Finding a good toilet chemical for your RV toilet needs a fair amount of research. If you don’t have time to dedicate then let us give you some piece of advice. All you have to do is read this paragraph and see for yourself if our suggestions meet your personal needs and preference. Based on the feedback given by experts and customers and social media reviews, we were able to determine that the product that meets all the quality standards is the Valterra V23128. This formula treatment can be used for cleaning both black and gray toilet tanks. There’s no need to use more than 2 ounces per cleaning and the product is entirely chemical-free. If the Valterra V23128 is out of stock, check the Walex BIO-11530, another great option.



Buying Guide


The main purpose of having an RV is to drive freely and camp wherever you want. Hence, an RV toilet is a great option because they bring more comfort. But they do need proper cleaning. Therefore, we’ve created a buying guide that describes the most important features the best RV toilet chemicals must have.  

Check for products that clean both black and gray tanks

At home, you clean your bathroom with several products that remove dirt and prevent bacteria growth. RV toilets don’t differ much because they need proper cleaning and handling of their water tanks.  

Generally, RV’s are equipped with two water tanks, a black and a gray one. Gray water represents the water you use in your RV, except for what you use to flush the toilet. That one is called black water. The water that you use for showering, cooking or washing dishes goes in the gray tank.

There are many products available for sale that clean both gray and water tanks. It’s more convenient and efficient to purchase a cleaner instead of two.  

If you don’t add a gray water tank treatment chemical, you might notice that the tank will start to release a bad odor. These cleaning chemicals are mandatory because they keep your valves from getting clogged. Plus, the waste is released more easily.


Tablet or liquid

The best RV toilet chemicals for breaking down waste typically come in two forms, tablets or liquids. No matter what you choose, they are both extremely effective at cleaning your RV toilet and removing dirt.  

You should choose depending on your own level of comfortability and practicality. If you’ve used tablets in the past, you should stick to them. The same rule applies to liquids. Essentially, these options do the same thing but have different usage.  

Tablets are more convenient because you just add a tab to the water tank without having to worry about spilling or adding too much quantity.   

On the other hand, liquid tank chemical treatments can be easily flushed down the toilet. Also, you can purchase them in bulk which means they last longer.  


Buy in bulk  

In your search for the best RV toilet deodorizer think of practicality. When you and your family are on the road, you probably don’t have many shopping occasions. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase larger quantities of toilet chemicals so that you don’t run out of them when you need them most.  


Stay away from formaldehyde

In recent years, there’s been an impressive amount of negative reviews towards cleaning products that contain formaldehyde. This type of tank treatments contains strong chemicals that kill bacteria but also cause massive problems to the natural fauna.  

Black water tanks are emptied in the leach field of the RV parks. This means that harmful chemicals are released into the natural environment and damage the soil and the water.  

Therefore, look for formaldehyde-free and eco-friendly product options that clean your toilet quite good and protect the world we live in.  



Top Rated RV Toilet Chemicals in 2022


In our attempt to lend you a helping hand, we’ve also put together a selection of some great RV toilet chemicals that we believe meet all the relevant criteria. Check them out and see if one of them matches your personal preferences and needs.  



Valterra V23128


This advanced cleaning solutions from Valterra is a solution made from 100% biodegradable and non-toxic bacteria and enzymes.

Entirely environmentally friendly, this product enhances the cleaning process of both black and gray water tanks. Moreover, it is formaldehyde-free, and it keeps the toilet sensors functioning properly.  

The existing bacteria and enzymes from this toilet cleaner actively break down the waste in order to be returned to the environment in a natural and eco-friendly state.

One thing worth mentioning is the fact that, compared to other strong chemical products on the market that cover the smell, this cleaner prevents the formation of gases associated with tank waste.  

The bulk size adds more practicality besides the efficiency. It’s more convenient and economical to own a tank treatment in a larger size because you need to use them often while on the road.  

You can use it for cleaning the RV toilet but also for enhancing the natural bacteria activity in septic systems, dump stations, and waste treatment facilities.  

There’s no need to worry about what type of toilet paper to use because it can break down any kind used in a household.  

Because it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients and chemicals, it won’t harm children or pets. Plus, it leaves your toilet with a fresh and pleasant smell.  

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Walex BIO-11530


A natural enzyme deodorizer and waste digester, this toilet chemical treatment from Walex does an outstanding job at breaking down the waste from all septic tanks.

There’s no need to purchase special restroom paper because it can decompose even the strongest toilet paper types.  

The most important thing is that you get to use tablets which are more practical and safer to use. You can forget about adding too much treatment or spilling the bottle content because this type of cleaners is easier to insert into the water tank.  

The way the tablets are packed easily allows you to place the right amount in your bowl, then flush, and the water will dissolve the product and activate the enzymes and the cleaning bacteria.  

On the plus side, this toilet cleaner is completely safe for the environment, and it doesn’t harm the RV septic tank. You can use it as a treatment and deodorizer for both black and gray water tanks.  

Thanks to the closable zipper top you can easily seal the bag after each usage and ensure the cassettes stay intact for a longer period of time.  

Once you drop the tablet, the effect is guaranteed to last up to a week. Additionally, the product is designed to be stain-free. This is important because some customers don’t like cleaners that give a specific color to the water.  

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Camco 41197


This toilet chemical treatment from Camco contains a special bacteria and enzyme complex developed to digest any kind of waste, tissue, fats, and proteins.  

Moreover, it comes with a buffer system that prevents acid formation and removes the septic odor. After usage, the toilet is filled with a pleasant citrus scent.  

Ultra-concentrated, you must keep in mind that you only need 2 ounces of liquid to treat up to 40 gallons of water.  

Safe for all septic tanks, this RV toilet treatment doesn’t have formaldehyde among the ingredients, and the special formula is designed to keep the tanks stain-free. There’s no need to add other products or to mix with other solutions because the cleaner can be used for multiple situations such as cleaning water tanks or dump stations.  

The majority of products only break down waste but don’t keep the undesired odors away. However, this RV treatment is capable of removing bad smells inside the toilet for up to 7 days.  

Fully biodegradable, it is eco-friendly and doesn’t cause damages to the natural fauna. The fact that it can be bought in bulk size makes it even more practical and economical.  

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