Top rated Santoku knives in 2019


There are many types of knives  which you can choose from but one of the best ones comes from Japan and it is called Santoku. Use it for slicing, dicing and mincing to help you create some culinary masterpieces. Knife manufacturers offer you a wide array of choices when it comes to this type of knives and to make sure you get the very best don’t hesitate to read the best Santoku knife reviews. Make your task in the kitchen easier with a reliable knife from the next paragraphs.


Shun TDM0702 Premier Santoku Knife


Best Santoku Knife reviewsA great option for a Santoku knife is the Shun TDM0702 which is produced in Japan by experts, so you can cut every type of food to size for the wonderful dish you are about to cook. The blade is made from high quality Damascus steel and it even has a hand-hammered finish to it. Foods are unlikely to stick to the blade also due to the hand-hammered finish. Being considered one of the top rated Santoku knives in 2019 is totally understandable because such great care has been put into its creation.

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Shun DM0718 Classic Santoku Hollow Ground Knife


The Shun DM0718 has all the features necessary in order to be viewed as one of the best Santoku knives in 2019. The 7 inch blade is constructed from stainless steel which makes it easily resist corrosion. The edges of the blade have a distinct advantage over other ones from other knives because they are scalloped, thus not allowing food to stick to them. The Pakkawood handle which has a D-shape is ergonomic so it ensures you have the perfect grip.

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Global G-48 Santoku Hollow Ground Knife


You can also get the Global G-48 7 inch Santoku knife which also has an excellent quality to price ratio. The blade is made from a durable combination of molybdenum, vanadium and stainless steel which makes it extra sharp as well. The handle is built from steel as well being dimpled so you have no chance of losing it from your grasp and maybe causing a minor accident. The warranty from the manufacturer will last a lifetime making it one of the best Santoku knives in 2019.

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Wusthof Classic Hallow-Ground Santoku


If you want to buy that perfect Santoku knife then you have to opt for the Wusthof Classic model which has some of the best Santoku knives reviews. The high-carbon stainless steel blade has hollows in its side so not to allow food to cling on to it while you are chopping with it. The handle has a traditional design with the 3 rivets but at the same time it makes it feel very comfortable in your hands while you are cutting, slicing, dicing or chopping.

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J.A. Henckels International Santoku Knife


You won’t go wrong either if you select this model from J.A. Henckels which has a very affordable price range. Durability for it is not an issue because it is made from carbon stainless steel which is also stain-resistant. This knife is hand-wash only and it has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The handle has 3 rivets and is carefully shaped so you won’t accidently slip it from your grasp. The blade which fits the knife also has 7 inches and will be perfect for thin cutting different foods or vegetables.

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