the wearer’s wrist, normally up to two days when fully wound.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is different from being water proof. Waterproof properties make a product resistant to splash, but resistance to pressure of water when diving denotes a deeper concept. Water resistance up to a certain number of meters spells the success of a watch in making it to the top in ratings best to worst for scuba diving watches. Pressure underwater is strong. Divers should get a watch that offers  water resistance to a depth that is greater than what the diver is expected to make. Pressure increases under water with any movement, which necessitates that simple rule for choosing a watch’s water resistance depth. Normal swimming requires water resistance up to 50 meters. Resistance up to 100 meters is fine for use in snorkeling, swimming and water sports. For deep sea diving, in addition to other activities included in other ranges for shallower waters, water resistance of 200 meters is needed.



A best rated scuba diving watch should ideally be fitted with a clear face. This allows you to view the information you need clearly and quickly. A screw-down crown is better than a push-and-pull crown due to how it ensures a water-tight construction for the timepiece. A tighter seal is achieved, unlike push-and-pull crown mechanisms that can let in some water when adjusting. In addition to those elements, luminous dials also allow you to read the face easier in low visibility circumstances, perfect for night dives and the dark surroundings underwater. The watch should also be outfitted with a scratch-resistant window of premium quality, with anti-reflective interior coating, plus a heavy-duty bracelet.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Display Type Price Weight Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Cressi Leonardo Scuba Diving

Digital $$$ 5 oz No A+ AMAZON

Citizen Men’s BN0090-01E

Analog $$$ 16 oz Included A AMAZON

Sound Around Pyle-Sports PSWDV60R

Digital $$ 7.2 oz Included B AMAZON

Freestyle Watches Hammerhead

Analog $$ 7.2 oz Included B+ AMAZON

Luminox Men’s 3001 Original Navy SEAL

Analog $$$$ 5 oz Included C+ AMAZON


What is the best scuba diving watch? That depends on your choice, your budget and the requirements you have for such an accessory. While a diving watch helps you make a fashion statement, serious divers who require optimum performance need to explore a product’s more essential components to maximize their investment. This way, they are sure they are choosing the right product for their needs.


How to get the best scuba diving watch in 2021


Thousands of American divers are currently searching for great scuba diving watches, designed to match their personality. Underwater activities require the use of specific gear, resistant to water pressure. It is not surprising to see the growing demand for high quality watches, designed for scuba diving or snorkeling activities. Picking out a great watch can be pretty difficult given the wide selection of models to choose from. There are cheap, mid-range and expensive watches. As so many pointed out, there is a watch for every budget. So, if you are looking for a professionally designed watch or one just for fun, this article will definitely help out. It is important to be fully informed on the current offer and ultimately invest wisely in a dependable product.

Taking into account the wide range of scuba diving watches available on the market we decided to test 25 of the most popular models out there. For over 80 hours we carefully tested each product and noticed certain features which ensure smooth functionality. When all data came through we managed to write the best scuba diving watch reviews, worth consulting during the selection process. The first thing that you have to do is decide whether you want a digital or analog watch. This is a personal choice given that both types of watches perform well underwater. Some people are flashier than others and prefer analog while sportive individuals use digitals without regrets. In addition each diver has its own style, reflected in the equipment used.


Best scuba diving watches for men


Casio Men’s G8900A-1CR G-Shock Digital Sport-Watch


Line-ups for the best scuba diving watches for men are not complete without the Casio Men’s G8900A-1CR G-Shock Digital Sport Watch. This US-made round-faced watch has dial window mineral type of mineral crystal, which is made of multiple elements that are heat-treated to ensure exceptional hardness and extreme resistance to scratches. The watch is water resistant up to 660 feet or 200 meters, made for scuba diving. It is equipped with an auto super illuminator LED backlight that helps you get a good view of the displayed information on the round face. It provides four daily alarms and snooze function. It displays world time for up to 48 major cities, including Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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Diving experiences become easier to time with the best scuba diving watch 2021. There is a wide selection of watches which include: analog dive watches, digital dive watches, automatic dive watches, titanium dive watches ad chronograph scuba diving watches. One of the most common and popular scuba diving watches is the analog type. You should look for analog watches with unidirectional bezel and easy to read graphs. Athletes usually prefer digital dive watches which are affordable. Such watches have a backing light which make telling time underwater easier than ever. One important thing about these watches is the multitude of options it incorporates.


Best Suunto scuba diving watches


Suunto Vector Wristop Computer W/ Compass/Altimeter/Barometer


A product inspired by endless adventures, travels and expeditions, the Suunto Vector Wristop Computer W/ Compass/Altimeter/Barometer belongs to a unique breed of watches that may not be the best Suunto scuba diving watches, but are perfect for mountain climbers. Built with legendary durability and technology that can take whatever harsh environment it is thrust into, this watch has an altimeter that has a range up to 9,000 m or 29,500 feet. Its  altitude difference measurement function enables you to get information on the vertical progress between different stages of a climb. The watch has a 24-hour memory that stores the altitude plus rate of ascent and descent for every hour, aside from an adjustable altitude alarm and a number of different memory functions. The built-in barometer function displays the current barometric pressure and temperature, for on-hand weather forecasting on demand.

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Considered the best scuba diving watch 2021 the digital model includes stopwatch function which comes in handy when divers time each dive. Furthermore digital scuba diving watches give users the chance to personalize the whole experience! Another type of diving watches is the automatic model. This is a self-winding watch which doesn’t need a battery to operate. The watch works due to the wrist movement due to a complex but interesting format. Still, if you don’t wear the watch it will no longer have power. A specially designed automatic dive watch lasts up to 48 hours if not worn. Titanium dive watches are popular among divers that spend a lot of time in salt waters. Such models include special titanium housing which is hypoallergenic and around 50% stronger than steel!


Best scuba diving watches for the money


Mares Puck Wrist Dive Computer


For discriminating individuals who are out for the best scuba diving watches for the money, the Mares Puck Wrist Dive Computer makes one great buy. This accessory incorporates a fully functional Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM) algorithm dive computer with larger digits, which enables  effortless reading and operates with a backlight on demand. A single button on the diving computer allows for easy access, enabling the user to smoothly scroll through the menu options. It is sold in both 2-gauge and 3-gauge console, so buyers have the freedom and flexibility they need for such a device. It is a full function Air/Nitrox dive computer, which helps you adjust your dive plan accordingly. This watch can be used in both salt and fresh water.

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Things to consider:

  • There are analog, digital, automatic, titanium and chronograph watches
  • Analog watches are very popular among divers
  • Digital scuba diving watches include special diving functions


Top rated Scuba diving watches in 2021


There are thousands of Americans that love to dive and explore marine or oceanic life. In order to dive without problems, you need to be equipped. Out of the many equipment pieces that you need to have, one in particular seems to be very important: diving watch. This device shows you the time spent underwater, oxygen tank levels and the depth of your dive. So, as you can tell, it is essential to have it on your wrist. You’ll find on the market a lot of scuba diving watches, designed by well-known brands. In order to find the most efficient one, you need to consult the best scuba diving watch reviews.



Cressi Leonardo Scuba Diving Wrist Computer


Best Scuba diving watch reviewsWhen it comes to professional scuba diving equipment, one brand always managed to release high quality products: Cressi. From them, you can select one of the best scuba diving watch in 2021: Leonardo Scuba Diving Wrist Computer. This elegant watch is very simple to use, even underwater. Designed with attention, the wrist computer is essential for divers that enjoy every moment of the sport. It features a powerful battery which maintains the computer running. Furthermore the model includes Nitro, Air and Gauge modes. You will be glad to know that the wrist computer has a log book that can hold by up to 60 dives!



Elegant and with an intuitive design, the Leonardo diving watch offers divers the chance to effortlessly program important modes like Air, Gauge and Nitrox, essential for the dive’s safety

Considered by experienced divers as the best scuba diving digital watch 2021 this model features an HD edge-to-edge screen which displays data in a clear manner

The scuba diving watch features an impressive log book that can accurately hold up to 60 consecutive dives or around 75 hours of dive information

Available in Black/Gray, Black/Pink, Black/Blue and White/Black, Leonardo scuba diving computer adds elegance to the diver’s equipment



Some users have complained about the single button presses but it is mainly a preference issue easy to overlook


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Citizen Men’s BN0090-01E Scuba Fin Eco-Drive


Are you on the market for an elegant and reliable scuba diving watch? If your answer is yes, then choose without reservations BN0090-01E Scuba Fin from Citizen. This eco-drive watch is fuelled by light, which is a new revolutionary technology. As one of the best scuba diving watch in 2021, this model comes with a stainless steel case. It features a black rubber strap which is very easy to wear and won’t disturb you while diving. The drive includes a special mineral glass crystal for enhanced style. You should also know that the watch is water resistant down to 200M, which is quite impressive to say the least.



Powered by a newly developed Eco-Drive solar technology the BN0090-01E diving watch is a stylish instrument with superb polished white/green sword hands, completed by luminous accents

Due to the carefully applied luminescent silver tone hour markers divers will know even in harsh conditions like blurry waters what time it is

Water resistant up to an impressive 200 meters the diving watch features a polished stainless steel round case which resists scratches and fingerprints accents

The scuba diving watch from Citizen features engraved black Arabic numbers which are large enough to be seen underwater



Due to the lightweight design, during the first dive the watch requires a bit of accommodation period since most diving watches are thick


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Sound Around Pyle-Sports PSWDV60R Advanced Dive Meter with Water depth


According to the present best scuba diving watch reviews, written by professional divers, it seems that you can opt for Sound Around Pyle-Sports. This advanced diving watch is the ideal accessory for beginners or professional divers. Your next scuba diving experience will register a boost in precision. The watch can measure with precision water temperature, water depth and can store with ease by up to 10 dive logs. You should also know that the chronograph watch from Sound Around, includes 99 lap memory. It is fully resistant down to 660 feet! The watch is very easy to wear, comfortable around the wrist.



As the best scuba diving digital watch reviews underline the Pyle-Sports model is the ideal diving accessory for people that need to safely control the diving environment and limit the appearance of problems

The diving watch can be used to safely measure water depth with smooth resolutions of 0.1, even at ranges of 200m

Due to the enhanced memory system the scuba diving digital watch can safely store up to 10 consecutive dive logs

This powerful scuba diving watch offers access to 3 countdown timer modes (repeat, countup and countdown) which come in handy during long diving sessions



The batteries of this scuba dive watch are not included (this is an accessory sold separately)


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Freestyle Watches Hammerhead XL Watch


One of the top rated Scuba diving watch in 2021 comes from Freestyle Watches: Hammerhead XL Watch, a model owned by thousands of professional divers. This watch can improve your diving performance, while adding a touch of elegance to every moment of the swim. The model has a solid stainless steel case which resists to water pressure even after long exposure. Furthermore it features a rotating bezel screw down crown, highly resistant polyurethane strap and hydro pushers. You should also know that the watch is fully resistant down to 200 meters. This Japanese Quartz analog chronograph watch has 7 hand movements, for better data management.



Stylish, affordable and with a round stainless steel dial the Hammerhead watch incorporates blue contrasting subdials and a beautiful ribbed polyurethane band which resist water pressure

This high quality dive watch incorporates Japanese quartz movement with easy to read display that helps divers tell time underwater

Due to the solid construction this scuba diving watch is shock-resistant and water-resistant down to 660 feet

The scuba dive watch incorporates a safe protective mineral crystal dial window and a comfortable buckle closure which keeps it in line during every phase of the dive



Does not include a carrying case, useful to store the watch while not in use (this accessory is available for purchase)


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Luminox Men’s 3001 Original Navy SEAL Dive watch


Are you on the market for a reliable and highly resistant dive watch? If your answer is yes, then consider investing in Luminox Men’s 3001 Original Navy SEAL Dive watch. This elegant watch includes precise Swiss-Quartz movement which keeps you connected to accurate data. It includes mineral crystal for enhanced style, even while deciphering different underwater mysteries. You should also know that the dive watch is water resistant down to an impressive 660 feet. The watch is highly appreciated for its enhanced durability and advanced illumination system. In addition, the model is powered by Luminox illumination system which maintains the dial markers and hands glowing!



Made of stainless steel the 3001 Navy SEAL dive watch represents a great addition to any professional or beginner diver

This stylish dive watch features an exclusive Luminox self-powered illumination system which ensures divers will see the watch’s dial markers and hands underwater

Highly resistant to water pressure down to 200 meters this high quality diving watch is perfect for daily recreational diving and snorkeling sessions

Backed by 1-year warranty the watch features a black-plated stainless steel case which measures 1.7 inches wide and 0.4 inches thick and safely displays the engraved Arabic numerals



Even though the scuba diving watch has a comfortable polyurethane strap it doesn’t come with an extra one


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