How to Purchase a Top Respirator Mask:


Page 32 respiratory2b.pdfProjects around the home and garden often involve some kind of harmful chemicals or toxins that linger in the air. Combine these with natural allergens like pollen, dust, and pet dander, and you inhaling things that could change the way you breathe over time. By using one of the most reliable respirator masks to protect yourself while doing these chores, you are reducing the possible effects of these pathogens. With the help of some of the best respirator mask reviews available, we have created this guide so that you are properly inform on how to look for when choosing the best-rated mask for your needs.


Particulate Filters

Particulate filters are usually found among the top ten respirator masks because you can purchase disposable masks or reusable masks with filters that can be replaced. These particular masks are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and prevent you from inhaling dust, mist, liquids, and some fumes because it covers your nose and mouth. Keep in mind that these filtered masks are not capable of preventing you from inhaling harmful gases or vapors.


Protection Rating

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) places a rating on particulate filters based on the material that is filtered and how much of it is actually filtered. The ratings have a number and a letter:

  • N – Not oil proof
  • R – Oil resistant up to 8 hours
  • P – Completely oil proof
  • Number – Particulate filters are rated 95, 97, or 100. These respond to the percentage of one-micrometer particles that were removed during clinical tests. The 95 rating indicates 95% of particles were removed in the air, while masks rated 100 are considered high-efficiency (HEPA) filters.


Chemical Cartridge/Gas Mask Respirators

These particular masks contain a special carbon filtering material in which gases and vapors cannot penetrate. The cartridges are replicable and are inserted into the mask. The mask is sealed around the edges to prevent you from inadvertently inhaling unfiltered air. These masks may only cover your mouth and nose, while a full-face mask can protect your skin from harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin.

When you purchase a new gas respirator mask, they typically include a chemical cartridge that blocks out vapors, a dual cartridge that provides you with protection from harmful vapors and particles like a particulate mask, as well as a Powered Air Purifying Respirator with a fan that blows air through the filter.


When you are looking through the best respirator masks of 2018, you will want to keep in consideration the intended use of the mask. You do not want to depend on a particulate mask if you are dealing with harsh chemicals with strong vapors to keep you safe.


Things to consider:

  • Particulate masks can be disposed of or reusable.
  • Particulate masks with a rating of 100 is a highly efficient mask.
  • Respirator masks are essential when dealing with harmful chemicals with toxic vapors.


Top rated Respirator Masks in 2018


Whether you are prone to allergy attacks while working outside or you are indoors painting the nursery, you want to have a good respirator mask available. Of course, with so many on the market, we can understand how it may be difficult figuring out which is the best one. Each mask has those own special quality, so it is difficult to choose who makes the best mask.


3M 7162 Full Face Piece Spray Pain Respirator


Full-face piece respirators can be used up to 50 OSHA PEL or any government standard—whichever is lower. This particular facemask is highly recommended for spray painting, lacquering, using enamel and pesticides. The reusable design features cartridges and filters that can be replaced after so many uses. The mask protects not just your repertory system but also helps to protect your vision too. The face shield cover is ideal for preventing chemical splashes or harsh vapors from damaging your eyes.

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3M Full Face Piece Reusable Respirator 6900


This particular mask from 3M features a soft and lightweight face piece with adjustable head straps. The unit can easily be disassembled, cleaned and reused. It is ideal for painting, welding, abatement, wood and metal working, as well as other chores around the home. This versatile respirator mask can work with a variety of 3M particulate filters, gas and vapor cartridges, as well as supplied air respirator systems. The NIOSH has tested this particular mask and gives it its seal of approval

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MSA Safety Works 817663 Multi-Purpose Respirator


The multi-purpose respirator features full-face protection against harmful dust, fumes, pesticides, and asbestos. It meets the latest US government respirator standards, OHSA and NIOSH requirements as it traps over 99.97 of airborne toxins, allergens, and pathogens. The respirator features a soft and comfortable face piece that is lightweight and features a patented nose bridge design that allows the respirator to fit snugly on the face. The respirator comes in a resalable package so it may be stored safely and easily until next use.

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3M Tekk Pain Project Respirator


As a leader in respirator masks, this half face piece mask is ideal for spraying paints or pesticides. It helps to reduce exposure to harmful vapors and mists that are common when spraying paints, lacquers, and pesticides. The mask is reusable—simply replace the cartridges and filters. Because the mask is lightweight and comfortable to wear, you can continue to work on tedious tasks without feeling bogged down by a heavy respirator mask. The mask features an N95 NIOSH rating, which means it passes rigorous testing with a minimum filtration efficiency of 95%.

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3M 8511 Particulate Respirator with Valve


This particulate respirator mask by 3M is government approved by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and has been given an N95 rating. It can be used in the workplace where there are particles, allergens, and pathogens in the air. The mask is easy to adjust so it fits your head—all you need to do is place the mask over your face, pinch the metal nose strip and adjust the straps that go around your head. It is recommended these masks be used once or twice before throwing away, as they are not reusable.

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