Top rated LED TVs from Samsung


If you are on the lookout for the latest addition in your entertainment room, the best LED TV reviews have identified some of the products that can be taken into account, including the models that will be mentioned in the rest of this article. With this, you will find it a lot easier to end up with a decision regarding the most ideal model that can be purchased.


Samsung UN32EH4003 LED TV


Best Samsung LED TVs ReviewsAccording to many users of this LED TV, one thing that makes it a great choice is its superb picture quality, which is delivered because of its wide array of features. For instance, one that is worth mentioning is the Wide Color Enhancer Plus. This helps in making the images bright, vibrant, and realistic. Hence, overall, it makes the pictures more realistic and the entertainment experience more immersive. It is also a good choice with regards to connectivity, basically because it will allow you to view contents from external storage devices in a snap.

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“ I bought the Samsung UN32EH4003 LED TV because it is just budget friendly if compared to other TV in the market. The product is thin yet is durable. It has controls that are very nice and understandable. I never experience confusion with the product because it was labeled clearly that makes everything perfect and smooth.” Selena Sawyer


Samsung UN32H5300 LED TV


The different signature services that are found in this model are among the features noted in many best Samsung LED TVs reviews. Many users have expressed their satisfaction over these signature services, which include Family Story, Fitness, and Kids Story. While it has an excellent picture quality, without a doubt, it is also important to highlight the auto volume feature. This provides the unit with the capability to automatically adjust the volume on its own, based on the modulation signal of the chosen channel. Lastly, it has built-in Wi-Fi, which will allow you to gain access through tons of apps and websites with its browser.

“ At first, I thought that the Samsung UN32H5300 LED TV was just like the normal television set I knew but then, I was very happy because it has a great feature that allows me to be proud owning this kind of TV. It has the auto volume feature that adjusts the sound of the TV depending on the channel. It is also wi-fi ready that makes the TV very modern.” Paul Velasquez


Samsung UN22F5000 LED TV


Home entertainment can be taken on the next level through viewing contents in high definition. This is highly possible with the use of this model, which will offer you the ability to view movies and television shows in Full HD 1080p. This promises-one-of-a-kind entertainment experience, like you are in a professional cinema. In addition, many of the reviews about this LED TV were also focused on the fact that it consumes minimal electricity. This is proven by the Energy Star 6.0 certification, which is a testament to the claim of the manufacturers regarding its energy efficiency.

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“ I feel like I am watching on cinemas with the existence of the Samsung UN22F5000 LED TV. This is because the TV has a clear and crisp that brings watching movies on the next level. The product is very durable and sturdy so you will be happy with it because of the assurance that it will last for so long. This is a high quality product that is worthy for the purchase.”  Armando Patrick


Samsung UN50EH6000 LED TV


This is another model that is a favorite of many users based on different best Samsung LED TVs reviews. It has a Clear Motion rate of 240, which means that it effectively leads into the elimination of blur, which is common in viewing fast-moving scenes such as sports and action movies. Aside from the USB Drive, it also comes with 2 HDMI ports. This will make sure that you will not have problems in viewing contents from your external storage devices. You simply need to have them plugged. There is no more need for the installation of complicated software and drivers in order to gain access to such.

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“ For almost 6 years, I am using the Samsung UN50EH6000 LED TV and it satisfies me a lot. With this, I don’t mind the new TV’S that are being introduced in the market. This television is worthy of the investment because it really helps a lot in maintaining the excitement of the viewing activity. I highly recommend the product to all.” Collin Stephenson