Expert Buying Advice on Rowing Machines under 1000


Nothing beats working out at home; being able to go comfortably at your own pace at any time of the day just makes exercise much harder to say no to. What discourages a lot of newbies from exercising at home, however, is the obvious lack of gym equipment. Fortunately, one doesn’t necessarily need the full set of gym equipment just to stay fit and healthy; a rowing machine will actually be sufficient in most cases. This buying guide aims to help you find the best rowing machine under 1000.

Best rowing machine under 1000


Aesthetics may very well be the last priority of most manufacturers of workout equipment, especially since most people who plan to use them will care more about how they look after they workout than how their machine looks. That being said, the only aspect of design you should look for in a rowing machine is whether or not the machine is folding-type or fixed-type. The folding-type sacrifices durability for portability, while the fixed type sacrifices portability for durability. Should you choose to get a fixed-type rowing machine, you’ll want to measure the dimensions of your doorway, as well as its permanent spot to check whether or not it fits.


Resistance System

The resistance system of a rowing machine tells you how your “weights” get heavier or lighter. Basically, you have four types of resistance systems, namely: water, piston, air, and magnetic. Out of these four, the two most common would be air resistance and magnetic resistance. Air rowing machines give you more resistance when you pull faster, with the downside of being rather loud. Magnetic rowing machines, on the other hand, operate using electromagnetism and are therefore quieter than air rowing machines. They are, however, bulkier. A Piston machine, though not as popular as air and magnetic rowing machines, is also a viable choice due to its light weight. A water rowing machine provides a lot of resistance and a smooth workout experience, but it can be tedious to maintain and hard to move around due to its heavy weight. In the end, the key is knowing how you plan to use the rowing machine.


Build Quality

Exercise equipment are meant to be used and abused to a certain extent, which is why you should check out the sliding track, the rower, and the seat; The sliding track and rower should feel sturdy enough to withstand repeated workouts using the maximum allowable resistance. The seat should be comfortable enough to use and shouldn’t cause you to sit at an irregular angle that could injure you.


What Are the Best Rowing Machines under 1000?


The best rowing machines are sturdy, easy to move around, and provide you with adequate weights to use. Low quality rowing machines feel clunky and could fall apart within a few months or years of heavy usage. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of all the high quality rowing machines that are proven to be durable and effective in most home workouts so that you could easily find the best rowing machine under 1000.


Concept2 Model D


1.Concept2 Model DConcept2’s Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is currently one of the bestselling indoor rowers available primarily because of how sturdy the overall build feels. The machine feels exceptionally stable and doesn’t wiggle or wobble even under intense usage. This is surprising, especially for a machine that weighs just around 55lbs. Setting up the machine basically just requires you to take it out of the box and bolt the legs on.

What a lot of customers love about it is how smooth and seamless the rowing action seems to be; it almost feels like you were just rowing a boat on a calm lake. The PM5 stands for the Performance Monitor 5 and allows you to check out your stats, e.g., pace, calories burned, speed, and distance. You could easily transfer your data to a Mac or a PC using a USB Flash Drive.

If you want a rowing machine that can outlast generations of gym junkies, then check it out and discover why so many people rave about it.

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First Degree Fitness Newport FDF-NWPT-CAR-12B USA


2.First Degree Fitness Newport Adjustable Resistance Water RowerIf you’re worried that eventually, you’ll get too strong for your rowing machine, then the First Degree Fitness Newport Adjustable Resistance Water Rower is a good machine for you to try. Water resistance rowers normally provide you with much more resistance compared to air, piston, and magnetic resistance rowers and will therefore take you several years before you “outgrow” it. Unlike a lot of exercise equipment available that look like a huge pile of metal scrap randomly put together, this machine is surprisingly stylish and sleek, with a metal body covered with black and red, which makes it look almost like an experimental racecar.

What a lot of customers love about it is how smooth the rowing experience is, as well as how constant the resistance it provides is. The only downside of this machine is that it requires a bit more assembly. In any case, it is a perfect fit for people who need more resistance, as well as style in their workout room.

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Avari Stamina A350-700


3.Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rowing MachineIf you need a compact rower that won’t compromise functionality for size, then you might want to try out the Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rowing Machine. Most people who have smaller places opt for this product due to its small and simple design, as well as its quiet nature. Despite this, it has a wide range of resistance compared to a lot of rowers in the same price range. This allows you to fine-tune your workout better and make a more gradual increase in resistance as your body adapts to heavier weights. It easily folds up and can be stored even in closets, though that’s not recommended if you plan on using it frequently because it’s rather heavy.

It is great for light workouts because of its size, design, and quiet performance, so if you’re looking for a rowing machine that allows you to workout in smaller spaces quietly, you’re going to love it.

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