An Expert Buying Guide on Safety 1st Baby Walkers


BSafety 1st is one of the leading manufacturers of baby walkers and their products are very popular with many parents, because they blend safety features with functionality and many entertaining toys. If you are looking for the best baby walker from Safety 1st, the following guide will help you make a better decision and purchase a great walker for your little bundle of joy that will help her in her development, both physical and emotional. Reading more about baby walkers before making a purchase will help you save precious money and time, and also opt for a product that will not put your child in the harm’s way.


What to look for when buying a Safety 1st baby walker



It goes without saying that safety is the most important aspect for any baby products you intend to purchase. Safety 1st walkers have a great reputation of being among the safest you can find on the market, but always keep in mind the particular specifications for each model. For instance, you should not ignore that most Safety 1st baby walkers are not designed to support babies heavier than 30 pounds and taller than 32 inches. The brand is renowned for the company’s focus on safety and Toys R Us has opted for Safety 1st as their main supplier of safety oriented products for kids since 1987.



A baby walker is a great toy for the baby but let’s not forget the parents in the process. A great trait of all Safety 1st walkers is that they are very convenient as they can be folded and stored away when they are not needed. The foldable frame they come with is sturdy and reliable, but allows parents to easily fold the walker when the need arises. In case you do not have enough storage space at your disposal, consider one of these walkers.


Entertainment value

A baby is not just a simple walker. If you want to purchase a walker with wheels, you will find that Safety 1st models are more than desirable for both you and the baby. They come equipped with a plethora of toys that will keep the child entertained all the time, helping her develop her physical and emotional skills. Lights, toys and songs will surround your kid and you will love hearing her giggling all the time.


Top Rated Safety 1st Baby Walkers in 2022


Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Surfin Safari


If you are looking for a quirky fun baby walker for your child, the Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Surfin Safari is highly recommended by many parents. The removable activity tray comes in handy, when you want your kid to play, or you just want her to walk around, training her little feet. Because of the overwhelming number of positive reviews regarding this specific product, the Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Surfin Safari can easily be considered the best baby walker of 2022.

In case you want a baby walker that your child will absolutely love, you will not go wrong with this one. There are plenty of toys attached, 12 songs that can be played and lights that will make your kid laugh and have fun all the time.

One of the safety features you will appreciate about this baby walker is represented by the good grip of the wheels that does not cause the walker to topple over when it is guided on uneven surfaces. If you want the best baby walker for carpet, this easily is the best choice. The seat can be adjusted to three different heights, so that your baby boy or girl can grow with it.

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Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery Dino


Dinosaurs make really fun toys, and the people from the company making these great baby walkers know this very well. When you want to keep your kid entertained for hours and have her play with some nice toys, the Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery Dino represents a very good option. Just like any baby walker from this renowned company, it is a good combination of safety features for your peace of mind and entertainment features for your baby.

The design is what makes this particular model stand out among others created by Safety 1st. The good news is that your baby will not have to leave her favorite toys behind when you are traveling. The baby walker comes with a foldable frame, so you can quickly pack it and store it in the trunk of your car.

This is the type of baby walker that kids love growing with. Because the seat has three different levels of adjustment, your baby can use it for quite a while. Once your child manages to walk without any assistance, she will forget about her once favorite toy, but, until then, she will have a great ally by her side to help her learn to walk.

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Safety 1st Kenley Sound ‘N Lights


A great walker for a baby girl, the Safety 1st Kenley Sound ‘N Lights is a reliable product from the known company making safety seats, baby monitors and many other products dedicated to promoting baby safety at its best.

The Safety 1st Kenley Sound ‘N Lights is a veritable entertainment center for your growing baby. The steering wheel has already made a lot of kids experiment their first attempts at imaginary driving, while the many toys keep them entertained for hours. The walker comes with two bead bars, one button for little fingers to push all the time and a spinning ball.

For your baby’s first years of life, a baby walker is a great addition to any toy collection. According to research, babies between 6 months and one year of age feel the need to move on their own, but they cannot be very mobile, as they are just starting to sit up unassisted.

Parents appreciate baby walkers from Safety 1st a lot, because of the many conveniences present. The padded seat is machine washable and the frame is foldable for convenient storage. Take into account that your baby can use this walker until they can walk on their own, due to the adjustable seat and you will have the complete picture of a great product.

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