If you’re here just to find the best scuba diving computer and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about various products on the market in this category by comparing the reviews and ratings in expert review sites for scuba diving equipment and actual owner feedback. Thankfully, our extensive product research and comparison have led us to what we believe is truly the best, the Cressi Leonardo. This product delivers an elegant expression of uncomplicated yet functional design. Perfect for those just getting into the sport or who just want to do underwater exploration, this model features a single-button interface that enables you to program its different modes namely, Air, Gauge and Nitrox, the first time you use it. The edge-to-edge, high-definition screen comes with a large numerical display yet still maintains a travel-friendly, compact design. The battery life indicator is clearly visible on the display so you can always ensure prompt replacement while the distinctly audible alarms give you essential information while ensuring your peace of mind during every dive. The immense popularity of this easily resettable model can make it run out of stock easily, but you could get the second best option, the Cressi Giotto.



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Allowing divers to monitor their time and safety while in the water, the best rated scuba diving computer is an indispensable device that both novice and seasoned divers should have. When used with diving tables, the most reliable scuba diving computer will allow you to stay longer in the water and to undergo shorter safety stops.



If you go for console-mounted types among the top ten scuba diving computers on the market, take note that such units connect with the rest of your diving gear through a hose. With such a configuration, console mounted models will not be easily misplaced or lost. This type of device requires battery power to run. It is not an air integrated unit, however. This means your console’s pressure gauge will need to be connected to your tank in order to display a pressure reading but the diving computer is not linked to the air source. Models that are wrist- or forearm-mounted can be used for free-diving as well. No matter what type you choose, the device should be able to calculate your max dive time based on the actual dive. This will enable you to carry out multilevel diving. Basing its calculations on your current depth, the device should be able to update you constantly on how much time you have left.


Navigation and Display

The highest rated scuba diving computer has a screen design that makes reading underwater, where visibility and lighting is poor, easier. The positioning and size of the critical data digits should be at optimal level at all times. A simple menu layout is preferred as the diver has to devote time underwater to maintaining buoyancy, swimming and fighting against undercurrents. A set of intuitive buttons can help immensely, so you can effectively use the diving computer without having to learn the content of the owner’s manual by heart. Dark underwater conditions should not deter you from viewing the interface, which should be easy to read.  The device should have programmable alarms and include low-battery alert capability.


Air compatibility

A scuba diving computer with air integration capability lets you calculate your respiration rate. It tells you how much safe dive time you still have left based on your current consumption of air. Using a scuba diving computer under water should enable you to get both desaturation data and pounds-per-square-inch data. A hose-free model employs a transmitter interlinked with a first-stage HP port. An air integration feature allows the device to monitor and learn the diver’s respiration rates. This helps the computer provide accurate calculations especially when you absorb less nitrogen, which can occur in instances where your breathing slows because the current is behind you. This facility lets you stay in the dive longer.


What is the best scuba diving computer? It’s the type that displays accurate readings and will not fail under extreme conditions in the water. Although you should still stick to your diving table, having a diving computer can encourage you to follow safety guidelines for a great diving experience and responsible diving.



Products for specific needs


Best scuba diving computer for the money


Oceanic Veo100 NX Wrist Air/Nitrox


Thanks to its innovative dual operating modes, the Oceanic Veo 100 NX Wrist Air/Nitrox Dive Computer is the best scuba diving computer for the money. It employs both Air and Nitrox Operating Modes, so you always have your dive time accurately mapped out. The wrist-mounted device is easy to learn, so you need not memorize what’s in the owner’s manual to be able to maximize use of this tool. It is also easy to use, giving you power to customize displayed information during your dive with a simple press of a button. The Hockey Puck module is the same size as most depth gauges so you can easily upgrade with less cost. It is a water-activated unit so you are sure to have your diving data on hand as soon as you get in the water.


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Best dive computer for beginners


Cressi Sub Giotto


The Cressi Sub Giotto Wrist Dive Computer is the first Cressi designed-and-built mixed gas dive computer. It carries a special algorithm that is a result of collaboration between Bruce Wienke and Cressi, which is one of the planet’s largest manufacturers of water sports equipment. With its three-button interface, you can easily program air, Nitrox and gauge modes, making this product the best dive computer for beginners. It is engineered with RGBM factors for safe decompression calculations during repetitive multi-day dives and with mixtures. It carries software that is able to handle two different hyper-oxygenated mixtures, which can be chosen between during the dive. The device offers 9 saturation half-times ranging from 2.5 to 480 minutes, so you’ll always know how much time you can still devote to the dive.


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Best dive computer with transmitter


Oceanic VT 4.1


Built with interface advancements that change the way you view dive computers, the Oceanic VT 4.1 Scuba-Diving Computer with Transmitter is a great choice for diving enthusiasts who want the best dive computer with transmitter. Built to carry its manufacturer’s reputation of reliability and ruggedness, the Oceanic VT is ready to use straight out of the box. Its wireless transmitter enables the diver to monitor gas pressure from up to four independent cylinders. This makes the product perfect for both recreational diving and technical diving applications. Powered by Oceanic’s Exclusive Dual Algorithm, the diver can select the appropriate decompression algorithm that best suits his diving needs without compromising safety.


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Top rated Scuba Diving Computers in 2022


For about a week that I have been reading the best scuba diving computer reviews, I realized how the abundance of the available choices can make it harder to make a well-informed choice. Aside from reading reviews, I also talked to some divers to provide some of their recommended products.



Cressi Leonardo


Best Scuba Diving Computer ReviewsIn the best scuba diving computer reviews that I have read, one thing that is often being commended about this model is its innovative design, making it a cut above others within the marketplace. Two of the words that are often used to describe such would be simple and functional. In spite of its apparent simplicity, you will be surprised with how pack it is in terms of features. It also comes with a single button interface that allows users to have it operated in a snap. This is as against other models wherein you have to struggle with several buttons for its configuration.



Combining elegance with utility this amazing wrist computer from Cressi is a great addition to experienced divers that want to explore underwater worlds and still know the time

Placed among the best scuba diving computer watches 2022 the Leonardo diving watch features a single button interface which permits users to safely program Gauge, Nitrox and Air modes

With a compact design this computer watch offers clear visibility to battery life, time and other important diving information

It includes a special log book which can memorize up to 60 dives or 75 hours of dive data, usually updated every 20 seconds or so



Does not include a carrying case (this is an accessory sold separately)


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Cressi Giotto KS740052-P



This model makes a great diving companion. It is the first Mixed gas Dive computer designed and made entirely by Giotto. The Cressi Giotto KS740052-P comes with cool features.





The computer ensures effortless programming of its three modes thanks to it simple three-button interface. The large numerical characters on the high-definition screen make viewing of information effortless.

This compact and travel-friendly model delivers distinctly audible alarms to ensure you have peace of mind, with critical information displayed during your dive.

The battery life indicator is clearly visible so you always know when it’s time to replace the battery. You can also fully reset the unit after use.

Delivering safe decompression calculations, this model is ideal for repetitive multi-day dives and gas mixtures to ensure safety from decompression sickness.



This model runs on a special battery that can be difficult to replace because it is not readily available in stores, according to one user.


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Suunto Zoop Novo


This alternative comes fitted with a 4-button interface that enables a more intuitive user experience. Differently from the similar units designed by Suunto, this one has a better battery housing.

The Zoop Novo is an excellent choice for novice divers that are in search of a product that has decompression and nitrox capabilities. This option only weighs 4.23 oz. and it comes supplied with distinct modes that one can choose from such as Air, Gauge or Free.

The menu of the model is easy to navigate as it only has four buttons in total. Also, its display is backlit for better visibility in all light conditions.



The product can be used in water with temperatures ranging from -9 to 122 Fahrenheit degrees, which makes it very versatile.

This model can run dual time zones, and it has a stopwatch timer and a deep storm alarm that are regarded as essential features.

You can select one of the modes that are made available by the manufacturer for a more intuitive diving experience.

Furthermore, this choice is easy to utilize as it does not come provided with numerous settings and complicated options.



This device does not come provided with a USB cable that you can use to connect the unit to a PC. Because of this, you have to make extra investments if you want to download data from it.

There have been buyers that were unhappy that its display could be easily damaged. Therefore, you have to be careful how you handle it.


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Suunto ZOOP


1.Suunto ZOOP

If you’ve been wondering what is the best scuba diving computer money can buy, you might have just found it. Although slightly less affordable compared to other models in the line, this one comes with almost any feature you might desire from a device in the category. The interface is remarkably easy to use and poses no problems to users who aren’t tech-savvy. The screen display is easy to read. What’s more, this model has been highly spoken of for the benefits it offers to owners.



The interface makes it easy for the buyer to select the data he or she feels like visualizing.

The data recorded by the computer can be downloaded to a personal computer, unlike the Gekko, the model that came before the ZOOP.

There are two operating modes that can be utilized, Air and Nitrox, and these two come in handy for a wide variety of circumstances where you might use the product.

The battery can be replaced by the owner, thus giving buyers a lot of freedom in terms of convenience.



This product does not come with its own compass.

It might not be the right alternative for people interested in night time diving.


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Oceanic Geo 2.0 Air/Nitrox


Another beautiful-looking alternative is the Oceanic Geo 2.0 Air/Nitrox. This computer watch is cost-efficient, and it has a small yet easy to read screen that can depict large numbers. The compact size of the model makes it effortless to wear.

Similarly to other devices that can be used for scuba diving, this watch includes four operating modes, Norm (for nitrox and air), Watch, Gauge (it includes a run timer), and free diving. Even if you are new to using products of this kind, the backlit display of this item is very explicit and not likely to confuse or annoy you.



This choice features a safety stop countdown timer that lets you know that three minutes have passed since your dive.

This compact dive computer has been manufactured from durable materials that can pass the test of time.

The Oceanic Geo 2.0 has an internal memory function that can remember your last 24 dive logs. This way, you can get a good understanding of your evolution.

You can use a USB cable to transfer the data from the device directly to your PC so that you can reference your previous diving experiences.



The bar graphs that are indicated on the display of this option might be a bit difficult to read, and they can blend into its background.

Moreover, it has been pointed out that in order to make the data transfer to one’s PC, one has to purchase a rather expensive cable sold by the same manufacturer.


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Suunto Zoop Air/Nitrox


With the positive feedback that have been expressed about this model in the reviews about the best scuba diving computer in 2022, you can be confident that this is an option that will not lead into frustration. With the robust construction of this model, you can be confident that it will never be a disappointment when it comes to durability. This model is PC-compatible, which will allow you to make the most out of it. This will make it possible for you to store past activities and to easily monitor the changes that have been noted in the past dives.



As one of the best scuba diving computer watches 2022 this amazing product is very easy to use, helping recreational and experienced divers control easier different phases of the whole diving experience

It includes a user-friendly computer which makes diving very easy, especially for beginners that need a bit of guidance in their first underwater endeavours

The wrist dive computer watch features full decompression capabilities which makes it a perfect companion during dives at great depths

Affordable, elegant and easy to wear this stunning computer watch includes air and Nitrox (21-50%) operating modes, needed during diving sessions



The watch includes audible alarms which are not very loud (depending on user needs the audio settings can be adjusted)


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Mares Nemo Wide


Another alternative that should not be ignored is the Mares Nemo Wide. This watch has a wide, high contrast screen that offers a 170-degree viewing angle so that its users have no problems reading it. Additionally, the data shown on the display is written in large characters.

This user-oriented option has a classic 4-button construction, and it comes fitted with a hypoallergenic rubber strap. The software that is used on this device can be regularly updated. According to the seller, this item includes four functioning modes, and it features power indicators, alarms, a temperature reading, and even a calendar.



The item is highly appreciated by fellow divers because it has an easy to read display. Also, the vital data is written in large characters. The screen has a high contrast and a very practical 170-degree viewing angle.

The product utilizes unique algorithms that can reduce the risks usually associated with the formation of microbubbles.

When utilizing this alternative for dives, the decompression halts at deep stops. Even more, the batteries that the item uses are replaceable.



This model was intended to be easy to utilize, and its manufacturer has neglected to focus its attention on the overall design of the item so it might be less eye-catching compared to others.

One drawback of the item that you should think about before making a purchase is that the interface cable that you have to use with it is quite overpriced. Even more so, it has been said that the information that it displays could be better organized.


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Mares Puck Pro


Upon evaluation of the different reasons on why many people have reported high level of satisfaction about this model, I found out that many were happy with the Wireless Air Integrated Technology. The latter is basically the one that is responsible for accuracy in the monitoring of tank pressure. It also has a rugged design, which does not only make it stylish, but also the reason on why it can be worn for longer time. It is also good in terms of versatility because there are three operating modes, which will allow you to enjoy more applications from one device.



This device can display useful info such as the temperature of the water, the time and the date. The information can be shown in both imperial and metric units.

Furthermore, this model includes an upgradeable software, and it runs on diver-replaceable batteries.

This watch is altitude adjustable, and it has a backlit screen that you can effortlessly read underwater.

As previous buyers were happy to mention, this is a very easy to use product that comes supplied with plenty of features. Also, its rubber strap is very comfortable as it is neither too stiff, not too sticky.



Similarly to other devices of this kind, to transfer the recorded data from this watch, you have to invest in a linking cable that costs a pretty penny.

Additionally, previous buyers have observed that this device is somewhat bulky and not that easy to wear when scuba diving.


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Suunto Zoop Novo – Not Available



Boasting a composite bezel and case material plus an elastomer strap, the Suunto Zoop Novo ensures reliable functionality and easy wearing. It ensures your safety during dives by calculating vital parameters so you know you won’t end up with decompression sickness after the dive.




This model comes with five modes namely, Nitrox, Air, Gauge, Free and Off, enabling you to get essential information about the dive at just a glance.

This devices utilizes full continuous decompression algorithm as a reduced gradient bubble model (RGBM) to give you peace of mind.

The built-in dive planner, detailed dive data and graphical logs with your Mac/PC enable easy use and recording with separately sold Suunto DM5 software.

Use the innovative apnea timer for freediving, along with a convenient timer for the Air and Nitrox modes for safe descent and ascent every time.



This diving computer looks large on the wrist, according to some users, which is most likely due to the different type of strap that comes with the unit.


Oceanic VT 4.1 – Not available


Built with interface advancements that change the way you view dive computers, the Oceanic VT 4.1 Scuba-Diving Computer with Transmitter is a great choice for diving enthusiasts who want the best dive computer with transmitter. Built to carry its manufacturer’s reputation of reliability and ruggedness, the Oceanic VT is ready to use straight out of the box. Its wireless transmitter enables the diver to monitor gas pressure from up to four independent cylinders. This makes the product perfect for both recreational diving and technical diving applications. Powered by Oceanic’s Exclusive Dual Algorithm, the diver can select the appropriate decompression algorithm that best suits his diving needs without compromising safety.


Scuba diving computers – What to look for:


Scuba diving represents an activity which thousands of people perform whenever they desire to relax and discover fascinating things underwater. Divers know that for full diving performance they need to use professional equipment. One of the most important pieces of diving equipment is the dive computer. Known as decompression meter, the dive computer needs to be mounted on scuba diver’s body, gear or wrist. The device offers easy to display digital readout during a wide range of diving conditions which comes in handy in various situations. Now, searching for a reliable scuba diving computer can take some time especially if you don’t access professional guides. So, if you are trying to find a high quality diving computer this particular article will definitely help out.

We decided to assist people during the selection process by testing 20 of the most popular diving computers in the U.S. After one week of attentive tests we managed to identify the features that make a scuba diving computer great and easy to use underwater. We also drafted the best scuba diving computer reviews which you should consult before making a purchase. You should know that a dive computer gauge accurately measures time and dive depth. With access to accurate data you’ll know when to ascend to the surface without getting sick from lack of oxygen. Considered by thousands of divers as the ideal aid during dives, dive computers will help users manage easier problems like decompression sickness. This is why it comes as no surprise to see so many divers look for powerful scuba diving computers.

How to choose the best scuba diving computer 2022 ? Well, there are a couple of things to take into account before opting for one particular product. Dive computers store important diving information which you can consult whenever you need. The current models available for purchase vary in price, options and functionality. A reliable dive computer allows divers to change the respective dive plan whenever by taking into account underwater fluctuations. Most of the dive computers run on batteries, which from time to time need to be replaced. There are many types of dive computers from which you can choose: console style dive computer, wrist watch style and mask style dive computer. Each of the enumerated diving computers matches different diving styles and user preferences. People have different preferences while underwater.

The best scuba diving computer 2022 ensures accurate reads during scuba diving and snorkeling experiences. Console style computers need to be mounted on the gear harness system with a special retractor (accessory device). More and more divers are currently using without reservations wrist watch style dive computers. Such models use wireless technology in order to accurately monitor tank pressure and also air consumption. The mask style computers offer enhanced freedom to the diver, by displaying all data on a small LCD viewing screen.


Things to consider:

  • There are different styles of diving computers: console, wrist and mask
  • Diving computers need to include easy to-read interfaces
  • You should pick a product which runs on rechargeable batteries