Top rated room divider screens in 2019


If for some reason you need to divide a room temporary ,then you need to get yourself a room divider screen. They are made from numerous different materials and come in many sizes, so you eventually will find one which fits the dimensions of your room. Also, to make absolutely sure you will get your hands on a divider screen with the right features, you should take a moment of your time and go through the best room divider screens reviews.


Winsome Wood 3-Panel Wood Folding Screen


Best Room divider screens reviewsWinsome Jamestown room divider can be yours for a very affordable price range and has even a decorating purpose. This 3 panel divider has a very nice walnut finish, which gives it a classic look. When you don’t need it anymore, you just fold it easily and then you can find it an appropriate storage space. All these qualities have convinced us to place this folding screen on the top spot of our list.

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ORE International Bamboo Floral Room Divider Screen


The top room divider screens reviews have been impressed with the design of this ORE divider screen and hold it in very high regards when it come to its decorative value. On a white background you will have four different panels, all with a different botanical pattern. The frame is made out of bamboo, which in combination with the woven panels make the whole divider screen very light and durable too. The hinged panels fold or unfold very quickly, so you set it up in no time.

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ACME 02277 Naomi Wooden Screen


Buying this wooden screen from ACME will give you the chance to have some privacy, but it will be a nice addition to your room décor too, all for a very decent price. The screen’s design is simple, but elegant as well, with its three panels which have either a cherry, white or natural finish. When you receive it, you will need to do some basic assembly. We consider this model to be one of the best room divider screens in 2019.

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Home Decorating Collection Cherry Blossom Design Room Divider


Sometimes a bit of privacy is required in one’s room and this is why you need to invest in a simple but nice looking room divider. This model is one of the best you can purchase and it has one of the most beautifully designed overall looks. The cherry blossom pattern on its four panels makes it ideal for modern rooms. Also, this excellent piece from your home décor has an all wood durable frame. The frame while being sturdy is light as well, to make sure not much effort is put into folding and carrying it.

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Legacy Décor Natural Room Divider Shoji Screen


The best room divider screens reviews point out that this model from Legacy Décor comes with the complete package, dividing your room for privacy and looking good in the process as well. This divider screen is made of a solid wooden screen for sturdiness and from artificial rice paper screens which are white for the pleasant looking pattern. It comes with a manual because you will have to set it up, but this won’t give you any trouble as it’s easy to do.

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