If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best running compression socks, be they for men or for women, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best running compression socks on the market by looking at the value offered for the price, the sales figures, and the owner feedback gathered by hundreds of models. Out of all the products we have analyzed, the CEP WP400 is the best as it is capable of taking your athletic performance to a whole new level. What’s more, since this is a medical pair, you’re likely to get better a lot faster than you would if you were to wear regular socks. This pair of socks is useful for alleviating the pain of calf cramps and pulled muscles, and it also works great for shin splints. If the CEP WP400 is unavailable, you could also consider the second best choice, the 2XU WA2443e.



Comparison Table


Product Gender Price Available colors Sizes Our Rating Where to buy

CEP Running

Women $$$ Black, white and more Large, II, IV A+ AMAZON

2XU Performance

Women $$$$ Hot pink, lavender and more X small – X large A AMAZON

CW-X Conditioning

Men $$ Black, lime green and more Small – X large B+ AMAZON

Vitalsox Graduated

Men $$ Black, orange and more X small – large B+ AMAZON

SLS3 Butterfly

Women $$ Violet/white and more Small – large B AMAZON



Buying Guide


If you’ve been feeling a bit of discomfort in your lower leg area each time you go out running or hiking, perhaps you’re in need of a pair of running compression socks. These may be recommended by a physician or you may want to purchase them all on your own. Whatever the case, we thought it would be useful for you to go through a concise guide that can help you correlate the features of the many products that are available for sale out there with your own needs or physical attributes.



One of the first questions you ought to ask yourself is what you’re trying to achieve by wearing running compression socks. Some people need a bit of support when they tend to their workout routines, while others might suffer from conditions that may force them to choose such a unit in the first place. Common mishaps include calf cramps, pulled muscles, as well as shin splints. Women who’ve recently given birth to a child may be interested in purchasing a pair for stretch marks. In the end, it all boils down to your core purpose and whether or not such an item can help you feel more comfortable on a daily basis or when you plan to do your regular exercise.


Type and class

Not all compression socks are created the same. Some are anti-emulsion whereas others are gradient options. The second do a great job when it comes to preventing blood clots and other circulation issues, they can be bought by all individuals, whether they have a prescription from a physician or not. Anti-emulsion models are strictly prescribed by a specialist as they usually speak to the needs of people who have a hard time with performing typical moves that a healthy person is capable of. Sometimes, they may even be prescribed to bedridden individuals. Therefore, going into the doctor’s office and asking for his or her opinion may be the right way to go about things if you really have no idea how to pick the perfect pair. It’s important to note that choosing the wrong model can aggravate some medical issues, as a small size can have a negative impact on the blood flow in the lower leg area.

As for the class, what you need to do in order to choose wisely is determine your ankle brachial index. Aside from measuring your ankle, you also have to focus on discovering the circumference of your calf, as well as your calf length. All of this hassle can be prevented by consulting a physician or a nurse.



Whether they are the best women’s running compression socks or are intended for men, the bottom line is that the size of the product matters a great deal. As previously mentioned, you’ll have to perform accurate measurements of your ankle and calf, and if you want to invest your money in a thigh high version, you also have to measure your thigh circumference as well as your leg length. It is usually very hard for online buyers to make the right choice as there are size differences from one manufacturer to the next. However, most of these brands make sizing charts available either on their websites or on the page of the retailer where they sell their units.

Aside from consulting the chart, we recommend sifting through the ratings and reviews gathered by the product you plan to spend your money on, as past buyers are likely to have expressed their opinion on the fit. Also, some online markets, such as Amazon, automatically create a percentage with regard to whether the product fits as expected or not. It goes without saying that, if more than eighty percent of the individuals who’ve bought the pair of running compression socks you want to buy claim that they fit properly, they’re probably worth every penny and are reasonably comfortable.



Top Rated Running Compression Socks in 2021


Some of the best running compression socks are showcased below. We’ve gone through the ratings acquired by these alternatives and have reached the conclusion that they are worth their weight in gold. They’re convenient, easy to use, and won’t aggravate any of the conditions you might be suffering from. Depending on the chosen size, they may be suited for small or for large calves.



CEP Wp400


3If you are still undecided with what to choose amongst the alternatives that are possible when it comes to the best running compression socks in 2021, you might want to take this into consideration. The medical compression that it can provide has been praised by many of its users. With the latter, your athletic performance can be enhanced. This will also allow you to recover faster. It has been designed by specialists to provide nothing but the best. It also features an innovative stitching technology that is basically responsible for its excellent compression


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2XU WA2443e


4When you are looking for powerful socks, you might think that comfort will be compensated. In the case of this model, which is being considered as amongst the best running compression socks in 2021, you will be able to enjoy both the benefit of power and comfort. It is made with the use of lightweight materials that will help in being able to assure your comfort. The knit structure of this product is unique and effective in optimal compression. The Compression Fit Technology will make it possible to deliver enhanced compression to maximize your running performance.


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FITSHIT  Premium Athletic



Given that over eighty-five percent of the people who have selected this option say that it fits as expected, the FITSHIT model may need to be considered before you make your final decision. These socks have been designed in such a way so that they provide fast recovery and manage to alleviate leg pain. Furthermore, they have been constructed out of a fabric blend that makes it very difficult for the socks to become smelly because of the sweat you’re likely to experience when doing your workout. Since it has received over one hundred favorable Amazon reviews over time, the FITSHIT unit appears to be a good alternative for individuals looking to enhance their performance.


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CW-X Conditioning Wear


Best Running Compression Socks ReviewsThe Support Web feature, a patented technology, is one thing that makes this worth of being considered as amongst the top rated running compression socks in 2021. This provides the benefit of having better stability to eliminate any form of discomfort and to significantly reduce fatigue when you are running. It also makes use of Torex four-way stretch fabric that is asserted as being beneficial when it comes to improving circulation. With the use of this sock, recovery time will surely be faster and you will have the motivation to keep on running as part of your goal of being fit.


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Vitalsox Graduated


2In the best running compression socks reviews that have been recently published, you will notice that this is another model that does not fail to provide a high level of satisfaction to its users. Among other things, the padded foot bed is one feature that deserves to be highlighted. This provides the feet with a soft cushion so that you will not feel the impact as you run and to make you feel as comfortable as possible. It also ha air mesh that is effective in improving breathability. With superior moisture management, you do not have to be worried about running even for a longer span of time.


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SLS3 Women’s Butterfly


5By now, if you are still being challenged by the abundance of the choices within the product category, the burden can be eased by deciding to choose this model above others. Among other things, this has proven to be beneficial in terms of stability, muscle oxygenation, and blood circulation, among others. It advantages have been proven by many, which makes it one of the most trusted choices in the marketplace. To add, the satisfaction of its users also stems from the fact that it leads into less muscle vibration while being able to improve endurance as you run.


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