If you’re here just to find the best scroll saw and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have consulted numerous expert buying guides for power tools aside from looking at reviews and ratings in actual owner feedback just to obtain plenty of information about various products on the market. Out of all the products we have compared and researched on, we believe the DEWALT DW788 is the best because of its ability to create superbly accurate cuts. This tool is outfitted with a very capable 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed motor that drives the blade to execute cutting work smoothly and according to the user’s designs. It has a parallel-link arm design that decreases noise and vibration considerably to ensure precise cutting performance. Blade changes can be carried out fast and easy thanks to the proprietary tool-less blade clamps. Conveniently, the controls for the tool are on the front upper arm for hassle-free engagement and they include the electronic variable speed, on/off switch, blade-tensioning lever and flexible dust blower. If the DEWALT DW788 is unavailable, you could get the Shop Fox W1713, as it is the second best option.



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What are the best scroll saw models in 2022? This is a question that puzzles thousands of intermediate and skilled woodworkers. Most of today’s scroll saws are quiet, safe and fairly easy to use. With the right model, scrolling becomes an easy activity which anyone, beginner or skilled worker, can perform.


Blade changing system

Most of the current scroll saw ratings best to worst underline the importance of the blade changing system. A couple of years ago most scroll saws didn’t incorporate a blade changing mechanism. People had to purchase a special tool in order to easily change blades. It is important to change the blades with a simple twist of a button and increase the overall scrolling performance. Woodworkers require in their toolbox a professional scroll saw that can respond well to various commands and handle different projects.


Blade types

The best scroll saw for the money will definitely come equipped with powerful blades, capable of cutting wood. Today’s scroll saws come equipped with 2 types of blades: plain/flat-end or pin-end. Each type of blades offers distinct scrolling performance. The pin-end blades include a pin at the blade’s ends. This design ensures heightened stability during each cutting task. For more delicate scrolling performance, woodworkers should opt for plain end blades which are flexible. The pin-end blades are great for heavy-duty scrolling, usually on big logs or pieces of wood. A scroll saw equipped with plain-ends allows users to perform more complex scrolling actions.



If you’re wondering which product is the best from the ones available on the market you need to look for the scrolling speed indicator. Scrolling speed is usually measured in strokes per minute. There are some models that incorporate different levels of speeds: variable, two speeds or adjustable belts. Recent statistics showed that woodworkers prefer units with variable speeds. Such devices provide more flexibility during each scrolling action. Furthermore, it offers users the possibility to cut through plastic, thin metal foils and other materials. For repetitive cutting tasks we recommend 2-speed scroll saws because they are capable of constant performance. Just don’t opt for a cheap product because it won’t deliver enough cutting speed.


In conclusion

Even though there are other things to consider besides speed, blades and blade changing system these are in our opinion essential for high cutting performance. A good scroll saw will have to respond well to the particularities of distinct scrolling tasks. As a result, comfort and cutting power are essential for optimal results!



Products for Specific Needs



Best scroll saw for crafts


Dewalt DW788


There are thousands of woodworking crafters and artists that need in their workshop a professional scroll saw. According to the data we collected, it appears that the DW788 scroll saw can be used to efficiently perform accurate and detailed cuts on wood. Regarded by many as the best scroll saw for crafts, this unit comes with a user-friendly design and with reduced vibrations. Due to the high speed performance, woodworkers will be able to deliver precise cuts on different types of wood. It also includes a durable cast-iron table that maintains high levels of material support. Furthermore, the scroll saw includes a powerful dust blower, designed to keep the working area free of dust or debris.


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Best scroll saw for hobbyists


Dremel MS20-01


A professional scroll saw can help woodworkers and wood artisans to create pretty amazing works of art. For home woodworking projects we recommend the MS20-01 Moto-Saw from Dremel, an innovative tool which ensures quality results. Handymen consider the model the best scroll saw for hobbyists, capable of delivering high speeds of 1.500 to 2.250 SPM. The device incorporates a durable dust port adapter that permits users to attach powerful vacuum cleaners. This scroll saw features the exclusive QuickChange mechanism which allows people to safely switch blades with minimal effort. It also comes with a 9 foot cord, for enhanced mobility during scrolling actions.


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Best scroll saw for fine work


Proxxon 37090 DSH/E


There are many people in search for the best scroll saw for fine work. In this particular segment, we recommend the 37090 DSH/E scroll saw from Proxxon. This high-end cutting tool has a silent operating system which goes well with workers that desire to work in silence. It incorporates an advanced electronic stroke mechanism which allows users to control cutting speeds that range from 200 to 1400 SPM. Due to this particularity, people will be able to perform precise cuts on wood materials. It can be used to accurately cut wood, plastic, fiberglass, leather, cork, plexiglas and non-ferrous metals.


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Top rated scroll saws in 2022


The scroll saw that can work with less noise and are best at performance can be found in many best scroll saw reviews. After reading these reviews, selecting the best available saw becomes easy. The other people experience with the product helps in many ways from designing to working one can know anything.



Dewalt DW788


Best scroll saw reviews

I want accuracy and calmness during working and I have found this scroll the best. It has Double parallel-link arm design that doesn’t produce much noise and also decreases vibration. It can also set at different speeds. It also allows cleanliness of the area with its dust blower. Its blade changing is extremely easy and can be done within seconds with the help of its tool-free blade clamps. Arm design rotates to the front from the back that also provides smooth functioning in less sound.



Powered by 1.3 amp motor which ensures impressive 400 spm to 1750 spm, ideal to easily cover wood sawing projects

Incorporates a solid cast-iron table which delivers proper support during each woodworking task

Benefits from an exclusive 3-year warranty and 90-Day money back guarantee

First option for thousands of woodworkers to the question “what is the best scroll saw for beginners”



Lacks a sturdy carrying case (this is an optional accessory, sold separately)

Does not include a multi-language user manual, instructions come in the most used languages around the world


I got to know the Dewalt DW788 from magazines and I decided to buy it because it had positive reviews as well. The reviews were right it is high quality scroll saw, which I really enjoy working with.” Erick Overbeck


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Shop Fox W1713


I was in search of the high quality scroll saw and found this product in best scroll saw reviews. Its features are no match with others. For easy and careful working it is provided with a gooseneck work light that gives the clear view of the work. To clean after the mess, it has dust collection system that keeps the working area dust free.  It has pin or plain blades that has maximum cutting limit of 16 inches. It has strong 60 Hz motor with power supply of 110 volts.



This variable-speed scroll saw is durable enough to resist prolonged work hours due to the cast iron design

Powered by an impressive 1/8-horsepower 60Hz motor that delivers enough power to cut and saw through different types of wood (oak, cherry, willow and many more)

Flexible and easy to manoeuvre because it weighs only 40 pounds, the W1713 enhances worker’s ability to deliver curved cuts

Compatible with regular plain and unique pin-end saw blades which ensures high productivity during tasks



Does not include a dust brush (this is an work accessory sold separately)


Shop Fox W1713 Saw is definitely the kind of scroll saw which any handyman would like to own. Except the excellent cutting power, the dust collection system also impressed me. Handymen all across the US should get a piece of it. I was lucky enough to get this best rated scroll saw for a Black Friday deal. ” Clay Simmons


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Craftsman Variable Speed


The Craftsman variable speed scroll saw is a very useful tool to have in your garage for cutting different curves and patterns. The cutting line will be kept clean and visible with the help of its dust blower. Tilt the iron work table up to 45 degrees so you will have many cutting options, making it one of the best scroll saws in 2022.



Features a solid cast iron work table which workers can tilt up to 45 degrees for more complex cuts like bevel

Can be used to deliver fast cuts on hard and soft woods and plastic or soft metals due to the unique variable speeds from 400 to 1600 SPM

It incorporates a special dust extraction port that can be used to connect dust blowers

Fully compatible with pin-end, standard and scroll saw blades



Does not come with specialized vacuum cleaner (this is an additional accessory)


 “All the cuts I have made with it, have turned out to be professional and exactly how I wanted them to be. At the same time I find it very easy to operate and I really recommend it, if you are looking for a reliable scroll saw.” – Henry Cousins


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Rockwell RK7321


This product is extremely efficient and highly durable. Its efficient working is provided with 5 t-shank jigsaw blades that make the cutting very easy. Its table top is made up of stainless steel that doesn’t rust or corrode. It weighs only 18 lbs that allows its trouble-free carrying to distant places. It is best for all kinds of cutting; it makes the perfect circle, rip, miter, inside, scroll, metal and tile cuts. I like it because of its impressive designing and effective working. Its power input is 5.5 Amp.



Capable of delivering standard and advanced cuts from 1-1/2 inches (wood), 3-8 inch (ceramic tile), 1-1/4 inches (PVC), 1/8 inch (steel) and 3/8 inch (aluminum)

Offers useful working flexibility due to the quick release wall mount, making it perfect for job sites and room to room projects

Solid and productive option to the dilemma “what is the best scroll saw for beginners

Incorporates T-shank jigsaw blades that permits workers to deliver multi-purpose cuts



Some assembly might be requires (10 to 30 minutes, depending on the instruction manual comprehension)


Rockwell RK7321 Saw has what I was aiming for, precision and a superior cutting capability. I did some heavy duty cutting with it and the results were perfect. I didn’t find it difficult to use and overall I believe it is among the best scroll saws of 2022 under $150. I don’t know who makes the best models, but I’m certain Rockwell is a reliable manufacturer.” Pablo Flores


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Rockwell RK7322


This product can be found in many best scroll saw reviews because of its two hands operating that make it the most convenient scroll saw. I have found it extremely efficient in performance. It can make curves and straight cuts in wood, plastic, ceramic tiles and metals. It can be connected to any vacuum that will allow instant cleaning of the work place. It has variable speed controlling that allows high or low power setting according to the requirement of work. It is highly durable and has wall mount, circle cutter, miter gauge/rip fence, 5 t-shank assorted jigsaw blades and picture frame cutter.



This powerful scroll saw comprises special features which permits users to easily cut PVC piping, wood, plastic, metal and ceramic tile

Powered by a sturdy 5.5-amp motor (1.120 volts and 60 hertz) which ensure workers to deliver precise cuts

The BladeRunner can deliver amazing cutting capacities (1-1/2 inches for wood, 1-1/4 inches for PVC, 1/8 inch for steel and 3-8 for ceramic tile)

Features intense variable-speed control for proper management during different woodworking projects



It features a special dust-hose connection but no implicit vacuum cleaner (this is an accessory sold separately if needed)


Because this saw is so versatile, I definitely recommend it as one of the top 10 models currently on the market. I have used it to cut a wide variety of materials and it has performed better than I expected. I can’t think of any drawbacks to using the  RK7322 and it should prove to be a nice Xmas gift for a fellow handyman.” Carlos Silva


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Genesis GSS160


Smooth working, quick changing of blade, variable speed, flexibility and quiet performance, I was searching these qualities in a scroll saw and found them all in this product. It has 1.2 Amp induced motor that gives smooth performance and doesn’t produce much noise. It has benefited the users with Quick-Change Blade System that allows changing a blade within seconds. Work speed can be set according to the work requirement because it is provided with variable speed. It also has a dust blower that keeps the working area clean.



The scroll saw is powered by a powerful 1.2-amp induction motor which ensures rapid and silent performance

Comes equipped with 2 sharp blades and solid allen key, ideal to cut through wood, ceramic tile, PVC and even metal

Due to the advanced motor, workers have the possibility of managing variable speeds from 400 to 1600 SPM

The basic package comes with a unique flexible dust blower, designed to keep the work area free of dust



Doesn’t come with a separated work surface but the dust blower gets the job done and cleans dust fast


“The Genesis GSS160 is a one of a kind scroll saw. I bought it earlier this year and it hasn’t disappointed me one bit. The product performs smoothly and swiftly making precision cuts. It has a very nice structure with a lightweight design, so I conclude by recommending this most popular model. ” Daniel Styles


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Scroll saws – What to look for:


On a professional construction yard, the presence of a powerful and well-equipped tool kit can make all the difference in the world. Out of the many power tools available to engineers it seems that one in particular is needed: scroll saw. This is a specialty and precise tool which can be used in order to cut curves in various materials such as copper items, plastic, brass and wood. How can you find the most efficient device out of the many available on the market? Well, you should consult with attention the best scroll saw reviews and choose wisely the ideal product for your construction needs. There are many types of scrolls available on the market, all designed with attention in order to provide heightened precision during each job.


It is important to have a high quality scroll saw, capable of delivering precise curves during various phases of your project. You should know that usually scroll saws are pedal-powered or electric. Most saws are mounted on a base which enhances every phase of the cutting precision. Saws are pretty similar to a band saw, using reciprocating blade. You can use this particular power tool in order to deliver complex cutting curves with outer edge accuracy on the material. Still, you can even use the saws in order to perform different interior cuts.

Use the best scroll saw in 2022 and upgrade your fabrication performance! Don’t settle for poorly made scroll saws!

With relevant information on some of the best products available on the market, you will be able to safely decorate and build different constructions. While shopping for the best scroll saw in 2022, you will notice wisely just how important the device is to any builder. You need to pay a particular attention to size, blade dimensions and material, drives and force. It is important to have in your possession a saw that matches your drilling skills. Now, the scroll saw size is determined by precise measurement from the back of the saw frame to the blade.

Usually, throat sizes ranges from 12 inches to 30 inches in most of the present commercial type scroll saws. If you plan on using the device for daily household applications, then consider using a 16 inch scroll saw, which give you optimal assistance. For harder and more demanding applications, you should consider investing in a 32-inch scroll saw.

You also need to take into consideration depth capacity while selecting a scroll saw, in order to safely cut different materials. You need to know that different saws can cut material from 1-3/4 inches to 2-1/4 inches, ideal to handle various applications. It is important to take into account speed of the scroll saw, which operates from 400 strokes to an impressive 1800 rpm.


Things to consider:

– Scroll saws can help constructors add precision during curves on various materials, plastic, metal and wood.

–   Saws come from 16 inch to 32 inch, ideal to handle different types of applications.

–   Advanced scroll saws can cut material from 1-3/4 inches to 2-1/4 inches, with attention.